5 most controversial weight misses in UFC history

In the world of the UFC, while it’s important for fighters to be able to perform at their best in the octagon, it’s also important that they can really give weight to whatever division they’ve got. decide to play. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. case.

Charles Oliveira missed the 155-pound limit for his lightweight title fight after receiving an extra hour to lose 0.5 pounds and be stripped of his title. # UFC274 the main event will begin, but only Justin Gaethje has a chance to win the UFC belt.

Every UFC event seems to feature at least one fighter who lacks their regulated weight limit. Sometimes, these weight-losses can be more controversial than other times.

Whether it’s because the weight slips in during a title fight, or because a boxer misses the crucial cue, these incidents always make up the next point.

With that in mind, here are the five most controversial weight loss hits in UFC history.

#5. Travis Lutter vs. Anderson Silva – UFC 67

Travis Lutter passed his weight reduction for his planned middleweight fight with Anderson Silva
Travis Lutter passed his weight reduction for his planned middleweight fight with Anderson Silva

Back in late 2006, the UFC decided to follow a controversial method to decide the next two title challengers in the welterweight and middleweight divisions. The promotion offers a boost to the winners of the tournaments on the fourth season of The Last Gladiator.

The reason why this is controversial is that the cast of that series consists of boxers who were essentially dropped from the previous promotion, meaning that for many observers, the winners will have a chance to jump to the front of the queue. for a more shot title and above the more deserving candidate.

In the end, Matt Serra won the welterweight title, while Travis Lutter won the middleweight belt. To say that their results differ would be an understatement.

Lutter, dubbed a ‘Serial Killer’ by his peers due to his stoic nature, was handed over to new middleweight player Anderson Silva at UFC 67, his first pay-per-view event. 2007. Unfortunately, as people weigh events happening around, it’s clear that something is amiss.

The challenger looked completely unwell, his head shaved and his complexion pale, and unsurprisingly he weighed in at 187 pounds, two pounds above the allotted 185 pound limit. Even going topless behind a towel couldn’t rescue Lutter, and the fight quickly turned into an untitled one.

Ball of Anderson Silva vs. Travis Lutter at UFC 67. Lutter, the challenger, slides, while Silva lifts weights. So it turned into a three-round titleless fight, which Silva won.

Naturally, both the fans and the advertising department themselves were furious with this change. Basically, Silva was forced into a largely pointless match against an opponent that didn’t really Earn your shot.

Thankfully, ‘The Spider’ ended any possible controversy by having Lutter choke on a triangle in the second round of their clash. Unsurprisingly, ‘Serial Killer’ never came close to another title shot again.

#4. Anthony Johnson vs. Vitor Belfort – UFC 142

Anthony Johnson didn't hit the 185lbs middleweight limit for his fight with Vitor Belfort
Anthony Johnson wasn’t close to hitting the middleweight 185 lbs limit for his fight with Vitor Belfort

It may seem hard to believe now, but when Anthony ‘Rumble’ Johnson debuted on MMA’s first promotion in 2007, he did so as a heavyweight. However, Johnson has always been a 170kg person, and with such a huge frame, limiting that weight has always been difficult for him.

By late 2011, while he had only missed the 170-pound weight class twice in 10 octave appearances, ‘Rumble’ decided that was enough and announced a move to the 185-pound class. Placed in front of Vitor Belfort in the UFC 142 title fight, this looks like a potential new start for him.

Incredibly, however, when it came time to weigh in, Johnson not only managed to slip the middleweight limit, but he did so spectacularly.

After being advised by doctors to stop losing weight and immediately rehydrate, ‘Rumble’ stepped onto the scale at 197 pounds, well over the 11-pound limit. Belfort still agreed to fight him, but only if Johnson could weigh less than 205 pounds on the day of the event.

‘Rumble’ just managed to do that, coming in at 204.2, but after losing in the first round with a naked spinner on his back, he was released from his contract with the promotion. forever, who clearly had enough of his own mischief on the scales. He won’t be back for another two years – and when he does, it’s like a light heavyweight.

#3. William Knight vs. Maxim Grishin – UFC 271

William Knight weighs 12lbs past the light-heavyweight limit for his bout with Maxim Grishin, setting an unwanted UFC record
William Knight weighs 12lbs past the light-heavyweight limit for his bout with Maxim Grishin, setting an unwanted UFC record

While William Knight’s fight with Maxim Grishin was essentially a preliminary bout eliminated at UFC 271, it quickly became the most controversial fight of that event. That’s because Knight somehow managed to slip a staggering 12 pounds, making it the biggest weightlifter in UFC history.

