Amazon keeps selling out of these 50 dope things

I don’t know how Amazon shoppers know when a thing is buy-it-now awesome. It’s like the hive brain sends out a message and everyone gets the signal and shows up to buy. And when that buzz happens, things start selling out, which seems to only juice the craze so it becomes more difficult to get that hot item when you want it.

Sometimes it’s a kitchen tool or a pet trick or a garden hack. And sometimes it’s the latest slick way to light your house without calling an electrician or spending much money. Sometimes it’s camping gear or a bike accessory. It’s hard to say what criteria the Amazon buzz needs to start a rush on something. But I do know this. When it’s in stock, buy it. Because it might not be there for long. Amazon keeps selling out of these 50 dope things and who knows when they will be in stock again.

Check it out and keep that “Buy Now” button handy.

1. The pine-scented shoe spray that helps eliminate bad smells

From the makers of The Pink Miracle Shoe Cleaner comes this pine-scented shoe deodorizer that doesn’t just cover up the bad smell with another less-bad smell but actually uses natural pine — in a special formula — to eliminate the original bad smell while leaving behind a faint woodsy scent. Just a few sprays into your shoes or gym bag will make it all palatable again.

2. This travel adapter with 2 USB plugs & 2 outlets for all your gear

When traveling, many hotel rooms have a limited number of outlets, which means doing a constant plug swap to keep your all gear charged. This travel adapter, though, solves this problem by putting two standard and two USB plugs on one outlet. It comes with five swappable adapter backs so you can plug in in over 200 countries and charge all your gear at the same time.

3. The folding garden seat with a tool pouch & gloves

Working in the garden can be hard on the back, knees, and hands. This folding garden seat gives you a place to sit when working on low plants. But flip it over and you have a place to kneel for weeding. The tool pouch that attaches to the side keeps all your items handy so you have what you need without hunting for it. The kit comes comes with a free pair of gardening gloves.

4. These handy LED puck lights with a remote control

Stick these little warm white puck lights anywhere in your house — under cabinets, inside dark cupboards or closets, on the stair risers, or in any dark corner — to quickly provide necessary lighting for a comfy home. You can turn them on, set them to turn themselves off at an interval you choose, and select the brightness, all from the remote. They also turn on with a touch to the lens if the remote isn’t within reach.

5. This complete dog-grooming kit for canine spa days at home

This complete dog grooming kit has everything you need to give your pup a spa day — without dropping a small fortune on a groomer. The rechargeable clippers are quiet and come with four guides so you get the fur length you want. The nail clippers are ergonomic and easy to use. There’s also a comb, thinning shears, scissors, and a nail file. Your dog will be so much happier because going to the groomer can be stressful for all involved.

6. This big box of 210 wipes that clean your glasses & screens

This big box of wipes (individually-wrapped) makes keeping your glasses, lenses, and screens clean and free of smudges so easy. Just keep a handful in your pocket or camera bag, some in your desk drawer, and a few in the glove compartment and you will always have an easy way to clean things so you can see better. They are lightly moist and won’t damage your phone’s screen.

7. This palm-shaped exfoliating skin brush with hordes of fans

This soft silicone skin brush fits into the palm of your hand to make it easy to give yourself a gentle all-over scrub, which exfoliates skin and encourages hairs to grow outward. Do this treatment before you shave or wax and it will help prevent ingrowns and razor bumps, at least according to the nearly 28,000 people who give it five stars.

8. This resistance band set made from a strong, breathable fabric

Work out anywhere and bring the burn with these non-slip, wide, fabric resistance bands. Each of the three bands offers a different level of resistance, starting at about 14 pounds — for the lightest one — and moving up to around 50 pounds for the heaviest. Start slow and build up to buff. You can do it anywhere because they fit in a tiny, included, pouch and come with instructions. Reviewers love them and gave them over 22,000 five-star ratings.

9. This tough BBQ cover that prevents damage & cinches to fit

Cover your grill with this heavy-duty grill cover that’s waterproof, UV resistant, and has easy-to-cinch straps that make sure it stays on no matter what the weather. It comes in five sizes so it fits practically any grill. Reviewers are big fans, giving it 26,00 five-star ratings, and it comes in four colors.

