7 Best Meditation Apps 2022 (According to a Wellness Coach)

Are daily stressors draining your vital energy levels? Do you know deep down that meditation can help, but to some extent, do you constantly tell yourself that you don’t have the time or don’t know how to meditate? Well, you will know all about meditation and the best meditation apps to help you.

By the end of this article, you’ll know how to get started and have the best apps to start feeling like yourself.

7 best meditation apps of 2022

Once you start to overcome your ego, you won’t want to go back after experiencing the feeling of altruism and all the positive emotions that come with it.

So, let’s dive into the seven best meditation apps out there to help you unlock all these benefits.

1. Calm down


The app is one of the most popular right now, mainly because it has a kids section with meditations for kids between the ages of 3 and 17. Whether you’re on the go, work or in a quiet place, Calm has a wide range of features and a mix of voice artists to guide you through the likes of Matthew McConaughey.

Calm releases new original meditations daily and offers users a seven-day free trial to really get the hang of the experience.

2. Simple Habits

The 7 Best Meditation Apps of 2022 (According to a Wellness Coach)

You may have heard about or seen this meditation app on Shark Tank in 2017. Since then, it has grown in popularity.

Simple Habit is known for its 5 minutes of meditation, which is really ideal if you are always on the go or are struggling to cut the occasional meditation time out of your daily schedule.

Among its many guided meditation options, one of its popular selling points is the ability to use the app offline in its premium subscription. Now you can take your meditation guide with you wherever you go.

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3. Gaps

The 7 Best Meditation Apps of 2022 (According to a Wellness Coach)

Headspace is perhaps the most popular of all the meditation apps out there, so much so that it has its own guided meditation series on Netflix. It branded itself as the “gym of the mind”.

Headspace also offers short meditations for those on the go, but it’s largely popular for its complete beginner courses and many free introductory meditations. Its paid subscription has a larger library of meditations and single courses to choose from.

4. Aura

The 7 Best Meditation Apps of 2022 (According to a Wellness Coach)

Possibly lesser known than previous apps, Aura stands out because it uses AI-powered technology to learn more about you and your emotions to provide you with tailored meditation recommendations. It also has a built-in gratitude journal as well as free three-minute meditations if you’re not ready to upgrade to premium.

5. Breethe

The 7 Best Meditation Apps of 2022 (According to a Wellness Coach)

The main benefit of this mediation application is its user-friendliness. Breethe runs a 12-week daily meditation program to help you build a meditation habit.

If you’re not looking for a guided meditation, Breethe also offers loads of other features like bedtime stories and lots of nature sounds. Who says you have to be five years old to read a book?

6. Buddhahood

The 7 Best Meditation Apps of 2022 (According to a Wellness Coach)

A subscription-only meditation app, Buddhafy hosts over 200 custom-themed meditations. Most of its options are very helpful for anxiety, sleep and other emotional problems.

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Meditation sessions last from 3 to 40 minutes and are ideal whether you are new to meditation or an advanced level.

The great thing about Buddhismfy is that it has a built-in timer for all of the non-guided meditations. If you are experienced, you will find this will prevent you from zoning for hours on end.

7. Unplug

The 7 Best Meditation Apps of 2022 (According to a Wellness Coach)

Finally, we have Unplug. This meditation app also has a meditation timer as well as a progress tracker to see how far you have come in your reconciliation journey. It offers a 30 day challenge as well as a variety of short and long meditations suitable for all those who stress daily and life.

While it’s expensive compared to apps in the industry, it offers a seven-day free trial to really feel the app for yourself.

Your life is energy

If you don’t already know it, everything in the universe around you is energy. Everything you are perceiving, feeling, touching and tasting is a vibration of energy at its core.

Life energy, or Prana, as it is referred to in yogic philosophy, flows through you every moment of every day, keeping you alive. This energy, when adjusted, tunes your body, mind, and soul to function in harmony.

Unfortunately, growing up, most people aren’t taught how to effectively align these three elements. As a result, the unconscious stream of thoughts that you think about and focus on every day uses up a significant portion of the vital energy flowing through you.

