Bachelorette 2022 recap: Logan switches back to team Gabby in episode 5

The Bachelorette Episode 5 begins with the group continuing their journey to find love in Bruges, Belgium: the perfect place to fall in love.

Rachel’s men prepare for their group date, but unfortunately Logan has decided that Bruges is actually the perfect place to break Rachel’s heart (again). Logan tells Rachel that he’s actually more into Gabby and can’t go on the group date. The poor girl is understandably upset and says being a Bachelorette makes her feel like a failure.

Logan then visits Gabby in her room and tells her everything. He asks her if she would be interested in seeing where things are going and Gabby says she needs some time to think about it.

Rachel’s group date: evening only

Rachel is too upset to accompany the men on the day portion of their group date; However, she still has an evening group date with her husbands, including Tino, Zach, Meatball, Ethan, and Tyler. She fills them in on the Logan situation and the boys are shocked.

Luckily the night is turning and Rachel has some great connections with the boys. Ethan gets some major points by “checking in” with her to make sure she’s okay, but the group date rose ultimately goes to Tino, with whom she continues to form a strong bond.

Gabby’s group date

Meanwhile, Gabby takes Nate, Erich, Michael, Mario, Spencer and Jason on a day out exploring Bruges, eating waffles and playing soccer. Also, I don’t think a date is complete without a healthy game of rock, paper, scissors, and fish swatter. Yes, you read that correctly. The group played rock, paper, scissors, and if you lost, you were slapped with a fish. So romantic!

On the night of the date, Logan shows up, much to the other boys’ chagrin. They fear Logan will just walk in and get the rose of the group date. Good news for her, Nate ended up scoring the rose of the group date, but that doesn’t mean Logan is done causing trouble.

Rachel and Aven’s single date

Rachel and Aven start their very own fairytale adventure around Bruges in a horse-drawn carriage. She says she feels safe with him. Could Aven be a front runner?

When we get to the nighttime part of the date, we learn more about Aven’s past. He says he needs to feel secure in a relationship because his parents were never together growing up. Although he barely saw his mother growing up, they got back together and became close as he grew up. He offers Rachel a nice looking bracelet that his mother made for him and Rachel is very touched. She offers him the rose.

Gabby and Johnny’s single date

The pair meet at a brewery (or, as Johnny calls it, a “beer farm”), where they spend the day tasting different beers. They even have a spa day with beer! Gabby says she always has fun with Johnny but wants to see if she can deepen their relationship.

During the evening portion of the date, they do just that. Johnny opens up and talks about how he struggles with depression and is always very hard on himself. Gabby says she can totally relate to how she’s also struggling with her own fears. Clearly happy with where the night has taken her, Gabby offers him the rose, and Johnny happily accepts.

Cocktail party and rose ceremony

It’s time for the cocktail party and rose ceremony, but the biggest question on everyone’s mind is whether or not Gabby will offer Logan a rose. The ceremony went as follows:

Rachel’s Roses:




– Aven (One-on-One Date Rose)

– Tino (group date Rose)

Gabby’s roses:

– Jason

– spencer

– Eric


– Johnny (One-on-One Date Rose)

– Nate (group date Rose)

Gabby has spoken and Logan will stay! That leaves no roses for Michael, Mario, and Meatball. Something about those “M” names this week.

Looks like drama will be brewing next week when the group travels to Amsterdam. Don’t miss “The Bachelorette” on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC!

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