Beginner’s guide and Pardoner’s Vale NPCs

Your journey in Salt and Sacrifice will be long and arduous. There are several mechanics to consider, enough to pose a challenge as you progress. This is ours Salt and Sacrifice A beginner’s guide to help you with the functionality of the Pardoner’s Vale NPCs and some combat tips.

Note: We will have a Salt and Sacrifice Tutorials and central features soon, so stay tuned.

Salt and Sacrifice beginner’s guide – NPC Pardoner’s Vale and fighting tips

Choose a class

Before you start your adventure in Salt and Sacrifice, you will have to choose a class. Your decisions here will determine your initial gear and unlocked perks/stats. For example, a Sage starts with a stick, a channel bar, and the ability to use Forbidden Glyph level 1 (i.e. weapon/magic skill). While you can certainly branch out to make a hybrid build, I’d recommend sticking with something you’re more comfortable with.

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Fighting the Inphyrean Guardian

After the short trailer, your character will battle the Inphyrean Warden. This giant demon can destroy you in a few hits, and it will take a bit of work to kill it.

If you die, that’s perfectly fine (as is the case with most soul-as intro). But, if you defeat it, its death will still kill you, although you will have a few silver pockets at the start of the proper campaign.

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NPC function in Pardoner’s Vale

Next, you’ll wake up at Pardoner’s Vale, the main hub in Salt and Sacrifice. Here you will see a number of NPCs and objects with corresponding functions:

  • Forge – The Forge allows you to create weapons, armor, accessories, and even cosmetics. These materials use materials dropped by bosses and their mobs.
  • Arcane Table – This table allows you to upgrade your gear using “Pyr” (found in bags/chests or dropped by enemies).
  • Statue – This is where you level up (more on this later).
  • Tools – You can upgrade your ammo count and ammo count here.
  • Portal – The runes, Unnamed Hunt, and Destiny Hunt you encounter will allow you to teleport to a specific area.
  • Merchants – Merchant NPCs will move to Pardoner’s Vale after you meet them during your travels. They will allow you to buy items that cost silver.

Note: Other NPCs can also end up in Pardoner’s Vale, and they’re primarily related to PvP objectives that we won’t discuss in detail here.

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Salt, level and allocate your skill points

As mentioned earlier, leveling is done with the statue in Pardoner’s Vale. Here are some tidbits:

  • The main currency/XP used to level up is salt, which is usually dropped by enemies. You can also find or purchase salt bags/bags to provide a single-use dose of salt.
  • Similar to other soul-Like the game, any salt you have will be lost when you die. However, you can still go back to that point to get your lost money back. If you die on the way, then it will disappear.
  • The only stat that increases as you level up is your HP.
  • Each level will grant 1x Black Starstone (ie skill points). Each level year will grant 1x Gray Stone (ie respawn point).

Note: You can learn more in our upgrade guide and skill points.

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Repeaters and devices

In addition to consumables, the following types of items can be equipped to your character:

  • 4x armor pieces (head, chest, arms and legs)
  • 2x melee weapon sets (swap in combat)
  • 1x ranged weapon
  • 1x amulet
  • 1x charm
  • 2x rings
  • 3x artifacts

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Spellmark Curse

Another thing you will notice is that part of your HP bar is gray-green. That’s because your character has Spell Mark, a curse that prevents you from reaching max HP. The only way to get rid of this is to use the Guiltless Shard, although the debuff will work again if your character dies.

Note: You can learn more in our Spellmark / Guiltless Shard guide.

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Obelisks: Rest and Resupply – How to Replenish Your Pots and Ammo

Salt and Sacrifice there are five main zones (and a sixth which I will discuss in a bit). It’s all separate from each other, so it’s not one big, interconnected world.

When you use the portal, you will arrive at the original area of ​​that area. There’s an Obelisk nearby and you’ll find a few other towers as you explore. Obelisks allow you to return to Pardoner’s Vale, and they can also be used to replenish your supplies. However, there is no way for you to quickly travel from one Obelisk to another.

A Beginner's Guide to Salt and Sacrifice Pardoner's Vale 2a Battle Tips

The Obelisk command to rest and resupply can be used as often as you like. However, the only way you’ll replenish some items is if you’ve already collected certain raw materials:

  • Hearthen Flask (ie potion) – Valley Herbs from plants.
  • Haze Decoction (i.e. energy potion) – Spiral of mist from vaults/rocks.
  • Ammo – Iron ore from crystallized nodes.

Note: Activating Obelisk will revive mobs, as well as collectable buttons/objects. You can pick up a lot of these and the excess will be deposited in your inventory in Pardoner’s Vale.

A Beginner's Guide to Salt and Sacrifice Pardoner's Vale 2b . Combat Tips

No map

Salt and Sacrifice is different from many other Metroidvanias and Souls-like games because it has no maps at all. This is a real challenge simply because it’s hard to remember every single detail or forgotten corner of an area, especially in a 2D game where landmarks aren’t always as obvious as so.

A Beginner's Guide to Salt and Sacrifice Pardoner's Vale 3's Battle Tips

Rotate the camera before using tools/equipment

During your adventure, you should rotate the camera first by moving your right thumb. This will let you know if there are other objects that can be interacted with, hidden ledges, or if you are headed for doom. For example, some areas of the game have consecutive jumping puzzles. You’ll use the Luminstone tool to render the platforms, but you’ll also need to use the Grappling Hook before the grappling point disappears.

A Beginner's Guide to Salt and Sacrifice Pardoner's Vale 4a Combat Tips

Keep an eye out for traps

Traps, such as spinning blades and wooden spikes, can cause your character to glide across the screen if they are hit. In addition to the initial damage, you also have to be aware of the damage when falling and any enemies that may hit you.

Salt and Sacrifice Beginner's Guide Pardoner's Vale 4b . Combat Tips

Endurance is the key

Fitness is a very important factor to consider when you are fighting. Almost every action requires it (i.e. attack, dodge, block, and cast weapon skills/magic).

While stamina can be replenished quickly enough, it won’t if you’re taking damage or if you’re jumping. As such, it is very easy to hit multiple hits to break your vigilance. It can also be juggled mid-air, leaving you unhindered or dodged.

Salt and Sacrifice Beginner's Guide Vale Combat Tips by Pardoner 4c

Chasing boss Mage

Master craftsman in Salt and Sacrifice called Mage Hunts. You will encounter bosses and you will have to chase them all over the area. After the chase sequence ends, a battle ensues in an arena of all kinds where the edges are barricaded.

Mages will spawn their own mobs and they also drop crafting materials. Likewise, these bosses will be hostile to other creatures in the vicinity. You can even see moments where bosses will fight other bosses.

Note: You can learn more in our Mage Hunts guide and Fated Hunts / Fated Tomes guide.

Salt and Sacrifice Beginner's Guide Vale Combat Tips by Pardoner 5a

Discover the secret

Whenever you pick up new tools (i.e. Grappling Hook, Magnesin Supply, Luminstone, and Ethercloth Bolt) you can always return to areas you visited before. In some cases, going astray can lead to loot, NPCs you may encounter, more Mage Hunts, and other secrets.

Note: You can learn more in our guide to the secret area of ​​Hallowed Hill.

A Beginner's Guide to Salt and Sacrifice Pardoner's Vale 5b . Combat Tips

Salt and Sacrifice available through the Epic Games Store. Beginner’s guide and Pardoner’s Vale NPCs

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