10. These water bottle storage racks that stack for a tidier cabinet

Storing water bottles is a challenge in most kitchens. Because of their odd size, they often end up taking up more cupboard space than necessary. This two-pack of water bottle storage racks fixes that problem by making it easy to store them lying down in a minimum of space. Each bottle gets its own concave cubby so it won’t roll around. And you can stack the racks to accommodate your entire collection.

11. A 2-pack of rechargeable bug-zapping rackets to tame summer pests

Charge up these two bug-zapping rackets, hand one to a friend, and have a game of Rid the House of Bugs. Whenever your racket connects with an offending winged insect, that doomed bug receives a zap from the 4,000-volt grid that is your racket. It’s good fun — for the humans — and quickly gets rid of the invaders.

12. The big, light & comfy sleeping bag that upgrades your adventures

This lightweight sleeping bag is big and roomy — Queen-bed sized — so you can share it with a friend. It’s also light so it’s easy to bring along, and silky-soft on the inside (with a soft 210 thread count) so it makes camping in comfort easy. The exterior is waterproof so you won’t wake up sodden and the zipper is designed not to snag, so frustration is right out. Reviewers raved over it — especially that it fits two because that obviously makes camping more fun — and gave it almost 15,000 five-star reviews.

13. These big vacuum storage bags with an included electric pump

Turn your off-season clothes, spare blankets, and other fabrics that you want to store into easy-to-pack, airless packages by stuffing them into these vacuum storage bags and removing the air with the included travel vacuum. They reduce the volume of your fabrics, keep them clean, and make them easy to stack. There are 10 bags in three sizes so you have lots of options for everything from clothes and coats to pillows and blankets.

14. This non-toxic, plant-based, ear cleaning solution for pets

When your pet is ear-scratching and uncomfortable, help get rid of excess wax and eliminate foul odors with this plant-based, non-toxic dog ear cleaning solution that has no alcohol, parabens, or enzymes that might harm your dog (or cat’s) sensitive ears. Just drip it in and massage their ears. They will enjoy it. Then wipe away the excess. Your pet’s ears will be clean and clear in just a few days of treatments.

15. This rake & tray that’s the easiest way to pick up dog poo

Clean up the pet yard quickly, efficiently, and without bending over with this combination rake and poop tray. The two pieces snap together so it’s easy to keep them handy and near your pet’s favorite area. Just set the tray down, scoop the poop in, and empty it into the trash. You never have to touch anything but the handles, and you can clean the yard quickly and with very little effort.

16. This huge collection of airtight food storage containers

You could organize your entire pantry with this big collection of 14 airtight storage containers. They come in four different sizes to accommodate everything from flour to snacks. The lids are interchangeable and lock tight when you close the side flaps because they are lined with a silicone gasket. They are made from clear, BPA-free plastic and come with a set of measuring cups and blackboard labels for labeling the contents.

17. A soft & comfy seat cover for your bike

Whether you ride a street bike or exercise bike, the hard seat can get very uncomfortable. But this soft, gel seat cover will fix that problem fast. Just place it over the seat, cinch the fasteners, sit down, and ride. An anti-slip interior grips the bike’s seat to keep the cover from moving around, it comes in four colors, and the resilient but soft cushion really helps alleviate butt pain.

18. The coffee canister that keeps your beans fresh & handy

Store your expensive and delicious coffee beans or grounds in this canister to keep them fresh and at the ready next to the coffee maker. The airtight lid stops air from staling your beans, but a valve lets out the CO2 gas because it can create an acidic flavor in your cup. The layered, stainless steel canister is also beautiful on your counter, comes with a stainless steel measuring scoop, opens and closes easily and securely with a steel bail clasp, and has a date tracker in the lid so you know when your coffee went in there.

19. A pair of light & collapsible walking sticks for easier hiking

Take these light, collapsible trekking poles with you on your next adventure so you can improve your balance on rough terrain, get a leg up on slippery or snow-covered trails, and distribute the work from your legs to the rest of your body as you hike. The poles adjust to your height, have a moldable cork grip that absorbs sweat, and secure to your wrist with a padded strap. They are easy to pack in, too, because they collapse to a small size and come with a carry bag. They are available in eight colors and got 34,000 five-star ratings.

