25 Best Dinnerware Sets in 2022: Bowls and Plates Reviewed

If you want a Mud Ceramic dish set, we recommend it dinner plate, flare small plate, flared cereal bowl, Bowl of cereal noodlesone Paris plateand a cheese platter.

18 other sets of dishes that you should consider

While the selections above represent a curated take on the newest and most enduring classics, we’ve come up with a ton of great dish set recommendations that we don’t want. share them. Here are some of our honorable mentions in the food category, including a range of expert picks and options that our editors tested live among friends. rooms, pasta dishes with sauces and condiments that stain, along with cycles in the microwave and dishwasher. You’ll also find a few less expensive snacks here and there for some of the rarer options on this list — for example, if you have a taste for Mud, but are living the Crate & Barrel lifestyle .

Pararchute x Jono Pandolfi coupe style tableware

If you’ve ever eaten at a Michelin-starred restaurant, chances are you’ve eaten an entire plate of Jono Pandolfi. That’s because Pandolfi and his Jersey-based studio have decorated a number of restaurants like Eleven Madison Park in New York and NoMad with his handcrafted ceramics. This tableware is sturdy, durable and stylish, while maintaining a custom feel to them as each part is uniquely fired and enameled (not mass produced).


East Fork You’re-All-Set 7 Piece Set

East Fork has blown up the ceramics market with its Instagram-famous mug but also has some other quirks going for it… like, oh, it was co-founded by Alex Matisse, great-grandson of Henri Matisse. All of East Fork’s high-quality craftsmanship is pleasing to eat and look at, made in chubbier ceramic style, feels quite luxurious in the hand, and finished with thick bezels. They are also available in a wide range of enamels, which were previously extremely limited quantities, but have since become easier to purchase for those who want their dining room to look like it stepped out of the pages of a magazine.


Four Hands Nelo Small Bowl (4 packs)

If you’re just looking for a handsome set of bowls to serve gazpacho at your dinner party, it’s hard to come by. Not executed by these jet-black stacking cabinets, handmade in Guadalajara at a women-owned ceramics workshop. Their simple look and pop of color give them an “organic feel and work well with any décor,” says Lerner. Plus, in addition to being microwave and dishwasher safe, these are rare dishwares that are also oven safe.


Eva Zeisel Classic Century 20-piece dish set

The idea of ​​pre-ordering tableware for special occasions is a bit — OK, very-Old-fashioned. But when someone says it’s time to take the crockery out, Eva Zeisel’s Classic Century set is probably what comes to mind. “This gorgeous high-gloss, creamy glazed tableware makes every dinner a celebration,” says Smith. Stage Center.”

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Sturdy plate (four-piece set)

Rigby makes classic, affordable dinnerware sets in a few pretty and subdued colors. We like the porcelain of the Muji and the straight lips of the Our Place dishes, but all the plates from Rigby we’ve tested have proven to handle frequent use cycles and the dishwasher without any problems. looks like they were hacked by a shredder.

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Year-end and date plate (four-piece set)

Year & Day is another direct-to-consumer brand that offers inexpensive porcelain tableware. The company applies a minimalist aesthetic — no weird shapes, distracting finishes or unnecessary embellishments — to a range of dish sets that include plates in three different sizes. each other (did you know i need a dip?), two types of bowls and cups. They don’t scratch from using a fork or knife, can be twirled or seventy in the dishwasher without any signs of wear (after eight weeks of twice-daily use, we didn’t find much as a discoloration), and is microwave safe.

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Fortessa “Camp” melamine dinner plate (set of six)

For those who have a tendency to destroy their dinnerware and are willing to indulge in clutter, Beggs suggests looking at dishes made from chip- and scratch-resistant melamine. “It’s a basically unbreakable plastic,” she said. These durable dishes also work well for casual outdoor meals.

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Canvas Home ‘Abbesses’ 16-piece dish set

At home, Beggs uses stackable panels from Canvas Home’s “Abbesses” collection, which feature glossy white surfaces with tinted lips. “It’s a charming combination,” says Kalita. “If you’re a little more country-style, this set separates the difference between modern and organic shapes more.”

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Departo ceramic tableware sets itself apart with a hearty glossy glaze and a defined rim. It comes in some nice, subtle colors. The company plate is great, but our favorite is the Small bowl, which features a prominent half-lip border.

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Danny Kaplan ceramic dish

Although she mostly prefers white food, Kalita says she makes an exception to Danny Kaplan’s bold glaze. Kaplan was an interior designer and food stylist before discovering his knack for ceramics in a class he took for fun. “His works have an ethereal, otherworldly quality to them, because of their asymmetry and irregularity,” says Kalita.

