11 Easter Eggs & Details You Might’ve Missed In New Trailer

Marvel Studios continues to make history in Phase 4. Following the first director to direct a full trilogy and the first Disney+ origin story comes the Thor: Love and Thunder, the solo franchise received a fourth season for the first time. Director Taika Waititi reunites with male lead Chris Hemsworth in this post-productionAvengers: Endgame Adventures documenting the God of Thunder’s path of redemption.

The highly requested opening trailer depicts that round of redemption by showcasing Thor’s training footage, as he transforms from “Dad bod” arrive “Oh my God.” Additionally, fans got their first look at Natalie Portman’s Mighty Thor, the actress’ first appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in nearly a decade.


Despite all that the teaser has to offer, one main character has been noticeably absent: Christian Bale’s Gorr the God-Butcher. With “Blow Your Mind” With the promise of this trailer from Hemsworth himself, fans have gone into these fresh footage with high hopes.

The immediate reaction to the official trailer was overwhelmingly positive, but fortunately for those holding their breath until July 8, new Thor 4 footage offers more than what’s on the surface. Without further ado, here are 11 easter eggs, hidden meanings and plot details from the new season Thor: Love and Thunder introductory video.

Korg .’s Campfire Story

Fire Korg

Viking Space, Thor Odinson.


Second letter Thor: Love and Thunder The trailer opens with Taika Waititi’s Korg recounting the protagonist’s campfire story. Apparently with the familiar tree in the background, this takes place on the same planet where the Thunder God has retired.

While this scene takes place at the beginning of the trailer, its setting probably places it in the final moments of the film. Korg can engage his audience on “500 times” Thor has saved the world in the past, or he may be recounting the life of his dormant Asgardian friend.

That, or this could be a tribute to the original Avenger after his passing. Considering this is Hemsworth’s fourth solo Thor movie and his ninth MCU appearance, Love and Thunder most likely his swan song. If the mighty follow the path of his father and evaporate into the stars, then this “The Story of the Vikings in Space” can serve as a tribute.


New tourist attraction of Asgard

New Thor Asgard

What is old is new.

After their home planet was destroyed by Surtur and half of their population was slaughtered by Thanos, the remaining Asgardians sought refuge in Norway, reclaiming a land of their own. First revealed in the opening act of Avengers: EndgameNew Asgard renamed the former regal civilization a fishing colony, as the Asgardians traded their golden cloaks for neon raincoats.

Blip not only restored their missing half of the population, but also gave the country a facelift. The new Asgard has been remodeled into a tourist attraction, complete with moored cruise ships and a golf course.


It’s clear that via merchandise, New Asgard’s new look will play a big part in season four, even if much of the adventure takes place out in the world. That said, the country is far from exempt from high-octane action.

Thrown down in New Asgard

Thor new Asgard battle

These Asgardians cannot rest.

The trailer’s reveal of Mighty Thor is accelerated to the beginning of the scene, as Natalie Portman’s hero side-by-side battles her old flame. Hemsworth’s Thor was equally perplexed, exclaiming cryptically, “Jane?!” when the leader of the army Mjolnir arrives.


Based platform “keep clear” and bla-” on the buildings, this battle appears to be taking place within New Asgard itself. The mighty duo are battling Gorr’s Black Berserker, suggesting that God-Butcher will make his presence felt on Earth before targeting other terrestrial entities.

Also, this scene confirms that Jane will be in the world in the beginning Love and Thunder. Considering Thor begins with Guardians of the Galaxy in outer space, Foster’s Mighty Thor may have some crime-fighting experience by the time her ex-boyfriend reunites with her.

The event also included a bit of quirky trailer tricks.


Thor’s helmet is back

New Thor Helmet

The winged helmet has officially entered.

The mighty Thor rocked her helmet in most of her battle-ready appearances, but Thor himself joined her in a frame. The Thunder God wears a new winged helmet that covers his face, unlike the one he briefly wore in 2011. God of thunder and the Sakaar battle armor he wore in 2017 Thor: Ragnarok.

If this shot of Thor’s winged helmet feels out of place, that’s because it’s so similar. When Thor first reaches out to Mjolnir, he’ll rock the furry, sleeveless shoulder suit. When the hammer is back in Jane’s hand, Thor’s reaction footage includes a helmet with wings, as well as a red and yellow suit.


This could be the result of Thor upgrading his armor mid-battle, which he is known to have done, or a specially swapped out suit for the trailer, like Nomad’s suit. Cap in Avengers: Endgame Official trailer.

How long has it been?

Thor Jane Foster

Eight years, seven months and six days.

