6 Business Ideas You Can Pursue In The Sports Sector

The sports industry is worth over $501 billion, according to PR News Wire. We can make two deductions from this information: the industry is prosperous, and you can also make money with a business in the sector. You can do this either as a facilitator or a manager, and the work may keep you on or off the field; it all depends on your professional interest.

Making money from sports can be a bit challenging, but it can be much easier if you can monetize your interest in sports. For instance, you can start with MLB betting as a punter or sportsbook. It’s all about accepting bets or making a wager on the outcome of Major League Baseball events.

There are several professions and opportunities to pursue in the industry. This article will examine top business options and ideas you can pursue in the sports industry.

Lucrative Business Ideas In The Sports Industry

Coming up with an idea could sometimes be the hardest part of the business. Here are six ideas to consider if you would love to pursue a career in the sports sector:

1. Start a Sport Magazine or Blog

You’d possibly be surprised by the number of people who love sports. But this is your thing, and it should not be shocking that soccer, for example, has an estimated 3.5 billion fans globally. It shouldn’t be surprising to find out that in America alone, 400 million people love basketball, and golf is loved by 450 million people in Europe, Asia, Canada, and America combined.

The affection for sports has made many people develop a keen interest in staying up-to-date with the news and trends in the sector. Gamblers need a reliable blog to read from, and fans who don’t like missing out on information will also find them helpful. Therefore, starting a magazine or blog could be a great thing to do.

This is best for you if you’re passionate about journalism or a writer who would love to do something through sports. It’s also great if you’re an active participant and a social media user who can always promote quality content. Depending on the quality of your visitors and how people love your content, you can make over $150,000 annually and make more if you understand affiliate marketing.

2. Start a Fitness Gym and be a Personal Coach

The COVID-19 pandemic taught people one lesson more than any other; health is not just wealth, it cannot be sidelined with any other thing. Mental health is an essential part of fitness beyond building physical structures.

Many people paid attention to their physical health during the pandemic and have stuck with that lifestyle. However, the challenge is that some people don’t know the routines to follow. They want to lose weight, grow muscles, or look more attractive, but all their attempts prove abortive because they don’t have a coach. This is your chance to tap into the $35 billion market (according to Statista).

Your gym can be physically based, and it can also be based online. A physical gym is great for attracting people in your locality, and an online gym is a smart way to attract clients from different parts of the world. However, you can have both a physical and online gym where all customers pay you to train them. All you’d need to do is to create an efficient routine for the average person’s needs: weight loss, muscle growth, or mental health stability.

3. Be a Coach and Run a Sports Academy

If you have had a great career and don’t want to retire yet, being a sports coach lets you return to the industry. There are hundreds of coaches, but what distinguishes some over others is their experience as active participants. This is why names like Alex Ferguson, Pep Guardiola, and many others have greatly succeeded in their career.

You must also have excellent communication skills, the ability to motivate and encourage the team to break through their limits, and a psychologist who understands the athletes. If this is you, you can sign up to any sports club or college to be their basketball, hockey, baseball, or American football coach. If you have a significant reputation and can pull in massive sponsors, you can also start a sports academy where you train future athletic icons.

4. Use Your PR Skills for Athletes

Many athletes get into scandals and need efficient public relations teams to rebuild their ruined reputations. If you understand public relations and image management, this may be something you’d enjoy doing. You don’t have to wait till they have a soiled reputation, you can manage athletes and steer them away from scandal.

You should also consider this if you think you’re persuasive enough to get your clients great sponsorship deals. Every athlete needs someone to hook them up with great brands to expand their wealth. This is known as signing endorsement deals, and every professional athlete wants this. If you can help them with this, you’d be in money too.

5. Start a Sports Equipment Retail Business

A sports retail business is the work of an entrepreneur. Yes, you’re not wrong to say that the market is already saturated. If you can’t invent a category for what people can buy, as Chris Gronkowski did with the ice shaker, you can change how they buy.

For example, you can rebrand what they buy, sell expensive products for cheaper fees (only if you have a supplier who sells for less), or focus on markets where mega retail brands do not penetrate well. This could be markets, stadiums, festivals, or any other arena for sport-inclined people and families.

6. Start a Sports Betting Business

According to Grand View Research, the sports betting market is valued at over $80 billion, and the success of online sports gambling stimulated this growth. People put money where their mouth is. If they believe in a team or an athlete, they put their money on them to make more money.

The number of bettors increases yearly, and so does the number of betting websites. However, this doesn’t mean you don’t have a chance. You can create a betting website, focus on a specific market and expand later. Your specific market could be the disabled people or sports not paid attention to.

This could be crickets, rugby, and women’s football. You’d create a place where people can stake real money on the outcome of a match and win (or lose) money based on their predictions. You take a cut on every win or loss, and that’s how you grow the business.


The sports industry is saturated, but this doesn’t mean there’s no place for you. You can join the industry as a journalist, a blogger, a coach or academy owner, an entrepreneur who sells equipment, or a fitness gym owner.

All these are highly paid professions, and although you may incur a loss in the first year, you may become a profitable entity in the second or third year if you don’t give up.

Huynh Nguyen

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