A To-Do List for the Class of ’22

I bet when you hear there’s going to be a lot of tests in college, you don’t think that means picking your nose. But you made it! Your multitasking skills from anywhere are perfect for today’s world of work. You deserve your reputation for resilience in extreme conditions. Meanwhile, the reputation of professionals is dwindling.

But be warned, you will forever be the Zoom-equipped Corona crew. No matter what you say or do, like drink a Blueberry & Açaí Truly Hard Seltzer or brag about your almost worthless collection of NFTs, you’ll end up in a box, stereotypical. Others will say behind your back, “Oh, that’s the brand.” As you step out into the real world from your college cocoon, think hard about your reputation, your personal brand. Like it or not, wherever you go, your reputation always comes before you.

People will probe to build your story: “Where are you from?” “Where did you go to college?” “What did your parents do?” Yes, life is like your college application on steroids. But you can break freedom. Don’t think worse of me for quoting the movie “Dirty Dancing” and suggesting “nobody put Baby in the corner.” Take responsibility for your own reputation.

Hyperconnected Wall Street traders and bankers, analysts, and salespeople make trillions of transactions a day based on the reputations of people they’ve often never met face-to-face. You can lie to a customer at any time but only once. And then the word spread, spread, and everyone knew. It’s a short way from great rep to leaving the business. On Wall Street, all you have is your reputation. The same for you.

If all goes well, you’re about to start a job – you’re better off, there are now five million more jobs than job seekers. “Influencer” doesn’t really count, but congratulations anyway. You will find a way to do well, get promoted, raise your salary. Of course, there are always shortcuts — perhaps cutting some corners, trading a bit of integrity to move forward. Do not do that! In this always-connected world, everyone will find out. Everybody. People will stop doing business with you and you will never really know why. A bad reputation is hard to shake.

This is a small story. A friend of mine is a college bartender and is known for doing fiery scenes that light up the bar. At a company dinner for his first job, he decided to show off his skills. But instead of shooting flames, he kicked the ball at his feet, which were on fire. A waitress told him to stop, drop and roll, which he delighted his colleagues, who have since called him Flaming Tambini. He’s lucky, no video doesn’t mean it won’t affect his reputation in the long run, although I wouldn’t recommend a stunt to increase your visibility. Fix your reputation. That’s all you have.

Conformity is like a dead end. Venture capitalist Marc Andreessen warns against hanging out with others and favors the “now thing”. Think carbon footprints, BLM, Stop the Steal, masks. He tweeted, “the good of society requires those who are against the present thing to be fired and ostracized” even though “the present is eternal, but totally of the moment.” You also don’t want “followers” or “sheep” as your brand.

Take risks — but take smart risks. You want a reputation as a bold person. Ambitious. Thinking forward. Reliable. And don’t forget to thank those who have helped along the way. Plus, while most people complain about every little thing in the world that goes wrong, you’d better be known for not being able to activate rather than like a melting snowflake, which is the opposite. back to the university. Oh, don’t get me wrong, you’ll be offended every day, guaranteed. Something or someone will annoy you. Keep it to yourself and then use it as motivation, as fuel to work towards your goals. If you were ever satisfied, you’re done.

One truth I’ve learned is that people don’t trust their own opinions of people. But they will listen to others. Talking behind your back can kill people, but it can also easily boost your reputation. Go out of your way to be helpful. Kind. It will pay off in strange ways. Cultivate your reputation far and wide. I know you’re up for it. That smartphone has helped you practice this.

Unlike your recent final, the real world is hard. Reputation is made and lost by what is heard on the vine. Honesty and integrity are the currency of the world. Don’t get into a situation where you have to stop, drop and roll. Success is not in money, but in respect from your colleagues. Everything else follows. You can bet your reputation on it.

The Editorial Review: Best and Worst of the Week from Kim Strassel, Mary O’Grady and Dan Henninger. Image: Getty Images Synthesis: Mark Kelly

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