8 Leo Celebrities That Represent This Zodiac Sign Best

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Va va voom! Roll out the red carpet, because the sun is glimmering through vivacious Leo, granting each and every one of us with a starring role. Whether it be with regards to your creative self-expression or the desire to cultivate a relationship with your inner child, Leo season is all about basking in your unique spotlight. Speaking of the sparkly glitz and glamour, we will be taking a closer look at the natal charts of some of your favorite celebrities who are Leos. However, before getting to know some of Hollywood’s very own, let’s talk a little bit more about this show-stopping fire sign.

First and foremost, the sun is the center of the universe… and well, can you really blame Leo for being so attention-seeking? It is Leo’s ruling planet, after all, which is why those born under this sign are often celebrated for their warm and sunny charisma. Don’t get it twisted though; all 12 zodiac signs have a shadow side and in the case of Leo, their lion pride can be equally as inspiring as it is detrimental. Looking on the bright side, however, Leo’s courage is a magnificent thing. They’re dynamic, fierce and wildly passionate. Did I mention they’re also really fun to be around?

If you happen to have Leo friends and/or family members, you’ve probably noticed how their energy brings sunshine from the moment they enter a room. They’re playful, childlike and incredibly animated, which is another reason why there are so many Leo artists in the world, but I digress. No one knows how to celebrate like Leo, so without further ado, let’s get the party started! We’ve got birth charts for Kylie Jenner, Meghan Markle, Jennifer Lopez, Obama, Joe Jonas, Jason Momoa, Madonna and Demi Lovato for the win.

Kylie Jenner Met Gala 2019

Photo: Getty Images.

Born August 10

If astrology isn’t real, then why did Kylie Jenner break the Internet by simply being her fabulous self? Before the youngest member of the Kardashian-Jenner family really stepped into her Capricorn rising boss suit, she was wild and free Kylizzle on Vine. Born with a ravishing eighth house sun, not to mention an alluring Scorpio moon, Kylie’s taboo-loving edge and sex appeal is part of her trademark, no doubt.

In addition to her show-stopping Leo energy, the 25-year-old makeup mogul was born with lucky Jupiter in Aquarius—you know, the zodiac csign that governs the World Wide Web? In other words, it’s no coincidence she’s the most followed female celebrity on Instagram, after her follower count surpassed 300 million in 2022. Blessed with a Venus-ruled (beauty, charm, poise) Midheaven (reputation, career, legacy), Kylie began her journey in the beauty industry in 2015, where she capitalized on her passion for makeup, and her online presence. She epitomizes the essence of Leo via her audacious passion projects, and legendary photogenicism. It’s safe to say, Miss Kylie is also the queen of selfies, so there you have it.

Meghan Markle Leo Zodiac

Photo: Getty Images.

Born August 4

Heavy is the head that wears the crown! Meghan Markle had the courage to speak on this controversial and taboo topic, and in front of the whole world. Was it a combination of her bold sun and Mercury in Leo? Absolutely, but there’s so much more to this trailblazer’s birth chart than meets the eye.

For starters, Meghan’s Mercury (voice, communication, messaging) sextiles her moon, Saturn and Jupiter in justice-seeking Libra, which is precisely what led her to create such a cultural impact. Born with maternal Cancer on the rise, (with the sun and Mercury, too, in her first house of self) the Duchess of Sussex shined a light on the tragedy behind pregnancy struggles and eating disorders, making her a voice for women all around the world. Her Cancer ascendant—which is tied to domestic healing and family lineage—is also trine Uranus (rebellion, unpredictability, revolution) in Scorpio, a sign symbolic of what is hidden beneath the surface; hence her reputation for breaking royal protocol, and unveiling the shadow side of her “royal” life.

The synchronicity of her Cancer rising representing themes of home and family (not to mention her late mother-in-law, Princess Diana’s sun sign) and her Leo sun-Mercury making it public is almost hard to believe, but that’s astrology. And though she stepped away from her royal duties back in 2020, Princess Meghan will always be admired and remembered for her bravery and sheer willpower. Is it any wonder she shares the same birthday as Obama?

