10 ‘The Simpsons’ Episodes That Made Us Shed a Tear

The Simpson universe has a cast of unforgettable, fun, and unique characters. Each episode focused on the dysfunctional Simpson family and their relationship with the other Springfield residents such as Moe, Mr. Burns, and Ned Flanders, as well as guest stars as they participated in a variety of activities, from athletic competitions to inhibiting the protagonists of scary stories .

Fans of The Simpsons may have come across some episodes that weren’t just pranks and funny unexpected situations, but brought tears to their eyes. Whether it’s tears of joy or tears of sadness, a box of tissues should be close at hand when watching these episodes.


“Bart Sells His Soul” (Season 7, Episode 4)

Bart is one of the mischievous characters on the show. He’s always playing pranks on the residents of Springfield. There aren’t many objects that scare Bart. However, he feared that he really lost his soul after a bad transaction.

In Season 7 Episode 4, Bart sold his soul to Millhouse. This backfired for him as he began experiencing strange events and activities around him. When Bart realizes that Millhouse no longer has his soul, he is heartbroken. After he prayed for his soul, his sister told him that she bought it and gave it back to him.

“I Love Lisa” (Season 4, Episode 15)

Usually, over the holidays, the kids would bring treats and cards to share with the rest of the class. The fairest approach to this tradition would be for everyone in the class to receive a reward so no one feels left out if they don’t get a card.

In Season 4 Episode 15, a classmate, Ralph, did not receive Valentine’s Day cards on Valentine’s Day. Ralph cried when he realized he was the only one missing tickets. To cheer him up, Lisa gave him a card. However, Ralph thought that Lisa had a crush on him.

“The Simpsons Roast on an Open Fire” (Season 1, Episode 1)

The viewers were aware of this The simpsons after The Tracy Ullman Show introduced the spin-off series and the first episode of The simpsons I didn’t go into too much detail reintroducing the characters. The episode “Simpsons Roasting On an Open Fire” premiered in December and showed the Simpsons getting ready for the holidays.

During this episode, Bart and Homer participate in a greyhound race where they bet money on Santa’s Little Helper. After the dog finished last and the owner angrily yelled at him. When Santa’s Little Helper runs away from his owner, he jumps into Homer’s arms. The adorable puppy eyes convinced Homer to adopt him.

“Lisa’s First Word” (Season 4, Episode 10)

The simpsons also featured some heartbreaking moments in which they relived a positive memory, such as remembering the birth of their child. Many parents eagerly await hearing the first word their child says, whether it’s “mommy,” “dad,” or some other word.

That moment was no different on The Simpsons. As Homer and Marge, along with the children, wondered when Maggie would say her first word, they reminisced about the day Lisa was born. This Simpsons The episode also highlighted Bart and Lisa’s sibling relationship as Lisa began to receive more attention from her parents than Bart.

“Lisa’s Wedding” (Season 6, Episode 19)

Lisa and Homer may have different views on life. Lisa engaged in highly intellectual conversations (for someone her age) while Homer was more concerned with eating donuts and having a pint of beer at the end of the day. Despite their differences, they still shared a strong father-daughter bond.

In Season 6 Episode 19, a fortune teller predicted Lisa’s future, specifically who the love of her life will be. The episode jumps back to 2010 as Lisa and her fiancé were getting ready for their wedding anniversary. The real tearjerker moment began when Homer told her how proud he was of her, saying, “I always felt like you were the best thing that my name was ever tied to.”

‘Home Sweet Homediddly-Dum-Doodily’ (Season 7, Episode 3)

After six seasons of The simpsons, Viewers learned that the Simpson family had a unique relationship with one another. They often got under each other’s skin, especially when Bart was playing pranks on Homer, but at the end of the day they forgave each other.

When Homer and Marge lost custody of the children, it was undoubtedly a sad day for the family. During this time the children were cared for by their neighbors, the Flanders. Homer and Marge agreed to do whatever it takes to reunite their family, including attending a parenting class.

“Alone Again, Natura-Diddily” (Season 11, Episode 14)

Before Ned Flanders remarried Edna Krabappel, he was happily married to Maude Flanders. She was arguably Ned Flanders’ soul mate, and both shared her devotion to the Christian faith. There were moments when Ned and Maude made mistakes, but in the end, they quickly forgive themselves.

Season 11, Episode 14 was the last episode that viewers got a chance to see Maude alive. Maude’s death was unexpected as she died directly after being hit by a shirt gun t-shirt. Her funeral took place in the same episode. Ned and her children mourned her death.

‘Hound of Death’ (Season 3, Episode 19)

Anyone who has witnessed the loss of a dog firsthand knows that it can weigh on their days (until the dog is found and returned home). A dog is a member of the family, and when they get hurt or lost, they hurt other family members. In Season 3 Episode 19, “Dog of Death,” the Simpson family dog, Santa’s Little Helper, became ill and required expensive surgery to untie the knot in his stomach.

For the Simpson family, this meant readjusting their spending and budget for the surgery. When they finally raised enough money for the surgery and the surgery turned out to be successful, they are still disappointed at how they had to give up their expenses to be able to afford the surgery. As if that wasn’t enough, Santa’s Helper runs away from the family.

‘Mother Simpson’ (Season 7, Episode 8)

The Simpsons also carry their family secrets. Over the course of 33 seasons (and counting), viewers have learned more about the Simpson family and the people of Springfield. For a long time there was not much information about Homer’s mother Mona. Normally only Grandpa Simpson, Patty and Selma (Marge’s sisters) appeared on the show.

Homer long believed his mother died when he was very young. It’s not until Season 7, Episode 8, “Mother Simpson” that Homer’s mother finally shows up. During the episode, Homer fakes his death to avoid a taxing responsibility. After people in town told Homer he had seen Mona Simpson (voiced by Glen Close), Homer’s mother, lived, he visited her grave. At that moment he was reunited with his mother. The reunion doesn’t last too long because Mona had to go into hiding again. The episode contained flashbacks to Homer’s childhood and gave insight into the relationship he had with his mother.

“Four Regrets and a Death” (Season 25, Episode 3)

Many actors have joined and left The Simpsons. The actors’ characters who voiced them also went with them, either by slowly having fewer appearances on the show or by “killing them off”. Actors usually leave shows because they’ve decided to follow other projects, or because they’ve been involved in an argument with the current cast and decided it’s best to leave the show.

Unfortunately, some characters on the show have died because the actor who voiced them died. Season 25, Episode 3 served as a tribute to Ms. Edna Krabappel as voice actress, Marcia Wallace, died October 2013. Ms. Krabappel taught fourth grade at Springfield Elementary School. Many characters viewed her as an indifferent teacher, but her retirement from the series left a hole in some characters’ hearts, and in the title sequence Bart wrote “We’re really going to miss you, Mrs. K.” on the chalkboard.

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