10 Best Queer Characters From Horror Movies, Shows and Games

From Michael Myers to Sydney Prescott to Eleven, horror films and shows have been home to iconic characters for decades. And more often than not, amidst all the slashing and stabbing and paranormal forces, these horrors feature a prominent queer character.

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In contrast to the LGBTQ slasher them and almost every single queer character the Walking Dead where they seem to continue the “kill the gays” trope, some horror films and shows let their queer characters shine.


Jake Wheeler (Chucky)

SyFys chucky series combines the horror of Chucky’s murderous reign with one of the sweetest, queer love stories on television today.

At first, Jake Wheeler is disowned for being gay and owning a creepy Good Guy doll, but over the course of season one, Jake slowly begins to be accepted exactly for who he is and finds both a friend and a love interest in his Classmates Devon.

Sam and Deena (“Fear Street”)

Similar to chucky, Netflix street of fear Series kept its queer characters at the center of the relationship between series frontrunners Sam and Deena.

Rather than following in the footsteps of so many queer characters in slashers before them, Sam and Deena survive the show’s serial killer and, with them, their love for one another.

Will Byers (“Stranger Things”)

Will Byers has always been a popular character stranger things from Season 1, when he disappeared into the Upside Down, to Season 4, when this character’s sexuality became the forefront of his storyline.

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While fans have speculated for a while about Will’s crush on his best friend Mike, it was almost confirmed in Season 4 with this heartfelt and heartbreaking scene between Will and Mike in the back of the van as Will projects his own feelings onto Mike and Eleven’s relationship .

Glen/Glenda (“Seed of Chucky”, “Chucky”)

Seeds by Chucky was when the franchise went all-in with Chucky and Tiffany’s adopted doll child, Glen/Glenda, who was essentially one of entertainment’s first non-binary icons.

Because they couldn’t find out the sex of the doll, Chucky named their child Glen, while Tiffany named her child Glenda, who eventually goes by both names. In Season 2 of Syfy’s chucky,The characters are played by non-binary actors Lachlan Watson, who previously played transgender character Theo Putnam on NetflixChilling Adventures of Sabrina.

Mitch Downe (ParaNorman)

In 2012, it wasn’t that common to find LGBTQ representatives in films, let alone children’s films. But the family-friendly horror comedy paranorman With the animated queer representation, it has long since burst the frame Steven universe or Continue.

It may not be the main focus of the film, but handsome jock Mitch Downe is openly gay in a scene where he says, “You’re going to love my boyfriend. Though it’s the only clue to the character’s sexuality, the scene served as a seminal moment for animation, featuring the genre’s first openly gay character.

Theo (“Haunted Hill House”)

Theodora Crain, aka Theo, is a main character in the horror novel The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson, as well as in both the 1963 and 1999 film adaptations and in every version of the story, Theo is referred to as a lesbian.

But for the 2018 Netflix series haunted hill house, Theo’s sexuality is revealed through her growing relationship with Trish, which ends with wedding rings in the series finale.

Lestat and Louis (“Interview with the Vampire”)

Who needs Bella and Edward when you have Lestat and Louis? In the 1994 gothic horror interview with the vampire, Tom cruise and Brad Pitt played two vampires with an underlying romance.

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While the film kept the characters’ relationship just as subtle as that Anne Rice novel it was based on AMC’s The new TV adaptation is out and proud of its queer version of Lestat and Louis.

Ellie (“The Last of Us”)

Only with the extension of Naughty Dogs The last of us Video game that questioned the sexuality of the main character Ellie. in the The Last of Us: Left behind, Ellie shares some romantic moments with her friend Riley before her lesbian sexuality was confirmed The Last of Us Part II with her relationship with Dina.

When The last of us series premieres HBOIn 2023 Ellie will be played by Bella Ramsey and the show has promised to stay true to the game and keep Ellie’s character a lesbian.

Frank N. Furter (“The Rocky Horror Picture Show”)

There doesn’t seem to be a closet in sight as to who has become the biggest queer horror icon: Frank N. Furter, played by Tim Curry in the 1975s The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

While his sexuality is never specified, it is revealed that Dr. Frank N. Furter is queer in every sense of the word as he plans to create the perfect man to fulfill all his sexual and homicidal desires.

Basically every character (‘Hellbent’)

While Wildly determined may kill most of its gay characters, it was also the first-ever slasher film starring gay characters to hit theaters with its 2004 premiere in the United States.

Openly gay Eddie directs the film along with his group of LGBTQ friends who are stalked by a killer on Halloween night, and while the villain called Devil Mask might not be high on the list of notable killers, he might be only the first queer .

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