How much energy you drain your thought process depends on what you’re thinking about.

For example, when you think positive thoughts, you won’t want to resist the pleasure. As a result, your power level will definitely be well connected to your supply.

Having said that, with the negative bias of the human mind and our tendency to avoid pain, most of what you think unconsciously will be distorted into negative thoughts, negative emotions. and stress. These things tend to turn you against the vital energy flowing through you, leaving you feeling drained.

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Like a dam, every time you engage and persist in negativity and negative emotions, you are building and strengthening the barrier that prevents your life force from flowing freely. In fact, every time you throw a tantrum, your immune system is down for up to eight hours.

Many of today’s stress-related health problems often arise from depleted and blocked energy levels and uncontrolled thought processes. Fortunately, meditation can be a powerful tool to reverse all of that and even help you make significant lifestyle changes.

What must you achieve?

Meditation is not complicated to define. It is the process of creating a deep state of peace within yourself, while also training your attention and awareness. This can be done by following the instructions of a trained practitioner or by using any of the following meditation apps.

As with any new device you buy, you’ll most likely have to go through the manual to get it running. Well, the same can apply to meditation.

Meditation is not a complicated practice at all. Even so, if you haven’t tried it before, a tutorial can help you get started by directing your flow of thoughts and focus. A guide will act as your manual to familiarize you with your new meditation practice.

Meditation has many outstanding benefits for your mental and physical health. Adopting a regular meditation routine with the following meditation apps will go a long way in instilling peace in your life.

Here are some benefits of meditation:

1. Still your mind

When was the last time you counted with no thoughts going through your head? Isn’t it wonderful to reach such a point and enjoy the occasional moments of peace, deep relaxation, and stillness after a guided meditation session?

2. Sharper focus and perception

As you become more conscious, you will find your ability to act more often rather than react to the circumstances of your life increases.

This will also allow you to focus more on solutions than on the problems in your environment.

3. Reduce feelings of anxiety and depression

Given that most feelings of anxiety and depression arise from cognitive distortions, the practice of guided meditation can help acquaint you with your higher self – your soul.

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From this place of awareness, you will find it easier to sit peacefully on your train of thought, unaffected by any disturbances going on below.

4. Lower your heart rate and blood pressure

When you relax your body and focus on deep relaxing breathing, you are activating the parasympathetic nervous system in your body. When you do, this allows your heart rate to drop and your blood pressure to drop as your blood vessels begin to open up.

5. Helps heal health problems

Yes, the body has the ability to heal itself under certain circumstances, when given the opportunity. Life energy is also healing energy when you allow it to flow freely undisturbed throughout your being.

Guided meditation for energy allows your bodily processes to conserve and generate more energy for healing than they could in a stressed and exhausted state.

6. Sleep

Guided meditation allows energy to penetrate your deeper brain waves to bring about a state of deep relaxation. The more relaxed you feel and the quieter your mind, the easier it will be to fall asleep.

Even better, when your practice becomes a regular habit, you’ll find that you really don’t need as much sleep to wake up feeling refreshed and ready to start the day. Simply because as you live more in a more relaxed state, your body needs less rest to conserve energy and function efficiently.

7. Cultivate Gratitude and Kindness

Self-love, gratitude, and compassion are often hard to come by in today’s chaotic and egoistic world. Practicing guided meditation can help develop these positive feelings toward yourself and others.

Take it

Once you experience deeper depths of consciousness and higher energy levels, it’s hard to want to go back and be in a state of stress and exhaustion. So, why not treat yourself to that positive experience daily with the help of these top seven meditation apps?

Just 15 minutes of guided meditation a day is more than enough to unleash all the amazing benefits listed above. The best time to schedule your new routine is first thing in the morning after waking up or right before bed.

The key is not to expect to notice any benefits right away. Like most self-development tools, guided meditation is a lifelong process.

However, with patience and persistence in the practice, your life journey will move in a new positive direction and these meditation apps will make the process more enjoyable.

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