Andrew Tate claims he is a ‘feminist’ in heated TV interview with Piers Morgan – live updates

Andrew Tate claims he is a “feminist” in bizarre interview with Piers Morgan.

Controversial influencer Andrew Tate has claimed he was “forced” into an interview when asked about rape and human trafficking allegations in a new interview with Piers Morgan.

Both he and his brother Tristan are currently awaiting trial in Romania on charges of setting up a criminal gang to exploit women, which both deny.

They will appear in the first of two episodes on TalkTV tonight. News of the interview divided opinions, with many calling for a boycott of the show and criticizing the broadcaster for offering the brothers “a platform.”

In a 40-second clip shared on the social media site !”.

Morgan last interviewed the former kickboxer in December 2022, just eight days before Tate’s arrest, in which he reiterated his belief that women were “married” to their husbands.

Tate first rose to prominence during the 2016 season of Big Brother in Great Britain. Since then, he has built a following of young boys and men by presenting himself as an alpha lifestyle coach on social media.


Further information will follow on Piers Morgan Uncensored

The second part of Piers Morgan’s interview with Andrew Tate airs tomorrow, with a promotional teaser in which the pair discuss Hamas and the ongoing legal battle against the Tates.

Andrew’s brother Tristan will also appear for a separate interview.

Holly EvansNovember 20, 2023 9:11 p.m


“It’s not my fault,” Tate says

When asked about his influence on young teenagers, Tate replied: “It’s very easy for a teenager, with his hormones and lack of life experience, to weaponize the things I say and use them in the wrong context.” This However, it’s not my fault.

“Can I make sure that no teenager on the planet who listens to me ever misunderstands me? No, I can’t, but I’m doing my best.”

Holly EvansNovember 20, 2023 9:06 p.m


“We’re all feminists here,” Tate says

After speaking about Amanda Holden, Tate said, “We’re all feminists here.”

When asked whether he actually calls himself a feminist, he confirmed that he believes in self-determined women.

However, he added that “men and women were created differently by God.”

“A man has certain jobs and a woman has certain jobs,” he said.

Holly EvansNovember 20, 2023 8:53 p.m


Andrew addresses Amanda Holden’s comment

In a bizarre exchange, Tate once responded to a photo of presenter Amanda Holden in a swimsuit, writing: “You are a wife and mother and well past your teens, this post is unnecessary.”

Describing her as a close friend, Morgan said the tweet was misogynistic, to which Tate explained: “You can call me crazy, you can call me misogynistic, but I think once you reach the ripe old age of 50, no woman should interested in them.” Thirst quencher on Instagram. I think she has greater responsibilities, I am sure she is a very intelligent woman and has done amazing things.”

(talk TV)

Holly EvansNovember 20, 2023 8:49 p.m


“The purest definition of misogyny I’ve ever read,” Morgan said via tweet

After reading out a lengthy tweet in which Tate laid out his views on women and his treatment of his partner, Morgan concluded: “I think that’s the purest definition of misogyny I’ve ever read,” Morgan concluded.

When Morgan asked Tate his views on whether women were slaves and subjects, Tate replied, “Slaves who wear Prada.”

Holly EvansNovember 20, 2023 8:42 p.m


Morgan questions Tate about the “loverboy method”

The term “method” refers to men who use tactics to coerce vulnerable people into exploitation.

Tate replied, “Do you know what ‘loverboy method’ means?” To be nice. “He was nice, polite and friendly and they really liked him as a person and he told them how to do TikTok. “He’s a lover boy!”

“I was nice to girls who asked me for TikTok advice, I didn’t hit them or force them,” he said.

He then accused Morgan of using the “lover boy method” and “forcing” her to do the interview.

Holly EvansNovember 20, 2023 8:34 p.m


Andrew Tate denies allegations as ‘garbage’

Tate described the allegations against him as “garbage.”

He claimed he was “thrown in prison” because of his opinions on the coronavirus pandemic and the war in Ukraine.

Andrew added: “The whole thing is a joke.”

When asked why this would result in him being thrown in prison, he said: “I was the most Googled person on the planet and had the greatest affinity with the most problematic demographic in the Matrix.”

Holly EvansNovember 20, 2023 8:29 p.m


“God paid my bills”

When asked how he was able to finance himself after his bank accounts were seized, he said: “God paid my bills.”

He revealed he had seized 15 cars and six properties, as well as a number of diamond watches and other assets worth between £16m and £17m.

He added that he has not yet returned these assets.

Holly EvansNovember 20, 2023 8:21 p.m


Tate describes cockroaches and Romanian prison conditions

When asked about the Romanian president’s conditions where he was being held, Tate said: “It’s just as bad as people expect. “Luckily it was winter so the cockroaches weren’t that bad.”

He added that there had been an “infestation” of cockroaches and that he entertained himself by killing them and doing “thousands of push-ups a day.”

He denied crying but said he had tears streaming down his face. “I’m an emotional man, I think men are hyper-emotional, we just have to control it,” he said.

“I was in the middle of a fight, I don’t think you get post-traumatic stress disorder from fighting.”

Holly EvansNovember 20, 2023 8:15 p.m


Influencer describes legal case as “ridiculous”

Discussing his legal troubles with Piers Morgan, he described the case against him as “crazy” and “ridiculous”.

He is being tried in Romania on charges of rape and human trafficking.

Holly EvansNovember 20, 2023 8:11 p.m

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