Andor’s Origin Story Is Better Than Rings of Power and House of the Dragon

Editor’s Note: The following contains spoilers for Andor, The Rings of Power, and House of the Dragon.In the modern media landscape, streaming services live and die based on the features available to them. This fall, we see three of the top performing streaming platforms go head-to-head with HBOs house of the dragonprime videos The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Powerand Disney+ Andor. All three shows are prequels with very clear endings to their narrative arcs.

All three shows are also tasked with telling important origin stories within their respective franchises. house of the dragon marks a critical point in the history of the Targaryen family, The Rings of Power follows Sauron’s first rise to power, and Andor deals with the origins of the Rebel Alliance. While all three shows had their impressive moments, both The Rings of Power and house of the dragon feel like they’re mimicking what came before.


Andor didn’t have this problem because it really feels like something else war of stars Universe. house of the dragonThe political intrigue of cannot compare to the most exciting storylines in game of Thronesand The Rings of Power will never feel as epic as Peter Jackson‘s trilogy. Andor doesn’t try to compete with that war of stars movies. It’s separate from the Skywalker saga, and its small approach is refreshing in an era of “blockbuster television.” While all three shows look to the pastAndor is the only one setting a template for the future.

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‘Andor’ does not require much background knowledge

Both The Rings of Power and house of the dragon require a lot of background knowledge that can be off-putting for fans who are not that familiar with the history of the franchises. The Rings of Power takes place generations ago Lord of the Rings, but the dark Lord Morgoth and his connection to Sauron, the Elves’ relationship with the Valar, and the social tensions between different races still have a complex history. Similar, house of the dragon refers to events like Aegon’s Conquest that happened long before the first episode.

Both shows are also burdened with the meaning of what comes later. You know Elrond and Galadriel will survive if you go in because they appear in it Lord of the Rings, and that Isildur will choose not to destroy the One Ring. It makes it difficult to invest in their character arcs when they draw such definitive conclusions. house of the dragon has given several references to the A Song of Ice and Fire prophecy, which obviously won’t be completed until the White Walkers appear game of Thrones.

Andor simply takes place in a galaxy where the Galactic Empire rules; Even if you haven’t seen the movies, a dystopian universe where rebellion is on the rise is relatively self-explanatory. Though we know Cassian will eventually meet his fate Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, the series’ exciting new characters have destinies that aren’t written in a book. It’s an exciting new journey for a long time war of stars fans and a great entry point for beginners.

‘Andor’ has a singular focus

Both house of the dragon and The Rings of Power have massive, sprawling casts. It can be difficult to understand all the names when there are multiple people named Aegon and complex elven names for different characters. Given the size of the ensembles, it is very difficult to distribute the wealth. If you enjoy the relationship between Durin III and Elrond in The Rings of Power, you may only be able to see her in every other episode. Did you like Harwin Strong? He was simultaneously introduced and killed after a single episode of house of the dragon.

While Andor has an impressive cast, the supporting characters are introduced through their relationships with Cassian. We only know what Cassian knows about Luthen Rael, and Syril Karn’s antagonist gets a specific reason why he wants to track down the rebels. When characters like Mon Mothma are introduced, there is a very clear line that draws them to Cassian’s activities.

Andor is also specific to Cassian’s worldview. He has an immigrant story that is far more relatable than immortal elves or wealthy royal families. Both The Rings of Power and house of the dragon aim to answer unanswered questions fans had about the universe, but Andor doesn’t feel like it was made to fill out a wiki entry. It asks a very simple question: How does a rebellion begin?

“Andor” is a stylistic awakening

Both house of the dragon and The Rings of Power have endeavored to live up to the precedent left by their predecessors. During the battle for the Southlands in the sixth episode of The Rings of Power was captivating, it cannot be compared to the Battle of Helm’s Deep in The two Towers or the Battle of Mordor in return of the king. Yes, Criston Cole’s violent outburst at Rhaenyra Targaryen’s wedding house of the dragon was surprising, but was it more shocking than the Red Wedding or the Purple Wedding in game of Thrones?

Andor will not surpass any of the space battles in the original war of stars trilogy, but it doesn’t try. It’s likely we’ll never see a lightsaber in the series. A political thriller war of stars The universe is something we have never seen before, and Andor has the benefit of coming from an experienced spy storyteller Tony Gilroy. Gilroy isn’t exactly the greatest war of stars Fan, but he knows how to tell a compelling story about spy networks and social upheaval.

Andor is the only one of these prequels that isn’t about the franchise itself. It is anchored in the pre-existing universe, but also has an identity of its own. Simply showing a dragon, a ring, or a stormtrooper is no longer enough. These shows must have a story of their own worth telling. You don’t have to be war of stars to be a fan Andor Fan.

Andor starts new episodes every Wednesday on Disney+. Andor’s Origin Story Is Better Than Rings of Power and House of the Dragon

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