Are you a ‘cinnamon roll’ man or a dominant Alpha male? As women admit they prefer softer blokes, take our test

Instead of alpha males, more and more women are craving a cinnamon roll man who has a delicious, softer belly and no rock-hard abs.

According to romance publishers, metrosexual men are all the rage.

Take our quiz and find out if you're more the rock cake man or the cinnamon roll type


Take our quiz and find out if you’re more the rock cake man or the cinnamon roll type

Katie Olson, Senior Editor at Altria, said: “We are seeing a shift in attitudes towards identity and masculinity.

“Readers are looking for romance novels that reflect what they see.”

But Italian model Fabio Lanzoni insists “cute and squishy” cinnamon roll men will be a passing fantasy.

“It’s just a trend,” he said. “I talk to a lot of women and they say, ‘We can’t find real men anymore.’ “We want a real man, not a metrosexual.”

So who are you? Sun Sexpert Georgette Culley invites you to take our quiz to find out if you’re a hard rock pie or a cinnamon roll. . . or anywhere in between.

Jot down your answers, then see what you make of them below.

1) Do you pay the bill on the first date?

a) Of course I’m a gentleman.

b) No. It’s 2023 and it’s insulting not to let a woman pay.

c) go dutch We are all the same.

2) Your partner leaves his phone and a message pops up from a man you don’t know. Do you:

a) Transform into Alan Turing and crack his code before devouring the message.

b) Casually ask your partner, “Oh, who’s that from?” Then try to figure out if she’s lying.

c) Why should you care? It’s probably just a buddy from work.

3) The woman of your dreams has just entered the room, do:

a) Offer to take her coat and buy her a drink.

b) Try to look at her and hope she approaches.

c) Ask the person for permission to talk – it’s rude to invade their personal space.

4) Your partner suddenly stopped having sex, or you:

a) Drop them for someone who’s really up for it. you have needs.

b) Suggest watching porn together, then claim you were “just kidding.”

c) Cook her favorite meal, light some candles and ask about her day.

5) What’s your favorite kink?

a) I do it in front of a mirror so “I can see how good I am at it.”

b) Everything from the 50 Shades Of Gray Sex Kit You Drunk Bought Online.

c) Make someone happy. It’s not just about you.

6) There’s a promotion coming up at work, and you and your colleague are both striving for it:

a) You don’t worry about the competition, you know you’ve got it in your pocket.

b) Ask ChatGPT to do your presentation for you. It’s not a scam, it helps.

c) Work tirelessly on your presentation the night before.

7) Your best friend’s gorgeous girlfriend declared her undying love for you, right?

a) Have a one night stand. What he doesn’t know can’t hurt him, right?

b) Flirt with her to boost your ego, but leave it at that.

c) tell your friend He deserves to know.

8) You want to surprise your partner, right?

a) Buy her the same sexy lingerie you saw on the model you like.

b) Send her a sexy WhatsApp message with an eggplant emoji.

c) Book her for a spa day. . . and join her for a facial.

9) How do you like to meet women?

a) At the gym where they can see me doing iron work.

b) On dating apps so I can get a sense of who she is and swipe left when there are too many selfies or snapchat filters.

c) While I’m working on a charity project.

10) How would you rate your role in your friend group/relationship/workplace?

a) Whether it’s in the boardroom or the bedroom, I’m a born leader.

b) I like to be the center of attention, but sometimes I shy away from making big decisions.

c) I’m the one who creates the WhatsApp group and volunteers to pay for events with my credit card.

Mostly A – stone cake

Alpha males have mostly answered


Alpha males have mostly answered “A”, they take control and don’t take feedbackCredit: Alamy

personality type: Alpha males, like Christian Gray in 50 Shades

Just like the popular snack, they are hard, fruity and irresistible. . . At least for you.

You are not afraid to take risks and you are the most dominant man in the room.

You know how to charm the ladies and take control, both in and out of the bedroom, but don’t accept feedback.

You crave wild, passionate partners, but sometimes you lack empathy and could use being sweeter at times.

Mostly B: Battenberg

If you answered mostly


If you answered mostly “Bs,” you represent a Delta Male, loyal, loving, and braveCredit: Alamy
If you're a Battenberg, your partner will shed the layers to bring out your adventurous side


If you’re a Battenberg, your partner will shed the layers to bring out your adventurous sideCredit: Alamy

personality type: Delta Male as Mark Darcy from Bridget Jones.

UNDER your hard exterior you have a lot of soft parts – which makes you the perfect mix.

Deltas are known for being hardworking, loyal, and dependable.

It takes a while to shed your layers, but once you do, you can be delicious and become a loving and loyal partner who dares in bed.

Mostly C: cinnamon roll

Considerate lovers, beta males are also known as cinnamon buns


Considerate lovers, beta males are also known as cinnamon bunsPhoto credit: Getty

personality type: Beta male, like Ross from Friends

CONGRATULATIONS, you’re a cinnamon roll – the tastiest treat in town.

Women are charmed by your sweet and shy nature and cannot help but fall in love with your gentle soul.

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You value personal relationships through professional success or wealth and are a real family man.

You are a considerate lover who likes to up the romance with sweet music and candlelit dinners to get your partner in the mood.

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