To be fair to ‘The Knightmare’ he had somewhat of an excuse, which probably saved him from a promotion miss after he lost the match by a unanimous decision.

Graduation of White DanaSeries Contenders of not really pegged to battle on the card and only stepped in to replace the injured Ed Herman in about two weeks’ notice, meaning he likely didn’t get a chance to do a proper weight loss .

However, to lose 12 pounds is basically overkill, and it’s a bit surprising to see Grishin accept the fight at heavyweight after weighing over the limit at 206 pounds..

William Knight missed his 12-pound, 218-pound mark for his light heavyweight bout in # UFC271

Interestingly, since the incident, Knight has not managed to drop to 205 pounds, instead remaining at heavyweight because of a recent loss to Devin Clark. During that battle, ‘The Knightmare’ weighed 251 pounds, about 33 pounds heavier than the battle with Grishin.

#2. Yoel Romero vs Robert Whittaker – UFC 225

Yoel Romero lost under half a pound at UFC 225, but still didn't qualify for the middleweight title
Yoel Romero lost under half a pound at UFC 225, but still didn’t qualify for the middleweight title

When Yoel Romero knocked out Luke Rockhold in his title fight at UFC 221, he should have been crowned the interim middleweight champion. However, because the Cuban Olympic silver medalist didn’t hit the championship limit of 185 pounds, instead being 187.7 pounds, he was ineligible to win the title, meaning his victory. he is somewhat spoiled.

However, ‘The Soldier of God’ has been widely recognized as a leading contender for the title thanks to his win, and it’s no surprise that the UFC pits him against returning champ Robert Whittaker only four months later in a full title fight.

Incredibly, however, Romero will hit the golden target for the second time in a row. This time, he started at 186 pounds. After another two hours, he hit 185.2 pounds, just over the 0.2-pound limit, but still over it.

How he managed to miss the mark remains a mystery to this day, but it is clear that the ‘Soldier of God’ has nothing left to give, as he appears to be in agony on the scale and must be supported from behind the scenes by him. team.

As for the fight, it was duly declared a match without a title. When Whittaker won by split, it practically saved Romero from the embarrassment of not being able to win UFC gold due to a second consecutive weight loss.

One of the Fights of the Year Robert Whittaker and Yoel Romero battle it out in an epic five-round battle at # UFC225 Both are warriors. Robert Whittaker winner

#1. Charles Oliveira vs Justin Gaethje – UFC 274

Despite beating Justin Gaethje, Charles Oliveira's smash meant he lost his title.
Despite beating Justin Gaethje, Charles Oliveira’s smash meant he lost his title.

The most recent entry on this list is also possibly the most controversial, as it is to date the only weight loss that has resulted in a UFC defending champion being stripped of their title. The champion mentioned is of course the lightweight battery king Charles Oliveira.

However, the fact that Oliveira missed the weights in her bout against Justin Gaethje at UFC 274 was not a regular mistake. According to some boxers, including underweight boxer Ariane Carnelossi, the scales used by the athletes at the hotel before the scales were somehow altered, leading to chaos when it became real thing.

In the end, 20 of the 28 fighters competing at UFC 274 passed at least half a pound over the championship limit, with featherweight Norma Dumont completely unsuccessful. However, while the likes of Tony Ferguson and Mauricio Rua were unaffected by weighing just half a pound, Oliveira was affected, resulting in his ineligibility to win the lightweight title, forcing the UFC to strip him. he.

🚨 Charles Oliveira is REGISTERED for the Lightweight title! 🚨 The defending champ failed to gain weight after an extra hour break, he vacated the lightweight title. Only Justin Gaethje qualified to win the title at # UFC274.

So what exactly happened? According to Dana White, the problem stemmed from the fact that some European boxers acted in cards that changed the hotel’s weight calibration from pounds to kilograms, causing massive chaos and resulting in Oliveira slipping.

The UFC president has announced that he will hire a security guard to oversee the hotel scale in the future. Of course, that won’t earn Oliveira his title, and ‘Do Bronx’ will have to do with another shot at it in his next fight.

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