‘A Million Little Things’ Finale Recap: Season 4, Episode 20

Warning: This post contains vandals from A million little things‘Season 4 finale.

Anyone who watched A million little things for a while, it can be guessed that the show could end Season 4 with Fisher. But let’s be honest: Has anyone prepared for this year in such an absolute way?

The fifth season finale, titled “Just in Case,” is an emotional roller coaster that rivals Space Mountain. Gary and Maggie think she might be pregnant. But when Maggie gets her period, they grieve over a failed IVF attempt. But Later the doctor told them that the bleeding was normal, and that she really to be pregnant with their child!

However, before the doctor’s visit, Gary returned the camera that Rome lent him. After all, without a baby, there wouldn’t be a need to record everything, right? And when Rome was testing the camera’s memory before Tyrell’s graduation, he saw something he shouldn’t: Gary’s video message to his future child, in which he mentions that he may not be alive by the time the child enters. world.

And that’s when the show revealed that although the lump in Gary’s breast earlier this season was benign, a CT scan performed around that time revealed a tumor in his lung. . So he’s been secretly undergoing chemotherapy ever since – the food poisoning incident in last week’s episode was just a cover story – and kept it with his friends, because he didn’t want them to treat him. Treat yourself differently. Maggie is not at all worried about this arrangement, but she will agree to it…for now.

TVLine chatted with series creator/executive producer DJ Nash and executive producer Terrence Coli about Gary’s new illness and how it might play out in the just-announced Season 5.

a-million-little-things-final-recap-season-4TVLINE | When you decided that you were going to put Gary through the extractor again – with the audience – did you know you would be back? Is this a decision made when you know you’ll have another season to tell this story?
DJ NASH | We went online in the middle of the year and said, “Hey guys, we’ve been back for a while. Are we coming back, or are we not? ” And they said, ‘Please don’t end this show right now. I said, “OK.” And TC and I talked about that and we said, we have a really, really big plane that can probably hang over someone’s head and maybe get someone hit by a car. But it’s a spoiler, it’s not the end of the series, and are we all prepared to go that route? And they really pushed us to do that. I knew we were coming to pick up last minute. Without a doubt, we are a bubble show. But all the creators at ABC are so supportive and want to see that happen, and we know that if it doesn’t happen, our fans will say, “You can’t end a series. movies like that!” So we put all our eggs in Gary’s basket.

TVLINE | Talk to me about the card flip side of the clues you’ve laid out. I’m ashamed to say that I didn’t take it not at all their.
TERRENCE COLI | We definitely built it so they were both shocking at the end of the shocking finale but then if you go back and watch the last four episodes you’ll see that we signaled a little bit what was about to happen. . There is a plot when Gary and Sophie are rushing to the clinic and he is having back problems. If you look at it through the new lens the finale introduces, you’ll understand what it is. Likewise, when Maggie and her mother were trying to get to the clinic to harvest her eggs and Gary got “food poisoning,” it was all very intentional with those building blocks to feel surprised but also made money when we episode [20]its end.


TVLINE | Gary and Maggie finally being together and possibly having a baby is something you’ve probably had dinner with for quite some time, I would imagine. Speak to me –
NASH | [Laughs] That’s a Cheesecake Factory sized cookie shop right there! YES.

TVLINE | So talk to me about why you chose the class and Gary got cancer at the same time.
NASH | For us, a few things. One: Our series, if there’s a recipe, just when you think it’s A, it’s B. If you look back in history, “Is Eddie going to drink or not? Oh, thank goodness he didn’t. He was hit by a car! “So in that magic trick, we’re trying to get you to look at this hand with the shiny object while we’re doing this differently here. I also think that’s really true of the way of life. The happiest moments of your life sometimes face the saddest moments of your life, and just when you think you can’t go on anymore, sometimes the world gives you a reason to laugh. . You just have to be open to it.

So for us, the decision to combine those two is based on A) not wanting the show to be as sad, because Maggie has enormous power and control in deciding that even though cancer is always a part of their lives in some way, that’s not going to stop them from living life. When Maggie had an abortion, she said, “I can’t believe I still have cancer that decides things about me.” And right now, the day they come home from that terrible diagnosis, they’re lying in bed and he’s saying, “I think we should move in together,” and she’s saying, “I think we should have child.” So they’re making these decisions and they’re going to live life on their terms as long as they’re allowed to.

TVLINE | How often do you think the show will revisit these videos that Gary is doing for the baby? I’m not sure how much I can handle before it turns into a permanent mess.
NASH | When we showed this to the network without anyone knowing, we shot a version of it with James [Roday Rodriguez]. We have the director, James, and a camera operator on set. We took out everyone else and shot a mockup of this so they could see what this looks like. James is so good at using humor to get through a sad moment, he just does it with ease to make the videos engaging. I don’t see a world where we can’t go back to those things, not only because of the sadness but actually because of some of the funny things that are recorded with them. I can’t imagine not doing it.
COLI | It’s too tempting. we yes to get back to them.

TVLINE | Rome and Gina see this, even though Gary doesn’t want everyone to know. And this is not a group of friends that are great at keeping each other’s secrets. How long do we think Gary’s wishes will be honored?
COLI | It’s interesting, because Rome and Gary and Eddie had that conversation in the pilot about how “we need to talk to each other. We need to tell each other what’s going on.” We revisited that idea very often throughout the series. And now Rome finds out that Gary is holding a really big secret from him and what’s interesting to discover is: If someone wants something about their health to be kept private or kept to themselves. at this point, do you have to respect that?
NASH | I can think of four different times when I was having dinner with my friends and I knew she was pregnant, and I couldn’t say anything… [Laughs] There are just times when, even on the happiest of occasions, it’s really hard to do. There are moments that we hope to capture that are a lot like the friendship we actually have, and this is the perfect opportunity for one of these moments right here. Rome and Gary both had these illnesses, and for both of them, they recurred. And both are determined not to let it get you, not the other. So it will be difficult for Rome not to say something. However, as someone who needs his own privacy as he battles his illness, it can be difficult for him to not respect his friend’s wishes.

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https://tvline.com/2022/05/18/a-million-little-things-finale-recap-season-4-gary-cancer-return/ ‘A Million Little Things’ Finale Recap: Season 4, Episode 20

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