20. An elegant bonsai kit that comes with seeds, tools & know-how

Ready to try growing a bonsai tree? This bonsai tree kit has everything you need to get started. There are seeds for silver birch, red maple, and mountain pine trees as well as plant pots for your seedlings, peat disks to plant the seeds in, plant markers, and directions. Since some seeds need to experience an artificial winter before they will sprout, this kit also comes with propagation bags so you can put those seeds safely in the fridge.

21. This vacuum attachment that cleans your dryer vents for more efficient cycles

If your dryer takes longer to dry than it used to, you probably need to deep clean the dryer vents. Fortunately, that’s super easy to do with this two-piece dryer vent cleaning kit that has a long, flexible brush to get in there and grab lint. There’s also a snake-like vacuum cleaner attachment to make sure you get it all out. Doing this chore regularly can also prevent fires so this is $11 well spent. The versatile connector fits most vacuums.

22. The much-loved ring toss game that looks like a surfboard

Want to keep your kids (or beer-drinking adults) entertained and content for an absurd amount of time? Mount this ring-toss game in the bar, game room, or outside and watch as they discover they absolutely must master it no matter how long it takes. (Humans are fairly predictable.) The premise is simple: Toss the ring at the hook till it catches. Sounds silly but it’s harder than it looks and strangely enthralling. There is also a bottle opener built-in to keep the kids in sodas and the adults opening those beers.

23. This 65-foot long roll of LED strip lights to customize your ambience

If you want to create decorative lighting elements all over your house, this big roll of 65 feet of peel-and-stick LED strip lights makes it easy. Just plug one end in, stick the light tape to the furniture, baseboards, cabinets, ceiling beams, under the bed, or wherever you need better light or can imagine a fun lighting element, and connect them to the app. You can choose the color, set timers, and turn on the music mode right from your phone.

24. This set of 5 drawer dividers to organize your desk, bath, or kitchen

These five drawer dividers are so modular that you can use them in desk drawers, dresser drawers, bathroom drawers, or in the kitchen to turn that jumble of stuff into organized storage. They stack or fit, puzzle-like, into drawers to accommodate many sizes, and create five roomy compartments for storing everything from paper clips to socks. They come in black or white.

25. A set of 3 big, sturdy totes to help with groceries or laundry

Fill these huge reusable totes — with a rigid bottom, handles on the side, and strong shoulder straps — with groceries while you shop and speed up the car-loading and hauling-into-the-house portion of this chore. You can also use them to cart laundry to the washing machine or files to your office. They each hold up to 65 pounds and the equivalent of four paper grocery bags of stuff. They come in three color choices.

26. This silicone dish-drying rack that folds up for storage

Instead of committing to a huge rack that eats up a significant portion of your counter, set this silicone dish drying mat down next to the sink instead. It has a raised edge to keep water from running off and onto the counters, the ridges lift dishes up so they dry, and the whole thing goes into the dishwasher for clean-up. It rolls up to store in a drawer when you want it out of the way. It also doubles as a trivet for hot pans.

27. This set of 4 wooden shirt organizers to streamline your closet

Create space in your closet, while organizing your wardrobe for easier dressing, with these four wooden shirt organizers. Just hang them horizontally from your closet rod to load six shirts onto them. The metal loops keep hangers from falling off. Then unhook one side of the organizer from the rod and let your shirts hang vertically so you can see them all at once. Your wardrobe will take up much less space and the hangers turn 360 degrees so it’s easy to rifle through your clothing options.

28. This clear teacup with an infuser & lid for a fresh cup anytime

If you love tea, don’t limit yourself to tea bags. This teacup with a tea infuser and lid makes it easy to brew one cup from loose tea leaves. Just set the stainless steel infuser into the mug, add the tea leaves and hot water, and top it with the glass lid. When it’s brewed, the lid makes a perfect place to set the strainer as it drips hot water and you drink your tea.

29. This fast electric wine opener that’s easy on the hands

There’s no need to struggle with a difficult-to-use wine opener to get to your glass of vino. Just put this rechargeable electric wine opener on top of the bottle and press a button. It sends a corkscrew into the cork and removes it super fast. Then press another button to unwind and retrieve said cork. It comes with a foil cutter and will open 30 bottles on a charge.

30. This clever touch-controlled lamp with 4 charging ports

This is the ideal desk or bedside table lamp because it’s small and cute, is easy to control with a touch, and has four USB charging ports built into the base. Just tap the top to turn it on, off, or to change the brightness. It eliminates clutter on your table because you don’t need an additional charger plug and its four USB plugs support fast charging.

