4 Innovative Beauty Products From Our Readers’ Choice Breakthrough Awards 2022

Dry shampoo makes your hair look cleaner – but feel cleaner? Not much. Even if you try to brush them out, the greasy ingredients tend to stick to the roots, making them feel shiny or look white. “I made a dry shampoo mix and I only Betsy Patel, product development manager at Living Proof, says it feels like freshly washed hair. 90% of us are on the same boat, avoiding dry shampoo altogether, according to Patel, so her team was tasked with creating a “dry shampoo” for dry shampoo haters, a shampoo that “really cleans hair and feels like you’ve just washed your hair,” she says.

It took 70 repetitions of the formula over the course of 4 months to achieve the perfect balance between oil-absorbing rice starch and ingredients that condition, soften and add shine that mimic shampoos and conditioners. Patel says there are some smart powders here, which put on “a coating that feels soft, leaving you feeling silky, clean, and slick”. Dobos says the bottle’s nozzle helps create a smooth, easy-to-brush dry shampoo. “Packaging engineers are just as important as we chemists and I was really impressed with this spray,” she says. Usually, the powder in dry shampoo will clog spray nozzles unless they have plenty of room, but that also means you’ll run into powder overload. Dobos adds: ‘There’s some fancy technology in their nozzle that makes it a fine mist so with very minimal brushing my hair looks very natural. “It’s a truly unique approach to dry shampoo, with materials that target the different problems you may face. [after] Do not wash your hair for several days. “

For example, when you brush dry shampoo out, “hydroxypropyl arginine lauryl/myristyl ether HCl is an antistatic, so you won’t have static or flying charges, and the cetrimonium chloride which is a conditioner will stick to your hair. “And if you’re cooking and your hair smells more like sauteed onions than roses,” said cyclodextrin, the same technology at Febreze, which is a ring-shaped molecule that forms a cage around the molecules. cause odors to prevent you from smelling them.

All of that makes up the best way we’ve found to get clean hair. “It gives me the feeling of just washing my hair. After spraying, I let my hair take a few seconds to absorb, comb through, and leave no trace of product on my hair. While absorbing excess oil, it also says. more volume,” says Stables. It helped Seductive Digital news editor Nicola Dall’Asen gets healthier hair by letting her wash longer between washes. “It’s oil-absorbing but not drying, and bouncy but without grit,” says Dall’Asen, who holds the bottle a few inches from the roots and sprays in a deep motion before shaking it off. “The recipe barely sinks in right away to eat up just the right amount of oil and it stays that way all day,” she adds. “It’s the kind of formula you can use before you go to bed or first thing in the morning. Either way, you get a clean feeling without the look or feel of dirt. And after I After shaking off the product, I get the added benefit of a small base replenishment volume.”

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Sarah Ridley

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