5 best games to play on the Steam Deck

The Steam Deck changed the fortunes of handheld gaming by delivering a cohesive handheld experience on the table. But with the Nintendo Switch’s shadow still looming, will the Steam Deck find its way into everyone’s homes or will it succumb to normalcy?

Well, only time will tell, but in the meantime Steam Deck owners can enjoy the massive Steam Library. Basically, most of the games available on PC are available on the Steam Deck.

The Steam Deck is powered by an AMD Zen 2 CPU and RDNA 2 graphics. This is paired with 16GB of LPDDR5 RAM, of which the GPU is accessible 8GB. These specs make it the most powerful handheld console yet to come. In theory, you should be able to run any game you throw at it at medium settings, assuming the screen doesn’t push too many pixels.

Check out the 5 best games to play on the Steam Deck

1) God of War

I have never been so excited for a game. Can’t believe how great a game like God of war on PC can be and runs on the Steam Deck on medium to high settings at 50fps. This device is a game changer and makes gaming fun again.

Who would have thought that one day, you could play PlayStation exclusively on a handheld device that acts as a portable PC. God of War needs no introduction. It can be said that this is the biggest franchise of PlayStation.

The reboot tells the heartbreaking story of Kratos, who now finds himself in the Nordic setting. After settling in Midgard, escaping the chaos of his past, Kratos married a woman and had a son with her, Atreus. The story begins when Kratos’ wife – Faye, a mortal, dies. Kratos and Atreus embark on a journey to scatter Faye’s ashes at the highest peaks across the kingdoms.

It was released on PlayStation 4 to critical acclaim and passed the Game Awards to win Game of the Year.

2) Death Stranding

I still can’t believe anything #steamdeck ability. Smooth 60fps burger in Death Stranding on handheld

People have called this game time and time again, but honestly, this game takes time to establish itself. Hideo Kojima has brought a whole new genre. Death Stranding launched as a PlayStation exclusive but has finally come to PC.

The main character, Sam Porter Bridges, makes deliveries across post-apocalyptic America. A supernatural event known as Death Stranding has caused most of humanity to live in underground bunkers to escape BT. The game deals around traversing rivers, deserts, snow-capped mountains, and rocky terrain.

You should play this game for its inspiring storyline, stunning voice acting and technical sound gameplay.

3) The Witcher 3

Open a portal into the world and play The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt wherever you are after the Steam Deck launches! Watch a clip of the current generation version of the game running on the Steam Deck

When we talk about role-playing games, the common name associated with this genre is The Witcher 3. It was released in 2015 to a lot of critical acclaim, with critics praising it for The amount of content in the game, the picture and the perfect story.

Despite launching on the Nintendo Switch, The Witcher 3 hasn’t made its way in the handheld world. This is mainly due to sub-images and reduced frame rates. Of course, things have changed with the Steam Deck now. With more powerful hardware at your disposal, it has never been easier to enjoy gaming on a handheld device.

Slaying monsters and exploring the beautiful world on the Steam Deck is quite a fun experience. We really can’t wait for The Witcher 4.

4) East direction

Eastward is an indie action RPG first released for Switch and Windows. The game is a beautiful adventure featuring memorable characters, unique towns to explore, a well-thought-out story, and stunning pixel-art style graphics to evoke the charms of the game. old school.

Sam and John, the main characters, live in an underground world that relies on mining as a resource and livelihood. The story is intriguing as they are exiled to the outside world, something Sam has always wanted to discover.

A cute overall story, relaxing gameplay, and a beautiful pixel art world to explore make Eastward one of the best indie titles ever. This is a must-play game on the Steam Deck.

5) Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn looks pretty good on the Steam Deck. Frame rates on medium graphics settings are typically between 35-45fps.

The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world in which machines have taken over. As you wander, you will encounter the world as it was before, the world of the old. Without knowledge in hand, some tribes ruled the land with false ideologies. It is in Aloy’s hands to destroy the lurking threat.

The game is made using the Decima engine, developed in-house by Guerilla Games. The foliage details, the horizon line (no pun intended) and the character models look stunning.

To conclude, Horizon Zero Dawn is a beautifully crafted open world RPG that blends elements of sci-fi and fantasy genres to give gamers an experience like any other. . Happy hunting!

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