31. The screen curtain that closes itself to keep bugs out

Hang this magnetic screen curtain in the door that leads to your yard, porch, or patio and upgrade your outdoor parties. The curtain allows people, even very young ones, and pets to come and go hands-free while stopping bugs from getting into the house. The sheer, mesh curtains are made of a fine screen that bugs can’t get through and the magnets that are sewn into the center seam grab each other to close it after someone goes through. It’s simple, brilliant, and installs in minutes.

32. The portable table tennis set that turns any table into a game

You can turn a dining table iyto a table tennis game table simple by extending the retractable net of this ping-pong set across it and clipping it to the sides. The clamps open with a button push and grip any table that’s up to two inches thick. Once the net is up, which takes mere seconds, pull out the two paddles and play. It comes with three balls. It’s genius because it means you can play table tennis anywhere from the dining room to a picnic site at the park. It even comes in its own travel case.

33. These reusable dishcloths that are a strange blend of cloth & sponge

Are these 10 Swedish cloths sponges or a dishcloths? You will have to answer that yourself. They are born of a strange union between cotton and cellulose so either answer is probably correct. They are absorbent, squeeze dry, and turn rigid when dry like a sponge. They are flexible and machine washable like a cloth. I do know this: They are much better than paper towels for many kitchen tasks and you will use them constantly.

34. The soap-dispensing dish brush that solves all the pesky dish brush problems

This dish brush and stand is the one. Not only does the handle fill with soap so you can easily add suds to the dishwashing, but that soap doesn’t leak out of the brush end until you push a button. Brilliant! Also, the brush is great. It’s angled, has a scraper on the end for baked-on problems, and there are plenty of bristles of just the right stiffness. It also comes with a stand that’s designed to catch water drips so your counter doesn’t get wet and the brush gets dry.

35. The cutting board with handy food containers built in

When you chop away on this clever cutting board, you can just sweep your cut onions and garlic into the container on the left and your chopped spicy peppers into the one on the right and, when it’s time to stif-fry, everything will be easy to grab and drop into the wok. The containers are also great for storing ingredients in the fridge and the acacia wood board is a delight to cut on.

36. This set of 3 reusable silicone baking mats that’s better than foil or parchment

Skip right past the parchment paper. Don’t grease the pan. Instead put one of these three silicone baking mats under your cookies or rolls. They stop baked goods from sticking and make cleanup super easy — they wash with a soapy rinse — and are completely reusable. One of them even has premeasured, printed circles for your macarons. Roll them up to store them.

37. This grippy opener that tackles jars of multiple sizes

This anti-skid jar opener is designed to de-lid any jar without a struggle. The grippy rubber interior holds firmly to the jar lid while you grip the handle, which lets you get some serious leverage on that stubborn lid. It can handle small jars and big ones, just choose the circle that fits best. Once you own this, you will never again have to wander the neighborhood looking for a beefy stranger who is willing to open a jar for you. It comes in two colors.

38. A Wi-Fi-connected thermometer & humidity sensor for your home

Set this Wi-Fi thermometer and humidity sensor in your home, vacation home, greenhouse, or office to keep tabs on the temperature and humidity in there from anywhere. If you have plants, pets, or tech equipment that needs to stay at a specific temperature or you just want to make sure your interior doesn’t get too hot, cold, or humid, it’s a lifesaver. Just leave it in the place you want to monitor, connect it to the internet, and check in on that place from your phone whenever you want from wherever you are. You can even set it to alert you if your space goes out of a range you set.

39. An herb garden kit for your kitchen window so you have fresh herbs at the ready

If you’d like to have a constant supply of fresh herbs, the best way is to grow a small herb garden in a sunny window — preferably right in the kitchen. This indoor herb garden kit has everything you need to do this. There are burlap pots for your plants to grow in, soil pucks to get the seeds started, plant markers, and — of course — basil, cilantro, chive, and parsley seeds. It even comes with instructions in case this is your first herb-garden rodeo.

40. This drain plug that traps hair before it causes a stoppage

If you have hair and you shower, you need to stop that hair from going down the drain or it’s just a matter of time before you’ll have a clog. This mushroom-shaped hair catcher is perfect for the job. Insert it into the drain and it will catch hair — while hiding it from your view — before said hair can do any damage. Just pull the strainer out occasionally to clean it off and you won’t need a plumber.

