Alyssa Farah Griffin, the Ex-Trump Aide, Wants to Be America’s Household Conservative

In front of the main entrance of Georgetown University last month, Farah Griffin emerged from her Uber in a long scarlet gown. It was a beautiful autumn day, and as we made our way to Healy Hall, Farah Griffin warned that she had no idea how many students would show up for the final meeting of her panel, “The Future.” of American democracy in the midst of the ‘MAGA’ Movement. “She applied for the Fellows Program last year but didn’t get it; This year, Georgetown has reached far.

Inside the GU Politics office, CNN legal analyst and colleague Farah Griffin Elliot Williams is ending. When about a dozen students squeezed in, Farah Griffin handed over a bag of assorted candies and added a copy of Valerie Biden Owens’ book to the bookshelf. (“I let her sign it for Georgetown,” she explained later.) Photos of notables GU Politics hosted—Mark Zuckerberg, Paul Ryan — adorns the walls.

“Everyone who has had COVID, welcome back,” announced Farah Griffin, starting things off with an icebreaker. This week, “What’s Your Serial Killer Trait,” runs for about 15 minutes. (Farah Griffin’s: “For a while, I decided I didn’t like dairy, so I was going to have cereal with water.”) Then she dives into a recent treat. Atlantic article in which Trump’s supporters explain why they believe the election was stolen – the purpose was for students to see, contrary to their perception, what in fact “promoted” push Trump voters,” a topic that, along with related content about the hesitancy vaccine, took up most of the 90 minutes.

A freshman named Ava told me on the way out that she’s learned more from Farah Griffin than any other classmate — she even revealed it in a low-key tone, with a hint How to be a Democrat. “It was like, at first, she worked for Trump. Basically, I am ideologically opposed to her. But just from participating in a few of her discussions” – including the one she brings Jake Sherman— she was struck by Farah Griffin’s focus on “people rather than political identity,” she said. “I mean, I still don’t agree with her, but I think she’s amazing.”

After school, Farah Griffin and I found a stall at The Tombs, the haunting brick-walled, dimly lit Georgetown that inspired the iconic bar in The Flame of Saint Elmo. (Not Farah Griffin’s first choice was closed, but one she concluded, as her high heels bobbed across the cobblestone streets, “really has a vibe to it.” much more mine”)

Sitting across from her in that basement salesman, I found myself wondering who Farah Griffin was, after making all these headlines declaring that she would never vote for Trump. Also, who will you associate yourself with in the future? I asked her if she would vote for Ron DeSantis. “It depends. I have to see where his policies go down,” she said before a pint of Grigio. It’s a somewhat shocking response that a Republican figure as seemingly dedicated as Trump is raising the temperature of conservative politics. What about the positions he has taken? “For most politicians — not Trump — leadership tends to incline them toward moderation,” she said, “a DeSantis in the White House would look very different from a DeSantis that ruled Florida in the past. Florida is very red, thinking about running for president. ”

Farah Griffin can’t see herself running for anything at the moment, just because she’s “not someone who can win the Republican primaries right now,” but wants to “be back.” be part of the discussion when of course we’ve made a correction.” For now, however, she says she doesn’t actively call for political work, or get paid to advise any Republican (although she does so in an informal capacity). awake, unpaid). She considers her full-time job to be at Merrimack Potomac + Charles, the strategy consulting firm where she is a senior advisor (and where her father-in-law, Patrick Griffin, as founding partner and CEO). There’s also the CNN gig, the two paid speaking offices she’s signed to, and any episodes of the show. See she asks the guest-cohost until they come to a decision. She was just on the show last week, when Hostin dragged her on air to defend Esper’s “sorry tour”. The moment appeared in the headlines.

The competition for McCain’s seat, at least on the surface, involving two former Trump officials, both of whom are trying to reframe their histories is hardly a coincidence. . See is a platform that counts on its own, one that gives Farah Griffin the opportunity to use her experience at the moment. “I thought I could be helpful,” she said. She talks a lot about her commitment to public service; Daytime TV is not like that. But it could be a decade until she gets another chance to serve in a senior role in government, Farah Griffin admitted. “I’ve had a hard time saying no to any show that reaches the number of viewers that show.” Alyssa Farah Griffin, the Ex-Trump Aide, Wants to Be America’s Household Conservative

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