Behold the Miniature Painting Art of Warhammer’s Golden Demon

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games workshops Cavalcade of miniatures shall be thrown at each other on the dice-controlled fields of table warbut for some of the company’s most ardent fans, it makes these miniatures look good as beautiful as possible This is the true essence of the hobby – and there is no better reminder of it that as the “Golden Demon” painting competition.

those years Warhammer Firmly lately hosted the second Golden Demon competition in 2023 and gave Great Britain And Europe-based miniature artists have a chance to fight for fame – and because it is Warhammer, a literal giant sword called the Slayer Sword, which was awarded to the best painted model overall. Across categories spanning all Games Workshop tabletop games from the far future Warhammer 40K to the fantasy of Age of Sigmarout of Lord of the rings And The Hobbit to the Starfighters of Aeronautica ImperialisThis year’s competition is all about miniaturized excellence. Golden Demon categories are broken down as follows:

  • Single Thumbnail (Warhammer 40,000 And Age of Sigmar) – As the name suggests, these categories are divided into the two main categories Warhammer Games are meant for single models, whether it’s a solo infantry unit or creature, or a great hero.
  • large model (Warhammer 40,000 And Age of Sigmar) – From hulking demon princes to hulking aelf avatars of fire and damnation, this is for you large Boys and girls on the tabletop.
  • squad (Warhammer 40,000) and unit (Age of Sigmar) – Different names depending on the game, but essentially the same: a whole unit of miniatures together.
  • vehicle (Warhammer 40,000) – There are not so many vehicles in the fantasy world of AoShence this category is only for the walkers, tanks and other mechanized powerhouses of the 41st millennium.
  • Diorama/Battle Scene (any game) – In order to give the painters a little more freedom, this category is not just about individual models, but about integrating them into a larger conflict scene.
  • Duel (any game) – This category is also about framing a scene, but this time specifically in two miniatures that compete against each other.
  • Small scale (any game) – This category focuses on the alternately scaled miniatures of games like Giant Robot Duel Adeptus Titanicus or the airship battle game Aeronautica Imperialisis all about details on the smallest canvases.
  • middle earth – Uh. This category is for the Lord of the rings And hobbit Miniatures from Games Workshop’s licensed strategy game.
  • Youngbloods (Any Game) – Miniatures in this category can be from any Games Workshop game, the only restriction is the age of the painter: Youngbloods is for under 16s, so be prepared to be very intimidating by the painter’s skillshe teenagers
  • open competition – This is the category where everything is free, from elaborate dioramas to custom busts and sculptures to models from discontinued games. It is also the only category in which real Games Workshop employees are allowed to enter.

Click through to see an absolute hodgepodge of art painted monsters, mechs, heroes, villains, and everything in between, from category winners to recommended runners-up.

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