Jennifer Lopez Leo Zodiac

Photo: Getty Images.

Born August 4

Leo’s sparkle is truly one of a kind, but when you stop and think about the celebrities born under this fabulous fire sign, most of us think of J-Lo. I mean, what’s not to love? And as if she could epitomize Leo’s artistry more, Jennifer Lopez has mastered an array of eclectic talents and abilities, which also goes hand-in-hand with her natal Venus in Gemini. Venus is, after all, symbolic of one’s charm, sensual expression and money-making abilities, and if there’s one thing J-Lo is celebrated and admired for, it’s her artistic versatility and fluidity. She’s also known for her delicious buffet of lovers, but who’s counting?

More importantly, Jennifer was born with the sun conjunct Mercury in Leo, sitting directly in her 10th house of career, notoriety and public persona, validating her innate ability to glow and thrive under the spotlight. It also makes sense that she would kick off her career in show business as a dancer, given that her sun and Mercury are in harmony with Mars, a planet representing physicality and movement. Born with her Mars in Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius, J-Lo’s Jupiter is also occupying the graceful sign of Libra, and via her 12th house of spirituality and mysticism. Despite whether or not you’re a fan of the Puerto Rican superstar, there’s no denying the facts: J-Lo’s legendary dance performances bring the heat and start the party, and it’s all thanks to her spirited Leo energy.

Barack Obama Leo Zodiac

Photo: Getty Images.

Born August 4

Despite one’s political preference, Barack Obama’s birth chart truly epitomizes that of a world leader. Born under a courageous Leo sun and a multifaceted Gemini moon, the 44th President of the United States is equally as charismatic as he is inquisitive. As it is, his moon is governed by clever Mercury, which also occupies his sixth house of due diligence, and acts of service. Sitting in opposition to Jupiter in Aquarius— which just so happens to be the zodiac sign of his ascendant—this humanitarian  aspect validates Obama’s role as an activist.

If you can believe it, this barely scratches the surface of his interest in connecting with the masses! When you consider the conjunction between his chart ruler—Uranus—and the North Node, which represents his destiny in the world. In other words, taking the lead (Leo) and creating change in society (Uranus) was always part of Obama’s soul mission—his socially spirited ascendant in Aquarius validates what was merely destined. Themes of progression and freedom are also aligned with his North Node, and via his sixth house of service. For those of you wondering where his iconic dance moves come from, Obama was born with Venus (in moon-ruled Cancer) glimmering through his fifth house of performance, creativity and self-expression. This house can also represent the children (Leo) one conceives in this life, which would explain his two (Gemini moon) daughters, Malia and Sasha. 

Joe Jonas Leo Zodiac

Photo: Getty Images.

Born August 15

Whether you’re a fan of the adorable JoBros or simply grew up watching Disney channel musicals like Camp Rock, chances are you know a thing or two about the second-oldest Jonas brother, Joe. Born under a magnetic sun in Leo, via his 11th house of community and social surroundings, it’s no wonder Joe rose to fame on a children’s network (which makes sense, as the inner child is ruled by Leo. And because his sun, is in his 11th house of media, it all makes sense that he made his mark through the Disney Channel.

Joe’s fire-sign energy also goes hand-in-hand with his musical talents and artistic abilities. Speaking of ”art,” the JoBros band member also has Libra on the rise, and those born under this Venus-ruled air sign dabble in the arts more often than not. Speaking of, Joe’s natal Venus is sitting close to Mercury and Mars in meticulous Virgo, via his mysterious 12th house of dreams, spirituality and unconscious patterns. Now, if you’re familiar with the Jonas brothers, and their different personalities, you’re more than likely aware of Joe’s enigmatic energy, which funny enough, is not very Leo-like. These aspects, however, resonate with his deeply private life, and perhaps even secret perfectionism. 

Jason Momoa Leo Zodiac

Photo: Getty Images.

