8 Ways Google Home Can Help You in the Kitchen

There’s no denying that Google Home and Google Nest products play a huge role in many homeowners today, from reminding them to take out the trash to waking them up with their favorite song. But beyond the basics this smart speaker offers, it’s probably most useful in the kitchen.

Here are some great ways Google’s smart speaker can help you with your cooking and more.

1. Recipe help

Figuring out what to prepare for dinner is probably one of the hardest things you have to do every day. After all, not everyone has a thick cookbook lying on their countertops. Luckily for you, you’ll never run out of meal ideas again thanks to the helpful kitchen features of Google Home.

Get the recipe from your smart speaker that works in two ways. One, open the refrigerator and take out the ingredients you want to make. You can then ask Google Home what you can do with them (for example, “Hey Google, what can I do with beef and ketchup?”). It will happily suggest a dish that includes those ingredients and will also let you know how long the meal will take to prepare and how many people it can serve.

If you already have a dish but don’t know how to make it, just ask, “Hey Google, find me a recipe for (the dish).” Google Home will then walk you through the ingredient list and step-by-step process until you have a ready-to-eat meal.


If you love what you’ve done and want to save the recipe for another day, you’ll be glad to know that Google Home can save it for you online at Google’s collection. Just say, “Hey Google, add this recipe to my cookbook.”

How many times have you gone to the grocery store and forgot to buy olive oil or almond milk because you were too busy to put them on your shopping list? With Google Home, you can say goodbye to this repetitive dilemma.

Whenever you are working in the kitchen and come across an item you need to buy, all you have to do is ask the smart assistant to put it on your shopping list. Just say, “Hey Google, add soy sauce to my shopping list.” You can easily access this list through the Google Home app on your Android or iOS phone, so you’ll never have to worry about forgetting anything again.

3. Control Your Smart Kitchen Appliances

Wouldn’t it be easier if your kitchen appliances had a mind of their own and could turn on and off on their own? Sure, some kitchen appliances are already able to do this through their individual apps, but Google Home takes convenience to the next level with voice commands. To see some of the things you can do, check out our Google Home command cheat sheet.

When you connect your smart devices to Google Home, you don’t have to pick up your phone to control them. Just ask your smart speaker what to do: “Hey Google, set my correct cooking pot temperature to 125 degrees.” or “OK ​​Google, turn on my coffee maker.”

4. Set timer

As a home cook, you probably already know how essential timing is in the kitchen. After all, you don’t want to overcook (or worse, burn) anything right when you’re about to serve it.

To create one in Google Home, just say, “OK Google, set a timer for 20 minutes.” You can also set multiple timers at the same time by specifying a name for each timer as in “Hey Google, create a pasta timer for 15 minutes”.

Then you can do other things and check back on the timer at any time with “OK Google, how much time is left on my pasta timer?”

5. Provides calorie count

Not every food in your fridge has a nutrition facts label, and searching the internet yourself when your hands are full can be tedious.

If you’re health-conscious and want to stay on top of your diet plan, Google Home is here to answer your calorie-related questions. Just ask, “OK Google, how many calories are in mashed potatoes?” It will respond with the number of calories per gram of the specific food you request.

Google Home can also tell you other nutritional information, including amounts of fat, carbohydrates, sodium, and protein.

6. Unit conversion

Unless you’re obsessed with collecting every measuring cup and spoon there is, you may not always have the exact kitchen tools you need for your recipes. For example, you are asked to mix a quarter cup of baking soda but all you have is a teaspoon.

Do not be afraid. Google Home can convert this for you easily without you lifting a finger. Just say, “OK Google, convert a quarter cup to a teaspoon.” You can also ask, “Hey Google, how many ounces are in a cup?”

7. Get tips

You don’t have to be a top chef and learn every tip and technique in the book to cook a homemade dish, especially when you have Google Home to assist you. Every time you come across a step you’re new to and don’t know how to do, just ask, “OK Google, how do I cut a julienne?” or “Hey Google, what can I use without baking powder?”

Google Home also has a virtual sommelier called Wine Guide to help you pair the best wines with your dishes. To access the Wine Guide, say, “OK Google, talk to the Wine Guide”. or “Hey Google, ask Wine Guide what happens to baked goods.”

8. Play music

Preparing a meal is always best done while dancing to some music. If you want to throw a party in the kitchen, say, “Hey Google, let’s play some music.” The speaker will then play some random songs from the music service you linked in your Google Home app.

You can also request a specific artist, album, genre, and even mood. Just say, “OK Google, play some cooking music” and it will pull up a playlist of songs to put you in chef mode.

Hello Google, Let’s cook together

With the help of smart home technology, life at home has become a lot easier for us, and the kitchen function of the Google Home is a testament to this fact. If you haven’t already, you’re definitely missing out.

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