10 Best Netflix Movies To Get You Excited For Halloween

Creepy noises, scraping on doors, pitch black screens with scary monsters jumping onto the screen and lots of gory scenes make a good scary movie. Besides jump scares, viewers also need the intrigue of a great killer or monster and the hook of an even better storyline. With the start of the spooky season, fans worldwide are getting their musings on by streaming the best horror and mystery-inspired movies Netflix.

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The festival doesn’t end with costume parties, candy and pranks, it also expands to include the kind of entertainment that fans are looking for. Halloween is that time of year when fans of the horror and gory genres take the spotlight and introduce their peers to mind-blowing films that will leave them with nightmares. That’s the price to pay to experience a great movie.


“It Follows” (2014)

The scariest horror moments aren’t marked by a sudden pop-up or loud blast of music — they’re marked by a sustained sense of sinking fear. That’s probably the best way to describe how you’ll feel after watching this It follows.

The plot revolves around a contagious curse, but the premise is truly unique: the curse, an entity that takes various human forms and slowly follows you wherever you go, is passed on through sexual intercourse (say a horrific sexually transmitted disease ). We won’t give too much away, but the image of a man standing naked on a suburban rooftop will stick in your mind.

“There’s Someone in Your House” (2021)

Nothing beats a good high school slasher to get you in the spooktacular mood. A masked killer tortures high school students into revealing their dirty little secrets, and a gang of misfits bands together to stop him. This new Netflix original is derived from Stephanie Perkins’ Bestselling novel.

There’s someone in your house is told from the point of view of a transfer student from Hawaii who transfers to Nebraska and finds herself in the midst of gruesome murders. The disadvantage: people are murdered. The Pro: The victims are horrible people, so maybe that makes it a little better?

‘Hubie Halloween’ (2020)

These comedy horror movie stars Adam Sandler, Kevin James and Maya Rudolph as a Halloween-loving deli named Hubie, who can only save his town of Salem, Massachusetts from a dangerous kidnapper.

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The fact that residents and local police consider Hubie the town’s troublemaker makes it that much harder to get anyone to heed his warnings. Adam Sandler’s unbeatable comedic timing, even given the mysterious murders and terrifying setting, is something to bear in mind.

‘Fear Street’ Trilogy (2021)

That street of fear Series based on RL Stines The book series of the same name includes three films about a group of teenagers who work to break a curse that has plagued their small town of Shadyside, Ohio for three hundred years. On the other hand, the neighboring town, aptly named Sunnyside, lives on happiness.

In true Halloween fashion, the films (set in different years) are full of mysteries and spooks, but the squeamish should be warned that there will be plenty of blood and gore. Angststrasse 1994, Angststrasse 1978, andAngststrasse 1666 all take place in different eras. They are either based on or set in the tropes of horror films from those eras.

‘Velvet Buzzsaw’ (2019)

Velvet circular saw is the most colorful (literally) of them all. It’s a psychological thriller – but artful. Male or female (Jake Gyllenhaal) realizes his newfound art is a little too lifelike.

The plot quickly escalates as supernatural forces begin to bring paintings and sculptures to life. Velvet circular saw does an excellent job of bringing a cast of flawed characters to life while also mocking the pretentious art world.

‘Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark’ (2019)

Scary stories to tell in the dark based on the Alvin Schwartz Books horror fans have been familiar with since adolescence, and seeks to evoke the chills of Stephen Gammell’s inky illustrations within. This is a good choice if you have a teenager at home who wants to engage in scary movies as it is PG-13 and based on a children’s book.

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This is one of the scarier movies Netflix offers, even for a horror fan. A spider sticking out of a girl’s cheek, a teenager turning into a scarecrow (that’s more unsettling than it sounds), and a misshapen woman chasing you down a dark hallway are among the graphic imagery. Pro tip: watch it at night.

‘The Babysitter’ (2017)

This dark comedy features a great up-and-coming cast and a satanic cult for plenty of Halloween charisma. A boy’s babysitter seems wonderful until he stays up late and discovers that she is a member of a bloodthirsty cult.

Using equal parts gentle horror and humor, he tries to unmask his babysitter and her friends before they make him their next victim. The continuation, The Babysitter: Killer Queenis also available on Netflix and makes The babysitter a great Halloween movie double feature.

‘Quiet’ (2016)

When the central character is a deaf woman, the slasher horror genre takes on a new twist. Fighting a deranged killer in the woods is difficult enough, but this author has to do it in complete silence.

The killer is a mad killer who kills for fun but Maddie (Kate Siegel) uses her sharp writing skills to predict his next moves and try to outwit him. silencelike many others, avoids the jump scares that plague so many slasher films.

‘In the Tall Grass’ (2019)

StephenKing is undoubtedly the king of horror, both on the page and on the big screen, but this film adaptation might be one of his best. When two siblings hear a little boy’s cries for help in a meadow of tall grass, they step into the green abyss, only to find there is no way out.

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This is not a situation that can be solved with a compass or google maps. Aside from the lack of Wi-Fi, there’s something otherworldly lurking in the grass, creating an endless loop and a temporal distancing that can’t be avoided.

‘Day Shift’ (2022)

This horror comedy features a plethora of spooky monsters and zombies Jamie Foxx in the person of a dedicated family man who will do whatever it takes to save his family and keep them with him, even if it means killing immortal zombies.

David Franco is the perfect companion in day shiftas a person afraid of guns and well, dying. Snoop Dogg makes great performances in the film, making it a must-see to feel the spooky atmosphere of Halloween.

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