10 Horror Movies With a Great Premise That Just Don’t Work

Everything has to be right to make a memorable, scary, and successful horror film. The cast must be compelling and engaging, the direction must be strong, and most importantly, the premise must be unique and exciting.

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to smile is a great example of a recent horror film with an excellent premise that wowed the world and grossed over a hundred million dollars at the worldwide box office. However, some horror films overwhelm audiences despite having a great premise; unfortunately these are all too common.


“The Purge” (2013)

Imagine a world where every crime was legal for twelve hours once a year; that is the premise of The purgethe 2013 horror film written and directed by James DeMonaco. While this is undoubtedly an incredible premise, it does feel a little frustrating that we’re spending the night at the home of a wealthy family following a home invasion storyline.

We’d much rather be in the center of a big city and see the carnage first hand. This was later corrected Clean sequels, but unfortunately the quality of these sequels has varied greatly.

‘The Hunt’ (2020)

The hunt should not only have been suspenseful and captivating, but should also say something about the state of the world given its plot. After all, a film about a group of wealthy people who gather to hunt poor people is full of insight potential. While the film attempts to analyze the issues surrounding hate online, it barely scratches the surface of the problem.

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Although it’s an all-star cast with the likes of Glen Howerton, Betty Gilpinand Hilary Swank, The hunt never seemed to know how to use them – resulting in a movie that’s neither funny nor tense nor scary, just a missed opportunity.

‘Light Burn’ (2019)

Imagine if Superman decided as a child that he hates humanity. That is the simple premise of light burn, a horror film that failed to impress audiences and critics alike. The excitement was great beforehand light burnespecially because James Gunn produced the project and he has a particularly strong background in the horror genre.

Still, the result is a flat and largely soulless film that could have been a lot better had it had a stronger script.

‘Fantasy Island’ (2020)

Blumhouse has an incredibly impressive record when it comes to producing horror films, but their reimagining fantasy island was a rare misfire for the beloved production company. The film follows a group of people who arrive at an island paradise with a promise to act out their most elaborate fantasies, only for chaos to quickly descend.

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The cast may be excellent and the settings are often idyllic, but that’s about it. The scares are often minimal and the character development is sadly non-existent. But with all the great movies they’ve made, we can’t stay mad at Blumhouse for too long.

‘Countdown’ (2019)

As phones get smarter and our screen time seems to get longer by the day, countdown should have been a chilling exploration of our dependence on our phones.

Combining technology with the supernatural is a great concept, but sadly the film didn’t quite make use of that idea. It plays out similarly final destinationa far better horror film, but with people checking their phones a lot more.

‘Escape Room’ (2019)

Escape rooms have become very popular in recent years, which means that a sadistic take on the concept was inevitable. Step in front of the aptly titled escape rooma film that follows a group of people who have been tricked into entering a state of the art and deadly escape room hosted by a seriously shady organization.

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While the sets are elaborate and the cast is convincingly anxious and confused, the film doesn’t do enough to set it apart Seen Franchise. However, the film clearly did something right as it deserved a sequel: Escape Room: Tournament of Champions.

‘Old’ (2021)

Horror premises don’t get much more bizarre or intriguing than M. Night Shyamalans Old. This film follows a group of families trapped on a beach that is inexplicably aging them at an incredible rate. Like most of the director’s films Old contains a twist in the third act, but this is where the real problems begin.

The explanation for the Strand’s powers and who uses them isn’t interesting enough to justify what came before. Old was really promising and we hope the upcoming Knock on the hut has a stronger ending.

‘Would you rather?’ (2012)

In the wake of Seen Given the immense popularity of the franchise, several similarly gory and violent horror films have been produced to capture some of it saw Magic. While most of these attempts were utterly hollow, Would you rather? showed real promise.

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The film is about Iris, a young woman desperate to help her brother who agrees to play a deadly game you’d rather be in, hosted by a sadistic aristocrat. After a promising first act, the film quickly becomes predictable, choosing scenes of excessive torture over character development. All in all, we prefer to watch Seen again.

‘Truth or Dare’ (2018)

Horror movies based on games from our childhood have been very popular in the last decade truth or Dare one of the most recent examples of the trope. Filled with a bunch of teen stars including Lucy Hale and Tyler Posey, the film aimed to appeal to young people with its marketing and teenage dynamic but fell short. The scares were just ineffective and the character dynamics felt a bit forced and overdone. Honestly, this movie probably isn’t worth your time.

‘As Above, So Below’ (2014)

As above, so below had a very interesting premise. The film follows a group of explorers as they journey into the catacombs beneath the streets of Paris and uncover an incredibly dark secret. The film’s second act is the strongest, a fast-paced journey first away from and then straight into madness, but what comes on either side of the second act is disappointing.

The film’s mythology is messy and difficult to understand, and the script never fully commits to scaring audiences. Although this story had a lot of potential, the end result fell a little short.

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