10 of the Wildest Horror Movies Ever Made

Horror movies can often be very predictable in terms of tone and structure, especially when paired with a specific subgenre. For example, you probably know what you’re getting into when you watch a simple slasher or a home invasion. However, some horror films manage to deviate from typical conventions.

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These movies tend to be some of the wildest you will see in the genre, whether it’s humorous roller coaster rides brain dead or the nightmarish scenario of Possession.


“Army of Darkness” (1992)

Sam Raimi is known for his incredibly eccentric and humorous style and especially for his evil Dead movies, Army of Darkness is the wildest of the bunch. The film takes place in the Middle Ages as we follow our main character Ash (Bruce Campbell), face various medieval enemies after being mysteriously transported to this era.

This is a hugely entertaining ride composed of a very charming and comedic tone that benefits Raimi’s directorial talents. All the evil Dead Movies are weird and comedic in their own way, but Army of Darkness always delivers the best in terms of camp and enjoyment.

‘Barbarian’ (2022)

barbarian was claimed as the 2022 version Malignant regarding his madness. The film tells the story of a woman who has to spend a night in a mistakenly double-booked Airbnb with a mysterious man.

If you’re looking for a unique and original horror movie this year, this is undoubtedly one of them. This film is a suspenseful thrill that will keep your eyes glued to the screen. The film starts slowly but cranks from zero to 100 with its exciting second and third acts.

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‘Brain Dead’ (1997)

Before you take the helm behind the icon Lord of the rings Franchise, Peter Jackson started his career doing some pretty weird horror movies, and brain dead is really the wildest of them all. The film follows the incredibly insane story of a man who must survive an unexpected zombie outbreak caused when a mutated rat-monkey creature bites his girlfriend’s mother.

The movie gets even wilder than the synopsis suggests and is a total bloodbath as it is one of the bloodiest movies ever made. It’s literally a hilarious time that bears many similarities to Sam Raimi’s style.

‘House’ (1997)

a house is one of those movies that can be summed up with the question, “What the hell did I just see?” It follows a young schoolgirl and her six friends as they travel to her aunt’s run-down country house and discover that it is made up of many supernatural elements.

The entire film is a trippy jaunt composed of some of the craziest uses of style, editing and music ever used in filmmaking. It barely has a plot, instead focusing on its very mesmerizing yet whimsical tone. The film is haunting and paranormal, yet highly amusing and entertaining.

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‘The Lighthouse’ (2019)

Of all the weird and wonderful movies from A24, The lighthouse stands out as one of the best, but also as one of the darkest. The film tells the story of two Wickies who slowly lose their minds while tending a lighthouse on a small island in New England in the 1890s.

The film’s surreal nature is perfectly captured by all the stylistic choices that the film deliberately adapts. These include the claustrophobic aspect ratio, eerie tone and score, haunting and bewildering visuals, and of course, career best performances Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson making these weird characters an even weirder and mind-blowing experience.

‘Vicious’ (2021)

Malignant is the latest addition to Horror auteur James Wanbest known for his work on The incantation and insidious movies. Malignant is an original passion play that tells the story of a woman who has terrible visions of murdered people. However, their situation worsens as the visions become reality.

Malignant is a film that, like any conventional horror, begins with a few supernatural elements but ramps up into sixth gear in the third act, settling into one of the most satisfyingly fanatical and brutal climaxes of any film of 2021.

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‘Mother!’ (2017)

Darren Aronofsky is known for the disturbing nature of his films, including Black Swan and Requiem for a Dream. Mother! is no exception here either, as it is yet another disturbing and off-kilter experience from Aronofsky. The film follows a woman’s struggle (Jennifer Lawrence) when several uninvited guests begin to invade her home.

This film features some of the most terrifying sequences from Aronofsky’s catalog and some of the most disturbing imagery of any film of the 2010s. It’s a truly nightmarish experience, with a plot that goes off the rails in a number of offbeat and deranged locations.

‘Mandy’ (2018)

Mandy is a super offbeat and trippy film that tells an absurd take on a classic revenge story. The plot of the film is difficult to describe as it is so surreal. This doesn’t affect the viewing experience, however, as the film has a clear vision from its metal style to its ball-to-the-wall action.

The film is like a visionary rock opera with a distinctly dingy tone, style and atmosphere. The film is also supported by a fantastically off-kilter performance Nicholas Cagewho always manages a wild ride.

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‘Possession’ (1981)

possession is a haunting psychological horror that tells the story of a man desperate for information about his wife after she has abandoned him and his son and is seeking a divorce.

As Mother!, this film touches on themes of a failed relationship; However, this film moves in a drastically different direction. In this film, the experience is best if you know little about it before going inside. Just be aware that it takes an incredibly wild turn that will leave you horrified and confused in equal measure.

‘Thirst’ (2009)

thirst is a fantastic film from the acclaimed Korean director Park Chan Wook. One of the most unique versions of a vampire tale, the film follows a priest who volunteers to participate in a procedure that could lead to the cure of a deadly virus. However, this procedure goes horribly wrong, resulting in his dying and being brought back to life as a vampire.

The film is a fascinating character study that depicts the cruelty of nature in terms of transforming a passive priest into a violent demon. It’s an extremely screwed up and grisly feature that’s certainly not for the faint of heart.

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