10 Fictional Doctors Who Shouldn’t Have a Medical License

People love medical shows, and while a lot of that has to do with the drama of it all, so does the variety of doctors who serve as the main characters. Audiences enjoy watching the hero doctor save someone’s life using a highly experimental procedure, or the bad boy doctor breaking the rules to help his patient.

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Of course nobody is perfect. Even when it comes to people with medical licenses in TV shows or films, they are not always as competent or friendly as doctors are expected to be. Sometimes, whether out of malice or neglect, these fictional doctors do far more harm than good.


A family doctor

Introduced in Season 2 of the show family Guy, Doctor Elmer Hartman acts as the family doctor for the Griffin family. While he’s not often a very big part of the show’s stories, Dr. Hartman a frequently recurring character and one of the series’ more prominent characters to be voiced Seth MacFarlane.

While the Griffins generally seem pleased with him, one of the main aspects of Dr. Hartman’s character, how incompetent he is. Aside from consistently using misleading terminology, he’s done things like left his cell phone in someone during surgery, performed a back surgery while drunk and not knowing how, and is canonically known as the worst doctor in his hospital.

home visit

As the title character of the series a house, dr Gregory House is a suitably complex and intriguing character. As director of diagnostic medicine at Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital, House constantly demonstrates his acute medical skills and brilliant mind.

While House’s results technically show him to be an excellent doctor, his treatment of patients is definitely flawed. He is portrayed as grumpy at best and often cynical and narcissistic at worst. His bedside manner aside, his mix of very unorthodox methods and carefree attitude probably would have gotten him into a lot more trouble.

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Psychology of a Monster

After Michael Myers murdered his sister as a child, he was hired by a psychiatrist named Dr. Samuel J. Loomis assigned for treatment. For eight years, Dr. Loomis to help Michael and rehabilitate him before finally giving up on his patients.

Michael Myers was only six years old when he started his sessions with Dr. Loomis began, meaning he was only fourteen when the doctor decided he was evil beyond repair. Now, obviously, fans of the Halloween Franchise know what a monster Michael really is. No matter what timeline you’re following, the carnage and deaths it causes is nothing short of appalling. Subjectively, however, Loomis’ willingness to dismiss Michael’s behavior as a simple evil and his obsession with putting an end to it by any means necessary isn’t exactly what one would want in a psychiatrist.

Decapod Doctor

Although Doctor John A. Zoidberg originally wanted to be a comedian, he decided to move to Earth from his home planet Decapod 10 when that didn’t work out. Instead, he pursued a career in medicine, eventually living and working at Planet Express at the time futurama takes place in

While Zoidberg appears to be very smart about alien anatomy, he lacks his skills and knowledge of human medicine at best. He claims to be an expert on humans, but he is often confused between them, misdiagnosed diseases, and falsely declared people dead. Nonetheless, Zoidberg remains one of the series’ main characters and the crew’s personal doctor. Of course, there’s a good chance his medical degree is fake.

The best doctor on the island

after dr Moreau was expelled from the London medical profession, he moved to a desert island with his assistant Montgomery. On this island he was able to continue his experiments with the ultimate goal of creating a perfect creature incapable of malice.

The reason for this is the titular doctor The island of dr. Moreau avoided by his colleagues was due to these experiments. In his quest to create the perfect creature, he experimented with combining human DNA with that of various animals. While his subjects are mostly animals and not people, his disturbingly irresponsible outlook on life is hardly befitting of a medical professional.

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Medicine is not a science

First appearance in episode seven of 30 rocksIn the first season of Dr. Leo Spaceman became Dr. Leo Spaceman is fast becoming a character to remember. Introduced as Tracy Jordan’s personal doctor, many of the other characters in the series visit him for various treatments. According to one of the characters, Jack Donaghy, he has an excellent reputation as a doctor.

In truth, dr. However, Spaceman is far from competent and often seeks to abuse his power. This is true despite being respected by many and eventually being made Surgeon General of the United States. Some of his more outrageous claims include that we cannot know where the heart is, that there is no field of medicine that deals with the brain, and that people want food but don’t need it. Of course, his ridiculous manner befits one of TV’s best whimsical comedies.

Nervous guy

As one of scrubs‘ Long-term recurring characters began Dr. Doug Murphy as an intern at Sacred Heart Hospital along with the main characters early in the series. While the other interns progressed in their careers, Doug had a tougher time due to his extreme anxiety and inability.

Eventually, Doug finds his calling as a pathologist as he becomes a very skilled diagnostician from accidentally killing so many patients. While he was kept around as an entertaining character and he later found out what he was good at, in the real world he probably would have had his license revoked long before that.

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A very bad doctor

As in episodes seven and eight of A chain of unfortunate events In the first season and fourth book of the series, Dr. Georgina Orwell the Paltryville-based optometrist. On the surface she appears to be a respected and trusted doctor who has written a great book on optometry. Her most frequent patients are the suspiciously drab workers at the Lucky Smells Lumbermill.

In reality, dr. Borderline psychotic, Orwell teams up with the villainous Count Olaf to steal Baudelaire’s fortune. Rather than practicing optometry and actually helping her patients, she spends most of her time hypnotizing them to get what she wants, occasionally attempting to kill them.

Psychology of a Monster: Part II

Deeply traumatized as a child, Hannibal Lecter rose to fame The silence of the LambsHe grew up to be a brilliant forensic psychiatrist. With his help, the FBI has more than once been able to get inside a killer’s mind and catch serial killers. Of course, much of this happened after Dr. Lecter had been institutionalized.

Unfortunately, Dr. Lecter’s brilliance also allowed him to be an incredibly cunning serial killer. Not only that, while far from being the only cannibalistic movie villain, he’s certainly one of the most iconic. Although his knowledge and skills are reasonable for an experienced psychiatrist, he doesn’t seem to have the humanity it takes to be a really good doctor.

Doctor Evil

Perhaps the most sadistic and perverted fictional doctor, Dr. Josef Heiter really got the cake. Although he made a name for himself as the world’s leading surgeon in separating conjoined twins, he eventually set his sights on an even more terrifying goal.

As the antagonist of the extremely disturbing horror film The human centipede, dr Cheerful earned his fame as one of the film’s most evil mad scientists. After kidnapping several unwitting travelers, he uses his victims as subjects for his experiment. While the specific surgical procedure is not mentioned in the Hippocratic Oath, it is safe to say that the human centipede breaks it.

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