12 Powerful Self-Affirmation Tools to Boost Your Motivation Daily

Have you ever noticed how the way you look seems to affect your performance? Practitioners confirm this phenomenon very well, and scientists have verified it.

If you’re interested in discovering self-affirmations and what they can do for you, these apps and websites can help:

The Science of Positive Thinking

In 1890, William James studied neuroplasticity, the science of how positive thoughts affect the brain. Peers rejected his claim that mere thoughts could change the structure of the brain, but many scientists now accept it as true.

A more recent study shows that self-affirmation can help people in low-power positions feel more confident under pressure. Lead researcher Sonia Kang said in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin,

“Whenever you have low expectations about your performance, you tend to sink in and meet those low expectations. Self-affirmation is the way to neutralize that threat.”

Now that you know a little about science, check out these apps.

The bmindful website not only has a huge collection of affirmations you can view, including a section featuring the most popular phrases, but it also allows you to be part of a community of like-minded people. self-affirmation preferences and a conscious lifestyle. . Even better, the subscription is free and provides full access to the content.

You may want to capture what happens in the bmindful forums and the website itself with bmindful’s This Week feature. In the end, it’s a simple website that tries to do one thing well.


If you’re interested in a mindful lifestyle, you can also use the Calm app to improve your mindfulness.

2. Daily Motivational Quotes

One perk of the Daily Motivational Quotes app that sets it apart from other apps is the amount of material available. You will find more than four hundred affirmations related to thirty-five topics. You can also choose a pleasing background image for each affirmation, which is a more powerful visual motivator.

Then there is an updated stream of positive messages coming from positive blogs. You can create an affirmation from any image in this stream.

Download: Daily Motivational Quotes for iOS | Positive Thinking for Android (Premium version available, free)

3. Louise Hay’s Claim

Powered by best-selling author Louise Hay, this app speaks sixteen affirmations in the first and second person, so they’re more likely to stick in your head than if you just read the text. . Acoustic brainwave technology is also used to make your mind more open to input.

However, if you prefer to read her affirmations in a visual format, you can also check out Louise Hay’s website, which has been maintained by her foundation since the author’s death.

Download: Louise Hay Affirm for iOS | Android (Free, in-app purchases available)

4. ThinkUp

Based on expert brain training techniques, this app has a built-in affirmation list. Choose your favorites, then record your voice saying them. You can also choose a track from personalized recommendations or your own favorite tracks.

You can also set daily notifications for yourself, so you always remember to take a step back and boost your positivity. For example, if you usually take a lunch break at the same time as work, set an alert for that time to encourage daily personal growth.

Download: ThinkUp for iOS | Android (Free)

5. Affirmation of Trinity

The website Trinity Affirmations sells audio material for people who want to utter self-affirmation phrases as soon as they wake up. You can buy CDs or download them and use them in the iOS app. Even if you’re not quite ready to buy, the site lists some affirmations on the recording to give you an idea of ​​what to expect. Claims are grouped into categories, making it easy to find claims relevant to your situation.

The Trinity Affirmations blog also contains a wealth of positive information and advice.

Download: Trinity Affirmations for iOS (Free, in-app purchases available)

6. Affirmation

Filled with high quality recorded affirmations, this app features over forty sessions with grouped affirmations that you can listen to continuously. Alternatively, create your own session with the assertions that best suit your needs.

You can choose affirmations from categories like Positive Thinking, Personal Development, Health and Appearance, and Social Skills.

Download: Claims for iOS (Registration required, free trial available)

7. The writer affirms Instar

Get instructions for writing custom affirmations with this engaging app. Plus, get tips on how to update your affirmations as you go through life changes. There’s a tagging feature that makes it easier to find relevant claims later.

The app also makes it easy to create a regular confirmation schedule thanks to the alert feature, which allows you to review confirmations at predetermined times.

Download: Instar Affirmation Writer for iOS (Free)

8. I am

This simple app is beautifully designed to provide daily affirmations in categories that cover every need you might have. Choose your favorite design, voice, and theme, and let Me boost your confidence. You can set reminders and push notifications, so it’s there like a quiet friend throughout your day, reminding you why you’re important and your health matters.

With over three hundred thousand 5-star reviews on Apple’s App Store, I Am is the perfect choice for anyone who wants a simple app that performs brilliantly.

Download: I for iOS | Android (Registration required, free trial available)

9. Spells

Mantra boasts an extensive catalog of over ten thousand affirmations in over thirty categories. If this is not enough, you can add your own and save your favorites in your library.

You can record your own mantra and listen to it over and over, or ask Siri (Apple version) to say it. Push notifications are available and you can share your daily confirmation with any platform from within the app. Customize the wallpaper to suit your taste, and add ambient sounds and music.

Subscribe to remove ads, unlock all categories and have more choices of sounds and backgrounds.

Download: Mantra for iOS | Android (Free, with subscription)

10. Daily Unique Affirmations

This app gives you a unique daily confirmation it can send as push notification. Hold the button and the confirmation appears. You can repeat it out loud and record it in the app if you want. The main attraction of this app is its simplicity. You can only access the day’s confirmation unless you see an ad and you can’t save your favorites.

It’s free, but you can pay to remove ads.

Download: Daily Confirmation Only for iOS | Android (Premium version available, free)

11. Motivation

Motivation is another simple source of positive affirmations. Alongside the usual categories are some more unexpected options, such as Halloween, Comedy, and Sassy Feelings. If you are religiously persuasive, all major faiths are represented.

This app gives you fine control. You can choose your favorites, share them easily, and change all aspects of your screen, even the font. You can even install a widget on your home screen that affirms every time you look at your device!

Download: Motivation for iOS | Android (Registration required, free trial available)

12. Gratitude

The Appreciation App does more than simply provide affirmations. It is also a journaling app, a vision board for you to express your goals, and a daily inspiration in a Meditation section containing quotes, articles and stories. The affirmations include quotes by Louise Hay, along with categories like Better Mental Health, Love Yourself, and Achieving Your Goals. There is a section for children. Each affirmation card is illustrated with a simple patterned background.

With over a million and a half downloads, Gratitude has been loved by many. Consider it if you want to use its extra features. And if this appeals to you, try these calming apps to relax, relieve stress and clear your mind.

Download: Gratitude for iOS | Android (Registration required, free trial available)

You can change your brain for the better

We’ve seen before that scientists have verified how self-affirmations can change brain structure and help people perform better at work. One study also suggests that self-affirmation activates a brain region involved in behavioral regulation: researchers have noted that self-affirmation can help people develop good habits related to behavior. How is it related to health? They found that even individuals who might consider other methods as judgmental can more readily use affirmations for self-improvement purposes.

Whether you want to start each day with a brighter outlook or feel more comfortable delivering your next highly profitable pitch, affirmations can help. The list above provides only a sample of the many resources available to explore.

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