Assassin class guide — Weapon, ability, and passive

Assassin is a stealth class in Rogue Legacy 2. Most classes want to fight and deal as much damage as possible. In contrast, Assassin is about timing and attacking when your enemies least expect it. This character class has below average health but has a fair amount of Mana, which means it is not too strong, but can use spells very well. The Assassin class may require some tweaking to your gameplay, but our guide to its Weapons, Abilities, and Passives will help you get the most out of it. Rogue Legacy 2.

To unlock the Assassin requires your castle to be level 36. This and Gunslinger are the first classes unlocked after you reach level 30. Assuming you’ve unlocked the Duelist, the only upgrades needed to access the Assassin is the Gym found on the far left of the Castle Upgrade tree. If required, you should earn any more levels by spending Gold on Castle Upgrades to improve Strength and Vitality.

Rogue Legacy 2 – Assassin class instruction

Dual blade

Dual blades are short daggers that can be swung quickly. They have one of the fastest recovery times of any weapon in the Rogue Legacy 2 and deal damage in a series of three separate attacks. The three-hit landing in a row ensures that the final hit deals critical damage. Similarly, Dash attacks always deal critical damage, so it’s possible to combine a Dash attack into a combo to make two out of three critical hits.

Another great feature of Dual Blades is that they are great for mana refills. Normal attacks provide Mana, as with all classes, but a full three-hit combo instantly grants 20 Mana. Two combos can be fully performed in about a second, making this one of the best sources of Mana recovery in the game. Since Assassins have this right, cast Spells as often as possible.

Rogue Legacy 2 Assassin Dual Blades Hit Critical Hit Third Passive Weapon Ability Class Guide


Obscura is the talent of the Assassin class in Rogue Legacy 2. When activated, it conceals Assassin for three seconds. When concealed, movement speed is improved and you become invulnerable. You can even freely pass through enemies without taking damage. It is for this reason alone that it is perhaps the best defensive talent in the game. If you run into trouble, it’s a guaranteed Get Out of Jail Free card.

But Obscura has an annoying use. Attacking an enemy while wearing a cloak removes the cloak but also damages the enemy. Vulnerability is a powerful debuff that causes all subsequent attacks to deal critical damage for two seconds. This is especially good for dealing massive amounts of damage to bosses whenever the window that opens to attack them opens. Obscura’s main downside is its long cooldown. Once used, it will have 10 cooldowns. However, its cooldown is only reduced if you combine all three hits with Dual Blades. Depending on the surrounding enemies, this could make it unavailable for long periods of time.

Rogue Legacy 2 Assassin Obscura Talent Stealth Ability Passive Guide Weapon

Eagle Eye

Assassin’s Class in Rogue Legacy 2 used Eagle Eye’s passive ability. Eagle Eye increases the chance of hitting a Super Critical Strike by 10%. Super-serious hits are not so common for most classes, as the requirements to land them are very specific. An attack only deals Super Critical damage if both a random Skill and Crit are activated at the same time. The probability of this happening for most classes is quite low.

That 10% increase in probability isn’t overwhelming, but it can be very good if used properly. Some runes and relics accumulate with this, making it more likely to happen and wreak havoc when it lands. An example is the Obelisk relic that adds 20% on 10% of the base. If you throw an Assassin heir with this relic, it will be extremely powerful.

Rogue Legacy 2 Assassin Eagle Eye Passive Ability

Note: For more information, see Rogue Legacy 2 instructions and central features. Assassin class guide — Weapon, ability, and passive

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