10 Scariest Stephen King Characters, Ranked By Their Terrifying Tales

When it comes to horror StephenKing is the literal king. For decades, the author has created terrifying stories starring beloved protagonists that viewers just want to see survive the horror.

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But there are some characters in his films that never fail to send shivers down viewers’ spines for their vicious ways. From spooky children to a murderous mother and a murderous clown, these Stephen King characters will always be feared for their chilling backstories.


Henry Bowers (“It”)

Henry Bowers (Nicolas Hamilton) may have nothing to do with a paranormal clown who devours children, but this teenage bully is quite a creepy character in It for his violent behavior towards his victims, mainly for slicing Ben in the stomach with a knife before pushing him over a bridge.

While it certainly gives him no apologies, Henry’s personal life is revealed later in the film and shows him interacting with his abusive father, whom he ends up having to kill.

cujo (‘cujo’)

Cujo tells the horrific story of a Saint Bernard dog who becomes rabid and goes on a murderous rampage, targeting a mother named Donna and her young son who are trapped in a car while Cujo chases them.

Cujo’s sad backstory is also chilling as he was bitten by a bat which transformed him from a cute puppy into a killer animal until he meets his fateful end during a showdown with Donna where he is impaled by a broken baseball bat.

Christine (‘Christine’)

The title character of Christine is a sentient 1958 Plymouth Fury who transforms into a killing machine after undergoing a traumatic ordeal.

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When she is disfigured by her owner’s bullies, Christine restores to her perfect state before chasing down every last person who has hurt her, chasing them before usually running them over.

Margaret White (“Carrie”)

While she might not witness the memorable prom scene in carrie, Margaret White (Piper Laurie) is considered the main antagonist of the film. In the film’s scariest moment, Margaret pursues her daughter with a knife in her hand and an eerie smile on her face.

Margaret’s rationale for trying to kill Carrie (Sissy Spacek) was her deeply religious background, although she abused her daughter and claimed that Carrie’s telekinetic powers came from being a witch and witches had to die.

Gage Creed (“pet cemetery”)

creed (Mike Hughes) becomes an antagonist of pet cemetery At just 2 years old, after his body was buried in a haunted cemetery, he awakens zombified and with dark intentions to kill his family and friends.

The toddler was struck a tragic deal during a fun kite trip with his family, following the loose kite onto the freeway where he was hit by a semi truck and later having his body dug up and reburied by his father’s cemetery, who found the dead brought back to life.

Annie Wilkes (Misery)

Annie Wilkes (Kathy Bates) appears as the antagonist of Misery, the story of an author who meets his counterpart when his biggest fan holds him hostage and tortures him into writing the book she desires.

Annie’s sheer insanity is the driving force behind her actions as she meets author Paul Sheldon (James Can) and eventually saves him from a car accident in which her attempts to nurse him back to health become a torment and her death comes from a typewriter on the head.

Danny Torrance (“The Shining”)

Danny Torrance (Danny Lloyd) appears as a cute little boy at the beginning the glow, but his psychic visions and ability to communicate with the great afterlife set him apart from the rest. As he begins his stay at The Overlook Hotel, his powers take full effect, leading him to do scary things like writing “Redrum” on his parents’ bedroom door and entering a forbidden hotel room.

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According to Danny, his imaginary friend named Tony is a little boy who lives in his mouth and is responsible for all his misdeeds. Danny is eventually taken over by Tony, who speaks in a creepier voice, repeating the word “redrum” to his mother.

Isaac Chroner (Children Of The Corn)

children of the corn follows a married couple trapped in a small town run by a cult of killer children, and it all started with Isaac Chroner (John Franklin), who acts as the leader of the cult.

Following Isaac’s past as a young preacher, he creates his cult of children and orders them to kill every adult in town, believing that if they don’t do as he says they will sin against their divine figure called He Who Walks Behind the ranks.

Jack Torrance (“The Shining”)

At the beginning of the glow, Jack Torrance (Jack Nicholson) starts out as a hardworking man and loving husband and father who gets an interview as a janitor at The Overlook Hotel. But when he moves into the haunted hotel with his family, his own demons manifest.

Much like former caretaker Delbert Grady (Philip Stein), Jack falls victim to the hotel’s curse and begins to lose parts of himself, becoming violent towards his wife and son until he meets a tragic end when he freezes to death in a hedge maze.

Pennywise (“It”)

Of all the characters in Stephen King’s works, Pennywise is without a doubt the scariest It. Since Pennywise is not given a tragic backstory in the films, all viewers know that the killer clown is a paranormal creature that lives in drains and lures children.

Pennywise uses his ability to transform into a child’s greatest fear, tormenting his prey before devouring them and levitating their corpses in the sewers, hence the famous “You’ll levitate too” slogan.

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