3 clear reasons Drew Brees should stay retired

Drew Brees is one of the greatest linebackers in NFL history. He helped turn the New Orleans Saints around and earned the city a Super Bowl title. His retirement in 2020 is sad for fans, but it makes sense given his age and many other factors.

This week, he started the rumors of a return to the NFL. His tweet is interesting because it can be taken as serious, or in other words, straight to the mouth. Despite that, it seems the possibility of a return to the NFL is still on his mind to some extent.

What we do know is that he left NBC Sports after a year on the air. But does that mean he should go back to the NFL?

The answer is no and here are three reasons why:

Division Round - Tampa Bay Buccaneers v New Orleans Saints
Division Round – Tampa Bay Buccaneers v New Orleans Saints

#1 – Recent Trauma History

To be fair, Brees has limped across the finish line of his NFL career. The 2020 season saw him miss time with injuries that fractured more than 10 ribs and collapsed lungs. It’s more of an injury related to an auto crash than an occupation a person has chosen.


It was a devastating injury and for his credit, he was somehow back on the field for the Saints. However, he is now 43 years old and another such catastrophic injury could lead to serious long-term damage. If it happened once, it can happen again.

New Orleans Saints v Seattle Seahawks
New Orleans Saints v Seattle Seahawks

#2 – Where will he play?

The backstory here will see the Brees return and lead the Saints back to glory. But they had their midfielder in James Winston. So where can he show up and play?

The two teams that need help under the center are the Carolina Panthers and the Seattle Seahawks. It seems very unlikely that he wants to return at 43 for a non-Saints team.


This is not a situation where he’s sidelined for a year through injury. He’s retired and hasn’t trained for a season. Winston had been in great form before suffering a season-end injury. Going back to New Orleans might just be a distraction, bringing the Saints back.

AFC Wild Card knockout match - Pittsburgh Steelers v Kansas City Chiefs
AFC Wild Card knockout match – Pittsburgh Steelers v Kansas City Chiefs

#3 – He can pursue more broadcasting opportunities

It doesn’t seem like NBC is the right fit for Brees, but he could still look for new opportunities at another network.

Tom Brady has just closed a contract with Fox for 10 years and 375 million USD. That kind of deal isn’t on the table for Brees, otherwise he would have signed it by now. But leaving the broadcast world after a year and then trying to get back into the NFL could mean he’s missed out on a great opportunity.

His best option is to find a new job, if he wants to, and earn money without entering any field. The last thing anyone wants to see is a legend of the sport getting hurt on the field.

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