13 Best Bakuchiol Products to Replace Your Retinol Ones 2022

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It’s never a good idea to attribute nature’s answer to something else. Like health influencers call berries “nature’s candy”. Berries are indeed among the top ten foods you can put in your mouth, but saying they are nature’s candy only disappoints people.

I couldn’t help bringing that negative thought to the table when I opened my first bottle of bakuchiol, aka #naturesretinol. But as I sit here a month later with radiant skin, I am mildly uncomfortable admitting that my discomfort with this stupid hashtag was unfounded.

As the new “natural” ingredient that is well known in the beauty industry, bakuchiol has appeared in countless exciting new formulations, and the good news is that both clinical research and anecdotal evidence back up the claim that it does. is a dupe of retinol, the magic potion for smooth and youthful skin. skin.

“Bakuchiol is just as effective as retinol in stimulating collagen production,” says Dr. Dendy Engelman, a board-certified dermatologic surgeon and renowned New York-based dermatologist. Bakuchiol is formulated into a complete skin care product and has been tested in a clinical case study by being applied to the face twice a day, according to Dr. Engelman. “The results showed that, after 12 weeks of treatment, a significant improvement in fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentation, elasticity, firmness and overall reduction in damage caused by the effects was observed.”

What really makes bakuchiol worth its weight in gold is the fact that it comes with no baggage like retinol. Rhonda M. Davis, cosmetic chemist for Alquemie Product, says: “I’ve been creating skin care product prototypes using bakuchiol and I personally think it’s a great natural alternative to retinol, especially for people with sensitive or dry skin that are easily irritated with retinol. Develop team.

Retinol has been used for decades as one of the few trusted over-the-counter ingredients with solid anti-aging credentials (not to be confused with Retin-A or tretinoin, its supercharged versions, available by prescription only). It’s the Swiss Army beauty knife – it promotes collagen production, encourages cell turnover, reduces wrinkles and dark spots, even fights acne. But all of that comes at a cost. Retinol is irritating to the skin, causing major side effects such as irritation, flaking, redness, dryness, and sun sensitivity. Pregnant women should not use it for fear of causing birth defects, and people with sensitive skin should generally not use it.

On the other hand, Bakuchiol has all the benefits of retinol, but you won’t have to suffer the horrible consequences. As someone with sensitive skin, I can vouch for that. Even after a month of regular use, I have not experienced any significant irritation that I would get from retinol after just a few days. I start by alternating a few bakuchiol serums: Herbivore’s Bakuchiol Retinol Replacement Serum and Beautycounter’s Countertime Tripeptide Radiance Serum; I also added Countertime Ultra Renewal Eye Cream to the mix. By now, I’m out of facial reals but still using Omorovicza’s Miracle Facial Oil to experiment with, so I deployed that on my limbs shamelessly, like a fool. percent.

After a month, I noticed my skin was smoother and firmer, with an improvement in clarity and tone. The texture of my eye area is close to the baby bottom area, although there is still some shadow left. And since I’m not restricted to only using it at night (which is usually the case with most retinol products), I can easily incorporate bakuchiol into my daily routine.

This gives me another plus in the bakuchiol vs retinol head-to-head: Bakuchiol can be safely used during the day without fear of sun sensitization. I wonder who I am when I put bakuchiol oil on my feet in 90 degree weather and apply cream around my eyes. The boldness of being out in the sun with a retinol side effect all over me was breathtaking; I was too cowardly to have tried a retinol like this. (Full disclosure: I put sunscreen on my face; I’m not too worried about my body).

In my limited anecdotal experience, there’s one area I haven’t seen improvement: Bakuchiol doesn’t seem to mimic retinol’s deeply satisfying pore-clogging action. To be fair, none of the studies I read confirm this to be the case. According to Dr. Engelman, bakuchiol’s antibacterial properties mean it’s great for people with acne and oily skin, and acne sufferers should take advantage of its mildness. “There are cases when you should avoid specific products when using retinol, such as exfoliants, toners, and benzoyl peroxide, as they can cause irritation. However, due to bakuchiol’s natural composition, it is safe to use with other products in your skin care regimen,” she says. Davis agrees, pointing to salicylic acid as a great supplement to combat acne and cystic acne. In other words, it is useful when used with another acne-clearing aid.

If you were wondering where this beautiful unicorn has been all your life, it turns out that the East has known about it for a long time. Bakuchiol is derived from the seeds of the Psoralea corylifolia or babchi tree, and has been used in Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine for centuries. “Bakuchi (known in Ayurveda) has been used to treat leukemia or vitiligo, hyperpigmentation, rashes and a variety of skin conditions,” says Michelle Ranavat, founder of the Ayurveda-inspired brand Ranavat Botanics. variety of other skin conditions”. Ranavat, based in Los Angeles, learned about the ingredient in 2016 at an Ayurvedic conference in Kolkata, India, while researching the ingredient. “I’m working on a brightening mask and I’m looking for ingredients that help create an even skin tone. Bakuchi really stands out.” Ranavat says since hyperpigmentation is a huge area of ​​focus, especially for the South Asian community, it’s been interesting to learn about this ingredient.