Born August 1

The irony of not having an exact birth time for the one and only Jason Momoa (unless you prefer to refer to him as Dothrakian, Khal Drogo, of course) is the fact that it doesn’t get more Leo-like than the 43-year-old actor. For instance, in case you weren’t already blown away by his overwhelming charisma and intoxicating sex appeal, (pardon me for being totally bias) learning about his Leo stellium only made matters worse. Jason not only has his sun in cinematic Leo, but also his Mercury, Venus and Jupiter! Keep in mind, Jupiter (the largest planet in the solar system) magnifies everything it comes in contact with, making Jason’s soul essence (sun), speaking voice (Mercury) and seduction style (Venus) all the more extravagant. Need I say more?

Granted, we should never judge a book by its cover, especially when considering Jason’s enigmatic moon in Scorpio… which for the record, validates his hypnotic and soulful gaze. That means, despite his wildly playful and passionate Leo side, the Aquaman star has a deeply emotional inner world, one he more than likely prefers to keep hidden. He did, after all, have two children with Scorpio queen, Lisa Bonet, and the moon has everything to do with one’s sense of nurture, home and family dynamic.

Madonna Leo Zodiac

Photo: Getty Images.

Born August 16

Madonna, the queen of all queens; a literal legend and pop icon extraordinaire. Coincidence that she, too, is ruled by the glowing sun? Most definitely not. It’s also important to point out that her Leo stellium (Sun and Uranus) occupies her 12th house surrender, inhibitions and all things otherworldly. Madonna’s Venus is also at the zero degree mark, which is considered to be a critical degree in astrology, especially since it’s so primal.

Through her sun and freedom-loving Uranus occupy her 12th house of fantasy, secrets and all things otherworldly, Madonna’s vivacious Venus—which still joins forces with both of these planets—is radiating power all throughout her darling self in her 11th house of rebellion, society and individual freedom. Sitting in a naughty square to boundless Neptune in Scorpio via her third house of communication, this would explain her trailblazing artistry and musical revolution, whether you look at it in terms of her pioneer role as a female Pop icon, or with regards to a woman’s confidence and sexuality. *Alexa, can you play “Like A Virgin?*

Speaking of which, Ms. Madonna Louise Ciccone was born the moon, Mercury, Pluto all conjunct her ascendant in Virgo; hence the rich intricacy and detail of her artworks, not to mention her days working tirelessly as waitress before she rose to fame. Madonna’s grit goes without saying, and her lion-like courage continues to catch the world off guard.

Demo Lovato Leo Zodiac

Photo: Getty Images.

Born August 20

Many of us, more often than not, will solely identify Leo natives for either their attention-seeking behavior, and/or their incredible talent. Sounds polarizing and it sure is, but this is where artists like Demi Lovato change the narrative. Granted, there’s really no denying the 29-year-old singer’s immense talent, and her Venus-ruled Midheaven—which rules over reputation and public image—is partly why her beautiful singing voice happens to be world-renowned. Taurus (her Midheaven) is not only ruled by the planet of love, beauty and abundance, it also rules the throat. As it is, Demi’s moon is conjunct her Midheaven in Taurus, making her essence all the more alluring to the public, but there’s so much more to this Leo powerhouse.

Her moon-Midheaven conjunction activates a grand earth trine between her Venus-Jupiter conjunction in Virgo—which magnifies in her talents, not to mention via her second house of wealth—and the Uranus-Neptune conjunction in Capricorn via her fifth house of performance, recognition and her inner child. Now, if this birth chart doesn’t emanate success in show business and performance arts, I’m not sure what does.

Demi is the sun, no matter which way you look at it. In addition to it being her planet of rulership, the sun is also conjunct her ascendant in Leo, which ultimately epitomizes that of wearing one’s heart on their sleeve. And the truth is, her courage in being vulnerable about her history with addiction and honest about her past goes beyond the scrutiny that comes with being in the public eye. It’s her fighting spirit and ability to alchemize her pain in the most authentic way possible, which is through her art.

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