10 Shockers From ‘Cobra Kai’ Season 5 That Left No Mercy

Season 5 of the hit karate kid reboot Cobra Kai was arguably the show’s best so far, peaking at #1 Netflix Upon its release – the season starred characters old and new who went through dozens of twists and turns until it all came down to one – or more – final battles in the season finale.

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But the karate bouts were the least shocking parts of the season. From an unexpected pregnancy to the betrayal of a beloved character to the ultimate foe-to-friend tale, Season 5 was filled with shocking moments that left fans merciless.

*Warning: This article contains spoilers for Cobra Kai Season 5*


Carmen’s pregnancy

Between a rival karate dojo, teenage troubles, and one sensei after another on their tails, with all the misfortune these characters are going through, Johnny happened to receive some unexpected but happy news early in the season.

After a few bouts of morning sickness that everyone but Johnny seemed to notice when Carmen finally confirmed she was pregnant, Johnny went into full dad sei mode as he began baby-proofing his apartment, putting up kid-friendly artwork and has even learned to wrap his beer case. But the best part about having a baby on the way was how the memory of his imminent second chance to be a father gave Johnny the strength to take on Silver’s henchmen in a life-and-death fight.

Miguel and Robbie makeup

From the start, Miguel and Robbie were arch rivals. Whether it was Robbie’s jealousy over Johnny’s bond with another boy, Miguel’s hatred of the way Robbie’s ongoing fight had temporarily paralyzed him, or the way the two boys fought over Sam and Tory, it seemed like these two will never be friends.

But much like Daniel and Johnny, these enemies both fought and spoke about it just in time to learn that they were both becoming big brothers. This newfound friendship shocked her friends, but ultimately came in handy when it came to defusing a fight between Sam and Tory and later fending off the Cobra Kais in a last-ditch effort to bring down the dojo.

Tory becomes a traitor

The season 4 finale ended with Tory proudly holding her All Valley trophy until overhearing Silver’s plan for the referee to assure Cobra Kai had won the tournament. The heartbreak of realizing she hadn’t quite won sent Tory into turmoil ahead of the start of season five, until viewers learn whose side she’s really on.

First, it is revealed that Tory is doing an inside job for Kreese, who is trying to get revenge on Silver from prison. But when Kreese tells her to finish the mission, Tory takes matters into her own hands by admitting to Sam that Silver cheated. Things come to a head in the season finale when Tory teams with the Miyagi-do students to break into Cobra Kai and steal incriminating security footage, and her betrayal of the Cobras doesn’t sit well with her former classmates.

Miguel’s Anticlimactic Father Storyline

The mystery behind Miguel’s father has been a slowly evolving storyline over the past few seasons, finally coming to light in the season 4 finale when Miguel left All Valley and boarded a bus to Mexico in search of his birth father.

Miguel is in Mexico at the beginning of Season 5, with Johnny and Robbie on their way to find him, and unsuccessfully asks about Hector Salazar until he accidentally runs into him and his family. After saving their young son from a car accident, Hector invites Miguel over for dinner, who accepts without ever revealing who he really is. But after learning that Hector is posing as a businessman for his criminal exploits, a disappointed Miguel returns home with Johnny, putting a disappointing end to the exciting story that only lasted two episodes.

Mike Barnes store catches fire

A long-awaited return to the franchise this season was from a soap opera star Sean Kanan, who played antagonist Mike Barnes The Karate Kid III long before he showed up as AJ Quartermaine that afternoon General Hospital or the notorious Deacon Sharpe on Bold and the beautiful.

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With Mike’s return came catching up for him and his former rival Daniel as he revealed he had quit karate and run a furniture business. But when Daniel gets what he needs from Mike and Silver learns of his old student’s betrayal, the Sensei strikes a blow at Mike’s furniture store, who comes to work and finds his hard work on fire.

“No mercy, motherf—er”

Kreese spends (almost) the entire season behind the prison walls, making his sensei himself known and respected by his fellow inmates. But when Johnny and Daniel decide that the former Cobra is the only way to bring down Silver, the two pay him an unexpected visit.

After some back-and-forth, they make a deal: Daniel will get his attorney to help Kreese, and Kreese will reveal what Silver has planned. After Kreese mails the goods on Silver, he and Johnny have a not-so-serious conversation while Daniel goes out to call his attorney. But in arguably one of the most shocking and hilarious moments of the entire season, when Daniel comes back and hands Kreese a piece of paper that supposedly contains his attorney’s number, Kreese simply turns it over and says, “No mercy, motherf- –er!” written on it before he and Johnny leave prison.

Mike Barnes’ limousine pickup

After Silver burns Mike’s furniture store, the character is not seen again for the rest of the season, with only Daniel, Johnny, and Chozen working together to bring down the evil Sensei.

As the three spend a night drinking and dancing and drive away in their party limousine, the car starts zigzagging and throws the three men around their backs until it finally stops in the woods. Viewers could only assume that this was a conspiracy by Silver, so it was a double shock when the driver was revealed to be an outraged Mike Barnes. Mike gushes about his shop and his family, saying Daniel ruined his life before almost getting into a fight with Johnny that eventually turned into a mutual hatred of Silver.

P—s Breath’s Betrayal

If you really think about it, this character’s betrayal probably shouldn’t be too shocking, considering he was dubbed “P—s Breath” for five seasons, but the moment Miyagi-do vs. Cobra Kai started came as a surprise.

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When the Cobras arrive at the dojo and find that the Miyagi-do students have broken in, the two rival dojos prepare to fight, but not before one member can switch teams. Kyler says, “Mitch, come on, get your ass over here where it belongs,” and the character known as P—s Breath walks over to the other students and opens his hoodie to reveal the Cobra Kai emblem on his reveal shirt.

Cobra Kai throw in their gis

After more than 30 years, Daniel and Silver finally face off on the Cobra Kai mat in the Season 5 finale. And when Daniel uses all of Silver’s tricks against him to ultimately win the fight, Silver’s students react in unexpected ways.

Between his losing battle against Daniel and finding out he cheated at All Valley, instead of staying strong with their sensei, both Cobra Kai students go to Silver, who is lying dejected on the ground, and throw their Cobra Kai at him as a way out -Shirts to let him know you’re done with the dojo.

Kreese’s comeback

The Season 5 finale begins with a bang for Kreese, who finds himself in the middle of a fight between two inmates and ends up being stabbed multiple times and bleeding to death on the floor. Kreese is not seen again throughout the episode, his unconscious and bloodied body eventually being shown being wheeled on a gurney into the prison infirmary.

The doctor presumed dead takes one look at Kreese’s wound, only to realize that the blood on his clothes is actually red jelly as Kreese’s eyes snap open and he jumps off the gurney to get the jailers out. When the doctor begs for mercy, it is unknown if Kreese gave it when he is next seen walking through the prison hall in his doctor’s coat before opening the door and fleeing, ready to exact revenge.

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