To see if you’re buying a bakuchiol product with enough key ingredients to make a difference, Davis recommends reading the clear print of the ingredient list. Bakuchiol should be listed before the preservative (usually appearing as phenoxyethanol, potassium sorbate, or ethylhexylglycerin). If it comes after those ingredients, you only get a small percentage, which won’t do much for the skin.

Davis thinks that as chemists become more aware of the benefits of bakuchiol and see more studies supporting its clinical claims, it will become a major rival to retinol and will become widely used in medicine. the formulars. You may not have to wait long – here are 13 of the best bakuchiol skin care products already on the market.

Alpyn Beauty PlantGenius Melt Moisturizer with Bakuchiol

Ceramides, squalane, vitamin C and loads of moisturizing oils go into this indulgent bakuchiol-enriched moisturizer.

Biossance Squalane + Phyto-Retinol Serum

Biossance contained in squalane oil nourishes the skin with bakuchiol to moisturize and help plump the skin.

List of Inkey Bakuchiol

Every product from this hit British beauty brand contains a well-known ingredient, and this lightweight moisturizer celebrates – you guessed it – bakuchiol.

Olehenriksen Glow Cycle Retin-ALT Power Serum

With AHAs incorporated into the mix, this serum is an effective skin resurfacing and brightening agent.

Tula Wrinkle Treatment Drops Retinol Alternative Serum

Made with mature skin in mind, this serum for dry skin focuses on firming the skin. Along with pre-biotics and toning (and balancing), you’ll find stevia and alfalfa sprouts to boost bakuchiol. Although this is a dry oil, it is actually a slimming oil “before your moisturizer”.

Cocokind Resurfacing Sleeping Mask

Along with bakuchiol, this overnight mask features ingredients that help lock in moisture and moisturize, like soothing beta-glucan (derived from oats) and skin-supportive squalane. With a texture that sits between moisturizer and serum, reviewers love that this lightweight mask softens skin overnight.

BYBI Clean Beauty Bakuchiol Booster Daily Vegan Facial Treatment

You can prep the beauty section in Target for this affordable option. Keeping it simple and straightforward, this oil has only two ingredients, squalane and bakuchiol. Along with loving the price, reviewers love how it has improved the overall texture of their skin. You can use the nightly booster cream directly on your skin (after cleansing) or mix it with other products.


Dr. Dendy Engelman recommends this serum as perfect for all skin types. It has bakuchiol, melatonin and Vitamin C, which act like a triple threat to oxidative stress, free radical damage and collagen degradation.

Herbivore Moon Fruit 1% Bakuchiol + Peptides Retinol Replacement Serum

Your wrinkles and dry skin just can’t match this serum, which is packed with botanical peptides and Schisandra-berry fruit extract, to help plump your skin. Reviewers say it targets hyperpigmentation, and they noticed more even skin tone in about two weeks.

Paula's Choice 0.3% Retinol + 2% Bakuchiol Treatment Serum

If you’re new to the retinol game but want to dip your toes in, you might want to try this serum. It has less than one percent retinol, which helps your skin adapt to the ingredient without irritation, and contains 2 percent bakuchiol, which enhances the effects of retinol. Reviewers say their skin looks brighter and feels smoother after using it, and note it’s a great stepping stone before you embark on more effective formulas.

Burt's Bees Renewal Smoothing Eye Cream

The skin under the eyes is one of the most delicate on the entire body, so it’s important to look for products specifically formulated for this area. This cream is gentle enough for your under-eye area while providing firmness and hydration with ingredients like ceramides and hyaluronic acid. Reviewers note that it visibly lightens dark circles and reduces puffiness.

Indeed Labs Bakuchiol Reface Pads

Quickly swipe these face pads over your skin after cleansing for an easy-to-use application. They are fragrance-free for those who are more sensitive to fragrance and work well on acne-prone skin, according to reviewers. In addition to bakuchiol, it’s also formulated with niacinamide, which stimulates cell production and protects your skin’s barrier.

BeautyCounter counter time collection

This six-piece Bakuchiol bacchanalia provides multi-product support with cleansing oils, hydrating essences, serums and eye creams as well as light and rich moisturizers. They all contain bakuchiol and antioxidant alpine rose extract.

This article was originally published on August 8, 2020 and has been updated throughout. If you buy something through our links, New York can earn an affiliate commission.

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