Best Nose Hair Trimmer For Men in 2021

It seems that even the best nose trimmer is a must-have for those who already own tweezers. But there’s a really good reason to avoid plucking your way to a well-groomed coat: your nostril hair serves a purpose. Namely filtering out all the dirt in the air you breathe in every day, so you’re not just drawing dirt into your lungs. You don’t want to burn the earth and simply put it into oblivion. A good ear and nose trimmer will cut your hair down to a standard length, leaving them uncluttered while remaining filtered and in good working order. (Also, it just hurts a lot less.)

That means you should choose a specialized device to do the job. The shaver you use to clean your facial hair won’t cut it — nor will the trimmer you rely on for at-home retouching. (Don’t bother trying to pull some scissors up there.) To properly trim any misaligned nose and ear hair, you’ll want a machine specifically designed for correcting internal contours. your nostrils. Just clinging to anything else in there is best not to, and worse, extremely dangerous.

Best nose trimmer

Panasonic ear, nose, eyebrow and facial hair trimmer

Panasonic sets the standard when it comes to ear and nose hair removal. The brand’s easy-to-use wet-dry trimmer delivers sharp cuts with a stainless steel blade and vacuum that makes cleanup quick and simple.

Best manual nose hair trimmer

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Tweezerman nose trimmer

Tweezerman manual shears are specially designed to minimize cuts and nicks, helping you and your nose avoid any undue irritation under the wire. It will take a little longer to get an even clip than if you were using an auto clip (but, say, 18 seconds instead of 3 seconds). Best of all: It requires no charging and no battery replacement.

The best deep channel trimmer

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Wahl . Ear, Nose and Eyebrow Trimmer

Wahl’s multi-tool comes with interchangeable tips built with hygienic trimming in mind. It’s small and portable, but it’s also a powerful single point for easy contour trimming, brow contouring, and facial hair detail — all at a price that’s hard to beat.

Best budget trimmer


Wahl micro groomsmen personalized pruning pen

Wahl’s second appearance on this list is the brand’s sleek, super functional trimmer, an ultra-lean tool designed for ultimate portability. The trimmer’s included pair of accessories will help combat noise and ear hair and detailing your eyebrows or beard, while its anodized aluminum housing will fend off anything you — or your nostrils — — throw in. This is a usable device if you’re pressed for storage space and can only allocate a ballpoint pen-sized amount of room to your trimmer.

The best grooming device with a nose trimmer

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Panasonic Diversity Grooming Machine

You don’t need a stand-alone nose trimmer if you have an all-in-one beard trimmer or an electronic shaver (one with an interchangeable nose hair attachment that does the job). Panasonic, which has held the top spot on this list of nose trimmers, also gets the distinction in this ‘best accessories’ category, for its striking new MultiShape. This tool is a Class A trimmer, trimmer, shaver, and nose trimmer. Best of all, you can pay for whatever attachments you need, instead of stocking up on a kit and throwing it away. take half of it. (Though we recommend buying at least beard/full body trimmers, shavers, and nose trimmers—their prices are reflected here. Oh, and get the lithium ion batteries—just over $10. dollars and takes longer to charge.)

The best Errant hair trimmer


MicroTouch Titanium MAX trimmer with light

While this trimmer is great for cleaning sideburns, beard contours, and eyebrows, it’s also great for trimming recurring pees from the base of your nostrils. We don’t recommend tucking it inside the nose completely, as it will trim the hair too short, but if all you need is to clean the periphery, you can also get a product that does the job. more than its main function.

The best multi-function trimmer


Philips Norelco ear, nose, eyebrows, neck and sideburns trimmer

For another multi-tasker, the Philips Norelco fully washable detail trimmer features the brand’s signature dual-blade blades, sharpened twice for a smoother cut and cleaner edges. The interchangeable head and guard is especially beneficial for more grooming functions, including sideburns and back of the neck. If you’re stuck and can only get one device for all of your detailing needs, you can do much worse than stuff it into a Dopp kit with the knowledge that—at least. most — your ears, nose, eyebrows, and edges will be set.

Best nose hair clippers

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Seki Edge Nose Scissors

All of these bulky devices begs the question: What about nose scissors? In fact, they’re fine for the job as well, as long as they have a rounded and blunt tip to avoid being poked. These stainless steel “nostrils” scissors from Seki Edge can straighten out misaligned eyebrows, mustaches, split ends, and of course, any nose hairs.

9 more things we love

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Manscaped Ear and Nose Trimmer

Manscaped calls its next-generation trimmer a “weed whacker,” and the comparison is not without merit. When you start with the 9,000 rpm motor, add a dual-blade system that rotates 360° and combines with good battery life for up to 90 minutes of use. What else would you call it?

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Meridian Ear and Nose Trimmer

The Meridian trimmer offers everything you need from a sharp, sharp device that you normally stick near the most sensitive parts of your face. Its ergonomic design promises greater maneuverability, while its lightweight, water-resistant construction is its best chance to prevent a crash no matter where you take it.

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Zwilling Rotary Nose and Ear Trimmer

Confused with the idea of ​​electric operation whatever around the most government hole on your neck? We feel you. Thankfully, you can still clean your nostrils the old-fashioned way, thanks to this German brand’s stainless steel precision tool behind the best blades on the market. The manual twist function keeps pulling to a minimum, while the built-in brush makes cleanup a breeze.

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Braun ear and nose trimmer

Braun’s trimmer comes with a rounded blade system and an ergonomic shape that makes reaching hard-to-reach areas relatively easy.

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Remington eyebrow, nose and ear trimmer

The double-sided blades deliver top performance, while the waterproof, battery-powered housing requires as little maintenance as possible after you’re done using it.


ConairMAN ENT trimmer

The standout detail on Conair’s ergonomically designed ear and nose trimmer is the beveled blade system that allows for exceptionally close and even trimming. It also seamlessly transitions to a sleek contouring tool if your beard edges need retouching.

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ToiletTree product nose and ear trimmer

About our favorite nose trimmer — and also one of Amazon’s customers. It is water resistant, making it great for shooting in the bathroom, as well as being easy to clean.


Groom Mate Platinum Ear and Nose Trimmer

Another manual option, this trimmer goes up, twists at the feet, and cuts at the top.

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Remington ear and nose piercing

The horizontal clip on Remington’s device makes perimeter cleanup easy — and also a tool we’re happy to use to detail our mustaches and brows.

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The Best Beard Trimming Methods That Will Keep You Dandruff

Regardless of whether you are maintaining a long beard or growing a large beard, you will want to trim your beard to keep it clean. Best Nose Hair Trimmer For Men in 2021

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