Thor wasted no time making it clear that he hadn’t stopped thinking about Jane. Although Natalie Portman hasn’t actually joined a new Marvel project since 2013 Thor: Dark WorldJane Foster is directly referenced in Vengeance Squad: Age of Ultron, Thor: Ragnarokand Avengers: Endgame during the measurement.


What happened to Jane during that time is anyone’s guess. Will she continue her scientific studies? How did her relationship with SHIELD change after the events of Captain America: Winter Soldier? Was she the victim of Thanos’ snap?

That last query was significantly hinted at in a line of dialogue. Jane questioned if it was “three years” since she last saw Thor, the stormbreaker hero has fixed her to eight years and changed. Ignore the fact that it’s been at least a decade since then Dark worldJane takes 5 years off, the exact amount of time that has elapsed between Snap and Blip, suggesting she may have been reduced to the following atoms Avengers: Infinity War.

Gorr! Gorr! Gorr!

Gorr the God Butcher, Thor, Love and Thunder

You either die a hero, or you live long enough to find yourself becoming the villain.


Christian Bale’s first comic book role since 2012 Graduate darkness hydrophobic rise saw him trade batarangs and cowboys for the Venom-related death sword and white cape. This is Gorr the God-Butcher, the vengeful villain who wants to slaughter the gods across the universe.

This trailer features a lot of money footage of the pale white villain, including frames of his face before he fakes it. “All Gods Must Die” The mission statement. This indicates that Love and Thunder would also be a Gorr origin story, which, if it remained true to the comics, would be fraught with tragedy.

Upgraded version of Mjolnir

Jane Foster Thor

Some require reassembly.


Thor’s first weapon is back, this time in the hands of Jane Foster. Apparently the hammerhead is cracked in the first trailer, this is Mjolnir with what was shot by Hela in the first trailer. Thor: Ragnarok.

Even so, Mjolnir has yet to be permanently reassembled.

During an action sequence on Olympus, Jane throws a hammer at a bunch of Olympians. Mjolnir shatters again, each sharding an individual attacker, before regrouping when it returns to Jane’s hands.


Lightning Thief

Valkyrie Zeus Thor

Get out of the way, Percy Jackson.

During a one-on-one clash with Gorr, Tessa Thompson’s Valkyrie can be seen wielding Zeus’ famous lightning bolt. Considering how the Greek God of Thunder protected his fortune, it’s unlikely this iconic weapon was gifted to the Valkyrie.

With an invincible villain like a “God butcher,” Bringing Zeus and the Olympians into play never dictated their fate. If Gorr finds Olympus, things won’t go well for the Greek Gods.


Hostile Olympus

Thor Olympus fight

A divided house cannot stand.

Despite being welcomed into Olympus with open arms, things quickly turned hostile for Thor. The Asgardians can be seen fighting the Olympians in blue robes, before being chained with the lightning chains of Zeus. Curiously, Jane and Valkyrie watched from the crowd, amused by their friend’s torment, no different from Loki on Sakaar in Thor: Ragnarok.

In the end, Jane will defend her ex as told with the aforementioned Mjolnir upgrades, but why she would wait until things get tough remains a mystery.


Thor and company’s mission to Olympus has the potential to warn their gods of impending conflict. Zeus is able to insult this and humiliate his Nordic counterpart, which would explain Thor’s birthday suit appearance at the end of the trailer.

Statue room

Thor Viewer

What a Stage 4 for the Living Court!

The mysterious three-headed god appeared blinking his eyes for the fourth time in the past calendar year, after appearing with an Easter egg in Loki, What if…?and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.


The Living Court is one of many notable statues in this room. Around Jane Foster are also depictions of Uatu the Watcher and Mistress Death.

Fans will recognize Uatu as the omnipotent observer of the Multiverse from What if…?and comic readers know Mistress Death was the catalyst for the print version of Avengers: Infinity Gauntlet. On this page, Thanos searches for the Infinity Stones as a way to “Death Court,” his caring woman.

Aren’t you entertained?!

Russell Crowe Thor

All hail the king of the gods.


Russell Crowe’s Zeus makes his full debut in this trailer’s card. Surrounded by women, Zeus “Flicker” too hard and caused all of Thor’s veils to come out of his body.

This iteration of Zeus matches the strong Olympian vibes of Marvel Comics, much like how the Classic Loki portrayed by Richard E. Grant in Loki Disney+ series. While his key in Valkyrie’s hand earlier in the footage doesn’t bode well for his fate, here’s hoping he has a demigod son running around somewhere on the planet. Olympus.

Thor: Love and Thunder in theaters on July 8.


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