11 Must-Have Apps for Book Lovers

Just because you don’t have a book on you doesn’t mean you have to stop reading. All you need is your phone. Even if you’ve left your Kindle behind, you can pick up where you left off using the Kindle app. And there’s a whole new world of apps that give you an experience unlike what reading a paperback gives you.

You can read chapters of a new fan-favorite horror movie and comment on it, all in the same app. Or try social networking apps specifically for nerds and use smart apps to find your next reading. Here are some great choices for both iOS and Android.

1. Wattpad

If you’re tired of reading paperback books, you should check out Wattpad. It’s a new platform for the digital age where writers can connect directly with their readers. Wattpad brings the community element to reading. You can interact with other readers by commenting on a certain section, sentence, or phrase in the book.

Every genre brings users to a new community to discover or get inspiration from. The app encourages you to enter writing contests, grow your fanbase, or be a part of the app’s selected stories.

Wattpad will also help you go from a reader to a writer. Using the Wattpad community, you can build your audience. Some stories have even been made into movies and are available on movie streaming sites!


Download: Wattpad for iOS | Android (Free, with subscription)

2. Libby

Originally called Overdrive, Libby lets you carry your local library in your pocket. All of these are available with your local library card.

Why buy a book from Amazon when you can borrow a digital copy of it from your local library?

Libby has managed to move offline libraries to the online world. Categories vary based on your location or the content your library has to offer. In addition to e-books, you can also listen to audiobooks.

Download: Libby for iOS | Android (Free)

3. Goodreads

Goodreads is a social networking app for book lovers. As one of the best sites to find books to read next, you can join the community, follow writers, and read reviews. Once you start tracking your books with Goodreads, you’ll find recommendations that are surprisingly relevant.

However, the Goodreads app doesn’t have the best user experience, but the community features create any trouble. Goodreads is now owned by Amazon, which comes with its own set of benefits. You can sign in with your Amazon account and your Goodreads reading list will show up on your Kindle. Plus, your Kindle highlights are available right on your Goodreads account.

Download: Goodreads for iOS | Android (Free)

4. Inkitt

Inkitt is an app specifically designed for reading fiction, and it covers the majority of the work of independent writers. It only covers some genres of fiction, such as romance, fantasy, science fiction and the like. The app is beautiful to look at and a pleasure to use.

Unlike Goodreads, the app is purely for reading and not for social media. The company behind this app is a publisher that helps a writer publish their novel.

The reading experience is well thought out. It tracks your monthly and weekly reading stats, displays a history of the books you’ve read, and lets you create lists of the books you want to read.

Download: Inkitt for iOS | Android (Free)

5. Marvin 3

Marvin 3 is the best third-party EPUB reader for iOS. If you’re not satisfied with the basic features in Apple Books or Kindle, check out Marvin 3. This app lets you customize the entire reading interface.

Marvin will open any book format you throw at it, from EPUB files to CBX comics. This app has a lot of features that make reading books completely enjoyable. These include Goodreads integration, read speed, and support for external fonts. Furthermore, it’s easy to highlight sentences, take detailed notes, and add journal entries.

Download: Marvin 3 for iOS (Premium version available, free)

6. Leio

Leio is the best reading tracker for iPhone. It’s the easiest way to record everything related to your reading stats. In one place, you can keep track of the many books you’re reading. Just like Goodreads, you can update your progress as you continue. The app also features time tracking, so you can see exactly how long it takes you to finish a book.

Once you’ve added data, Leio also helps you analyze your reading patterns. You can use Goal Features plan your reading marathon, improve your reading time and unlock achievements.

Leio has an easy to use modern interface. If you find the Goodreads app too cumbersome and don’t care about the community aspect, Leio is a great alternative book tracker.

Download: Leio for iOS (Premium version available, free)

7. Serial reader

Serial Reader makes reading simple. This is the perfect app for both newbies and avid readers. This app gives you classic pieces of literature to read every day in 20 minutes, small pieces.

If you find it difficult to concentrate on reading a book for a long time, use this app to form a daily reading habit. Since reading 19th century works can be difficult, this app breaks it down into the right amount of words per day.

Download: Serial Reader for iOS | Android (Premium version available, free)

8. Litsy

Litsy is another social media literary app, but with a visual twist. It’s Instagram for books. Litsy is a user-friendly app where you can post photos of your book moments and also become an influencer.

It allows you to share your favorite books with friends and family and post reviews of the books you’ve read. Participate in discussions or find related topics using specific hashtags.

Download: Litsy for iOS | Android (Free)

9. Appetizers

Books are not limited to novels. If you like poetry, check out Poetizer to share your appreciation of poetry with fellow enthusiasts. Discover heartfelt pieces about life and love written by people around the world. You can put a heart, leave a comment and follow the author whose poem you love.

You can also share your thoughts and reflections by writing and publishing your own poems on Poetizer.

Download: Poetizer for iOS (Free)

10. Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle allows you to access your Kindle library on your smartphone. If you feel that the constant comments, recommendations, and social media elements in other book apps are distracting, rest assured that it’s just you and your eBook while you’re using it. Amazon Kindle.

As you read, you can adjust the font, layout, and theme of your pages to the style that best suits your needs. If you’re wondering about buying a Kindle, we have an article that compares the differences between a Kindle device and a Kindle app.

Download: Amazon Kindle for iOS | Android (Free, in-app purchases available)

11. Blinkist

Blinkist is an app for professionals who want to learn but don’t have time to read. The app provides the main points along with the whole gist of a book in 15 minutes. Each summary of the book is called a wink and you can read or listen to it.

If you use the web to find books recommended by experts and celebrities and identify a few that are of interest to you, you can try searching them here on Blinkist. .

Download: Blinkist for iOS | Android (Free, with subscription)

Organize your book collection

As a book lover, you can experience reading as a second nature. You simply cannot get enough of the different stories, characters and worlds woven into existence from the written word.

But as you delve deeper into e-books, you probably won’t say no to more physical books. Pleasant weight in your hand, the woody smell of the pages. While you explore these apps, be sure to keep your bookshelf organized!

How to organize your book collection the right way

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