11 Ways To Boost Workplace Morale As A Leader

Maintaining morale in the workplace is always a challenge. With the remote-friendly hierarchy of the workplace recently, the task of keeping morale high has never been more difficult.

As the world constantly navigates new changes on a daily basis, leadership also means being attentive and aware of your team’s needs. While there are new tools on the market for more effective communication and productivity, sometimes team morale can drop.

If you’re leading a struggling team — either in person or in a virtual workspace — here are some ways to boost workplace morale as a leader on a daily basis.

1. Measure morale in the workplace

It’s hard to know how to boost morale in the workplace if you don’t know what’s holding your team back. The good news is that you can capture the needs of your team in many ways.

For example, you can:

  • Ask for employee open-ended feedback (either directly or by providing the option to remain anonymous) regularly.
  • Create a questionnaire that asks direct and clear questions about your team’s current morale.
  • Use leave-in interviews to gain valuable, unfiltered insight into your team’s workplace deficiencies.

Use these tools and your general observations as a leader to determine what is affecting your team’s ability to stay active and productive.

2. Improve communication

Communication is very important in the workplace. It not only increases productivity and especially keeps remote teams closely connected. It can also keep everyone on the same page — something crucial for good morale in the workplace.

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If you have team members who are working remotely, they may be isolated in their own work vault. Gallup reports that even in the office, up to 20% of workers report feeling lonely.

An isolated and lonely team cannot grow together. Make sure there are always open lines of communication, no matter what work environment you operate in.

3. Empower your employees

If your employees feel insignificant, it can be difficult for them to feel positive about their work. Evaluate how your team is performing and see if, as a leader, you’re really giving your employees the responsibility to do things themselves.

This affects every field of work. It’s clear to really delegate responsibility to employees and then trust them to meet deadlines and other expectations. But trust should go further.

When you need to come up with ideas, purposefully invite others to brainstorming sessions. If you know someone on your team who is knowledgeable on a certain topic, ask for their opinion. Always look for ways to make your team feel included, valued, and empowered.

4. Recognition of good work

When you trust your employees to complete their tasks more often, it can lead to another powerful morale booster: recognition.

Analyze your own interactions with your teams and consider where you are recognizing good work. Let’s look at some key points:

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  • How often are you complimented?
  • Is your praise unconditional or is it always accompanied by rebuttals or corrections?
  • Do you try to compliment everyone on your team?

You can recognize good work in many different ways. Anything from a kind word to an attractive promotion can send the message that you see your employees contributing.

5. Work on transparency

There are proactive activities that can help you cultivate a positive work ethic, and then there are those that boost morale in the workplace simply by running an ethical business.

One of them is transparency, both as a leader and as an organization. When you hesitate to give employees important information, it can reduce their trust in you. If you want to naturally boost morale, try trusting your employees with more information.

You don’t have to tell them every piece of sensitive data. All it takes is trying to show them that you want them to feel included and aware of what’s going on with the business you’re all invested in.

6. Incorporate team building activities

Sometimes, all a struggling team needs is a little time to bond. Team building activities are a great way to do this and this includes many options, such as:

  • Ask a question about icebreakers
  • Play a quiz
  • Ask your team to share work hacks with each other
  • Escape from prison together

There are lots of team building activities. Choose the one that suits your needs and use it to bring your team together to boost morale in the workplace.

7. Choose a group community project

Group volunteering is a great way to bring your team together outside of the workplace. If your group is local, you can offer your services to a nearby charity. If it’s a remote area, there are also many remote-friendly volunteer options available.

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If your company is focused on corporate donations, consider letting your employees choose where that money goes. Platforms like Groundswell allow you to set up a personal foundation for each of your employees, turning donor-advised funds (DAF) into an employee benefit.

Working together towards charitable causes that are important to your employees is a great way to boost morale in the workplace. It brings your team together as they share positive and gratifying experiences.

8. Avoid micromanagement

This goes hand in hand with employee empowerment. While empowerment requires trusting your employees, micromanaging is more of a mental self-assessment in the workplace.

As a leader, do you trust your team to get the job done? Even if you do, do you let them do so without undue supervision or judgment on your part?

A leader’s ability to give and trust their employees to do their job well can be an important factor in dealing with morale in the workplace.

9. Look for Incentives

Sometimes, all an lethargic employee needs is a little motivation to work harder. That’s when a good motivation can make all the difference. This can be something as small as a compliment. It could also be something of more tangible value, such as a desirable parking spot or a financial bonus.

Regardless of the specifics, try to always have a list of incentives to draw on and spice things up whenever your team feels sluggish.

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10. Build in Quality Breakthroughs

Employees know they need a break. Usually it’s a matter of caring what the boss thinks if they stop for a few minutes. As a leader, you need to communicate (see tip #2) that taking breaks is okay. In fact, when rationalized, they are a powerful productivity tool.

Even a short break of 30 seconds can improve productivity by up to 13%. Encourage your employees to give them the opportunity to rest throughout the day. It’s a great way to make them feel seen and supported—something that will naturally boost morale in your workplace.

11. Facilitating employee development

Finally, make sure your employees feel they have the opportunity to learn and grow as they work. The modern world of work is always changing. Technology is in an ever-evolving cycle.

Employment standards are changing thanks to the Big Resignation. Remote working is creating a new kind of working environment.

If you want to promote good morale in the workplace, make sure you’re enabling your team to keep up with change. This can come through providing ongoing training. It may also involve helping employees plan growth and chart career development paths.

Showing that you are willing to invest time and care about the collective well-being of your employees will lead to reciprocity in most situations.


There are many ways that employers and leaders can boost morale in the workplace. This all starts with the first suggestion on this list.

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Assess your team’s morale and consider what steps you need to take. Then use this list to solve problems and keep your employees happy and productive every day as you work together.

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