Alberta’s Murder Mystery Is an Exciting Reveal

Editor’s Note: The following contains spoilers for Ghosts Season 2.

ghosts on CBS – a reimagining of the UK version of the same name – promises laughter, fun and endearing relationships with the packed (and wonderful) cast. After Sam (Rose McIver) and Jay (Utkarsh Ambudkar), as they pack up their lives in New York and move into the Woodstone estate Sam just inherited from a family member she didn’t know was still alive, they arrive with plans to restore the home and turn it into a beautiful bed and breakfast. Unfortunately, a fall down the stairs (and a subsequent two-week coma) causes Sam to develop a new ability: seeing and hearing ghosts. Arriving back at Woodstone, she is greeted by the many ghosts that have haunted the mansion for decades/centuries: Hetty (Rebekah Wisocky), Trevor (Asher Grodman), flower (Sheila Carrasco), Thorfinn (Dewan Lang), Peter (Richie Moriarty), Sasappis (Roman Zaragoza), Isaac (Brandon Scott Jones) and Alberta (Danielle Pinock).


In addition to Sam and Jay’s current journey at Woodstone, we slowly learn more about each of the ghosts as the series, which recently premiered its second season, moves on. And while each of the spirits has their own interesting and revealing journey through their lives and deaths (though we’ve yet to see some), none have proven as fascinating and entrancing as Alberta’s.

Alberta, a jazz singer who died in the 1920s, has claimed she was murdered by the other spirits at Woodstone for decades, but no one believed her because of her lovingly theatrical personality. As her lovably unstable superfan Todd (Rodrigo Fernández Stoll) arrives at the Woodstone as the B&B’s first guest in season one, he sets out to learn more about her and discovers a chest in the attic containing her old belongings. Todd, obsessed with Alberta with a tattoo of her face on his body, drinks from her old liquor bottle and ends up in the hospital, finally uncovering the truth: Alberta was murdered with poison. Therefore, Alberta’s claims are finally confirmed, and the hunt continues to find out who killed her and what her motive might have been.

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In the second episode of Season 2, we pick up where we left off regarding Alberta’s past. Now that everyone knows for sure that Alberta was poisoned, Sam and Alberta come up with the idea of ​​doing a true crime podcast based on Alberta’s life and murder. But Sam’s editor demands that Todd, the world’s only Alberta expert, be her co-host on the podcast. When Todd gets back to the Woodstone, he has Alberta’s old bedside table in tow. Meanwhile, completely unaware, Jay stumbles across a hidden compartment in the table, causing Alberta’s diary to fall out. And so the dark history of Alberta’s life finally comes to light.

The night Alberta emerged from the background onstage and caught the audience’s attention, she had broken her vow to never be a rat. Alberta has lead singer Clara (Mercedes Morris) so she could finally show people what she was made of after so much hard work and determination. It worked, leading to Alberta performing that night (after a near-miss moment of fake humility) and finally getting a chance to prove herself in front of an audience. At first, Alberta worries it might turn her fans against her as one of her strongest beliefs is never to be a rat. When Todd discovers this while reading her journal, he wrestles with the truth and Alberta’s worries begin to come true. But when Alberta reveals her reasons for doing so, it all makes sense quickly and, as Sam and the other ghosts tell her, only makes everyone love her even more. she is assignable. Is there a better story to tell on the podcast? Betraying Clara might have been Alberta’s breakthrough in the spotlight, but it’s also a memory that shames her.

The story of Alberta’s life and death, presented through the lens of her murder investigation, is an incredibly brilliant pull from the ghosts Writer. Even in a comedy, a murder investigation can be fun and keep viewers hooked. But what’s most fantastic about it is how the many layers of Alberta are peeled away and explored through this murder investigation. For example, the result of revealing Alberta’s fight with Clara shows how moral, thoughtful and motivated Alberta is. She’s fought hard for where she’s gotten in life, overcoming a lot of obstacles but never letting it stop her (or hitting her ego), but that one action has haunted her for decades, despite the success that followed.

Creating this compelling mystery about Alberta helps keep viewers interested in her, the show and the lengthy investigation (along with her charming and charismatic personality). Already, the heart, humor and character analysis of the two episodes about Alberta’s life and death set them apart from the others. Also, the episode ends with the ghosts stumbling upon a photo of Clara, whom they recognize as being at the Woodstone the night Alberta died. While we won’t be solving Alberta’s murder for quite a while, we now have a credible suspect, but these quick dives into her history are just fascinating on their own.

Every spirit has their own exciting stories of life and death to haunt, but there’s something just as exciting about Albertas. Although there aren’t any actual stakes since the murder happened almost a century earlier, the promise is to find out what Alberta might have done to trick someone into murdering her (since no one believes it was an accident because of the poison was), more intriguing than the identity of the killer. Alberta is such a complex character that it’s truly impossible to predict anything about her, which makes the journey to peel off the layers all the more enticing.

There’s a lot to love ghostsfull of incredibly endearing characters and content, but Alberta and this mysterious crime thriller are worth tuning in to on their own.

ghosts Season 2 brings new episodes every Thursday on CBS. The first season will be streamed on Paramount+. Alberta’s Murder Mystery Is an Exciting Reveal

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