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Royal Copenhagen Blue Plain Plate

If your style is a bit more traditional, Helgerson suggests choosing something white with blue accents. “I have been a lifelong lover of blue and white ceramics,” she said. “I love Dutch Delft tiles, Mexican Talavera tiles, Portuguese brick facades, antique Chinese and Japanese ceramics. The beautiful and delicate lines of the Royal Copenhagen tableware are a natural extension of that love.” They are just as good in a traditional setting as they are in a Park Slope townhouse with modern chairs and spherical lighting, she says.

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Ikea 365+ 18-piece dish set

Although Beggs notes that IKEAs dish sets have a remarkably short shelf life (“they look terrible after being used, 14 times”), Halperin says they’re fine for any person with a psychede “as long as it can hold soup”. “It’s clean, simple, and $20 for enough plates to host a dinner party. What more could you ask for?”


CB2 State-of-the-art 4-piece Drift Reactive Bronze Positioning Set

If bone white feels too vanilla, CB2 has a set that will take your kitchen back to the Bronze Age and give it an industrial edge. “The unique glaze on these pieces reacts with the water and creates a one-of-a-kind rust, leaving people wondering if they’re handmade,” says Davis. Although handmade in Portugal, these items can still be scooped up at a slightly more affordable price than comparable handmade dishes.


You may have spotted Felt + Fat’s plate in any of the more than 100 restaurants currently serving food on its dishes (like New York’s Michelin-starred Musket Room). The Philadelphia brand has been producing custom dinnerware collections for chefs since 2014 and sells everything from enameled and marble plates and bowls to blue and white Danish-style tableware. yellow. The tableware seen here includes salad plates, snack plates, dinner plates, and bowls. Each plate has a gently raised groove, with a durable porcelain-clay finish that can hit (or more) in the dishwasher.


Corelle Winter Frost 12-piece dish set

Corelle has a lot going for it. However, their tableware is cheap as hell. Most importantly, they don’t look half bad, and they’re practically indestructible either. They don’t have the most dramatic feel, but for klutz or college students, this is a worthwhile purchase for everyday tableware.


Crate & Barrel Marin 16-piece dish set

A similar, cheaper style to the Danny Kaplan set, Crate & Barrel’s enameled Marin plate is made in Portugal, with imperfect edges and an “archaic” border that helps separate each piece. They’re thinner and a bit more translucent than Kaplans, but if all you want is dramatic, all-black tableware to stack and serve, this isn’t a bad deal. At just $10 each, they’re easier to collect and hard to miss if one accidentally drops them. And it’s not just dinner plates: You can shop the entire collection here.

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Mercer Plate (set of 8)

These Crate & Barrel plates may be rogue panels (or at least cousins) to Mud plates, with their raised lip and glazed surfaces. Each piece is slightly irregular, has a wavy surface that creates a beautiful shine and an unglazed bottom. Seen here in white, they are also available in muted blue and gray color options.

3 respectable dinners for less at Amazon

Your budget may not permit hand- but still beautiful. The following selections from Amazon share the same style as the selections we’ve shared above — not too flashy, not too old-fashioned, and nothing too shoddy to scratch a child. Your steak knives — with the lines they’re well under $75 for at least one set of plates, if the board setting hasn’t been completed. As an added measure, we’ve also cross-referenced the style with the content and browsed through Amazon reviews to make sure you don’t buy anything on this list that has a reputation for breaking or staining. color.


Mora Ceramic Plate (set of six)

The warm, speckled color palette of these best-selling Mora plates is the same as Our Place’s famous Spice collection, except that you can buy this six-disc set for just $35. They are uniquely stackable and reinforced with clay for added durability, and are safe to spin in the microwave, oven, and dishwasher. You’ll also find matching cups and bowls so you can build up your collection piece by piece.


10 Strawberry Street 16-piece translucent stone suits

This handsome stone dish set is a Amazon’s Choice pick (a slightly quirky notation given by Bezos – supposedly! – that reflects an item’s popularity but also high levels of customer satisfaction) and exclusive comes in a matte neutral color. For a set under $50—including mugs, bowls, plus small and large plates for four table setups—everything feels sleek and less like the stuff you scoop in the dining room. Reviewers also note that the bowls are low and wide, and the cups are cavernous enough to double as cereal bowls, if you’re serious about your liquids.

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Gibson Home Rockaway 12-piece dish set

Rounding out our list of the best dish sets, the Gibson stoneware four-piece set comes with clean, tidy bowls and plates for everyday use. Reviewers say these sets are very sturdy and can last through years of wear and tear without chipping. Another popular theme is how elegant everything looks (you may notice that the subtle border on each piece has a Hasami-esque feel). 25 Best Dinnerware Sets in 2022: Bowls and Plates Reviewed

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