41. These cash-tracking envelopes that help you stick to your budgets

One smart — and hard to outsmart — way to stay on a budget and meet your savings goals is to put your cash, according to categories, into actual envelopes every week or month. This way, when your grocery envelope is empty, you can’t make that late-night run for cookie dough. And when your vacation envelope is full, you can start planning a getaway. These 96 preprinted budget envelopes were designed for this. They are sized for bills, have a place to write categories, and have a ledger printed right on them for tracking.

42. A 3-piece candle accessory toolkit so you can keep things burning smoothly

If you love to light candles, get some tools to make it easier and more fun. These three candle accessories help you light and snuff candles as if you were a poet, living in a country mansion waiting for a letter from your lost lover. The bell-shaped snuffer puts out a flame. The wick dipper digs the wick out of the wax and stands it up. And the wick trimmer cuts a too-long wick down to size. These were essential tools before electricity but are fun to own now.

43. These handy wipes that help to quickly get rid of stains when they happen

Keep one of these stain remover wipes in your glove compartment, pocket, purse, or wallet and you will never have to walk into a meeting or face a date with a stain on your shirt. Just open up the wipe and wipe your garment — while you are wearing it — to remove whatever just happened. Coffee spill? Spaghetti mistake? Dropped a burrito in your lap? There will be no evidence and no explanations required.

44. These clear plastic covers that help protect furniture from felines

Cats and furniture are, apparently, mortal enemies. And, unfortunately for your budget, the cats usually win their battles. These furniture protectors give the couch an advantage. Install them right over the tempting arms, back, or sides of the furniture your feline is out to get and suddenly that fabric is slippery and offers no purchase for claws. This is 10 cuttable pieces and they come with 60 twist pins (the kind upholsterers use) to attach the pieces firmly where you need them. You will barely notice them. Your cat will hate them.

45. These food-storage containers that help keep produce fresh longer

Save yourself a lot of money and trouble by storing fresh fruits and vegetables in these cleverly-designed produce saver containers. They elevate the produce so it doesn’t sit in moisture and vent the ethelene gas and humidity away so that when you go to make a salad, your vegetables are all still fresh. “I’ve had this spinach in this container for 2 1/2 weeks,” said one reviewer. “What?! My spinach would go bad after a week in a regular container or the bag it came in. Pretty awesome!”

46. A heated throw so you can be warm & cozy whenever you want

Wrap up in this heated, electric throw blanket whenever you are cold, crampy, or cranky and enjoy some fast, comforting warmth. It heats up nearly instantly because the heating wires woven into the soft fluffy fleece deliver warmth quickly. There are four heating levels so you can warm up slightly or get it hot to treat a sore back. And the automatic shutoff turns it off so you can fall asleep without worry.

47. This set of dumbbells in 3 weights so you can get strong without going out

Eliminate all the obstacles between you and those arm curls you’ve been meaning to do by setting this collection of dumbbells somewhere handy. Start with the two pound ones and work your way up to five pounds. They are covered in neoprene for easy grip, are color coded, and come with a stand to keep them tidy.

48. This convenient water filter that snaps onto your faucet

If you can’t stand the hassle of filling a water-filtering pitcher, snap this faucet-mounted water filtration system right onto your faucet and make getting clean water easy. It uses activated carbon and ion exchange to remove lead and other contaminants as the water comes out of the faucet. It’s easy to install and works with most kitchen faucets.

49. A personal neck fan so you can stay cool in any heat

When it’s hot outside or your workspace is stuffy, bring the comfort directly to your face by donning this quiet and powerful neck fan. There are no blades to catch hair or collect dust and it’s light enough to wear while exercising. With three speeds to choose from, you can go through your day in a hair-billowing wind or just a light breeze. It comes in two colors and recharges quickly via USB-C.

50. This slick, stainless steel kitchen scale for easier measuring

A digital kitchen scale is the tool you don’t think you need until you have one. Then you use it constantly. Be sure of your precise baking levels or even package weight to get the right postage. Just pull this little scale out of the drawer, hit a button (and the tare button to eliminate the bowl or plate from your calculations), and know — in ounces or grams — precisely how much things weigh. It’s waterproof, battery-operated, and fits easily in a kitchen drawer. Amazon keeps selling out of these 50 dope things

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