‘Better Call Saul’ Season 6, Episode 4 Recap: The Calm Before Lalo’s Storm?

This post contains word vandals It’s better to call Saul episode 604, “Hit and Run.”

Well, this is the same as in the beginning Better call Saul: Slow-paced, alternating silly and sinister through Break cinematic universe. (BBCU? Can we call it that short?) On the surface, not much happens during an hour. Jimmy and Kim perform the next show in their series about Cliff and Howard; Jimmy discovers the pros and cons of exposure as a cartel collaborator; and we learn that the car that followed Kim was only a small part of Gus’ attempt to find Lalo before Lalo found him.

But don’t be fooled: the plot is dragging. Gus and Mike are almost certainly headed for a battle to the death with Lalo. Jimmy is getting closer to his destiny as everyone’s favorite crooked shy. And Kim is headed for (at least) one of two potentially unpleasant fates: a duel with the powerful lawyers she’s dealing with, or a clash with a psychotic drug lord who knows Jimmy. lied about what happened in the desert.

The episode begins with another mysterious cold opening. This time, we followed a middle-aged couple in matching outfits as they cycled through the suburbs, looking at the possibility of violating the neighborhood association’s aesthetic guidelines. Naturally, we soon found out that they were in a rather serious violation of the suburban code of honor: they let a bunch of heavily armed guys use their kitchen and drink their iced tea. them while monitoring the house across the street. That house, we find out at the end of the episode, belongs to Gus, as do the men. He is stretching Mike’s management skills to the limit in his grand attempt to locate the undead Lalo.

Next, we get an interesting movie involving Howard and Clifford Main. We know from the previous episode that Jimmy hacked Howard’s car keys, so we get an idea of ​​what happens when the camera pans out of the hood trim of his green Jag. star litigation. NAMAST3 really! Howard parked outside a tree-lined office complex and went upstairs to see what turned out to be a therapy session about his “deadlocked” marriage.

I think the screenwriters are on to something here, giving us this sympathetic look at Howard and then pretty quickly showing us Cliff’s better angels as he kicks in. sell fake Kim’s goods to build a team of super professional lawyers. In case it’s not clear, this whole scheme is quite flawed, to say the least. Howard is clearly a jerk, and I suppose you could describe him and Cliff as a patron. But they are not evil. Howard apologizes to Jimmy for treating him badly and even tries to hire him. And now it’s Cliff, volunteering to support Kim’s charitable plan. The plan is not to fight injustice; it’s about indulgence, jealousy, resentment, rage.

Jimmy knows that, I think. But he resented Howard, and loved Kim enough to go with it. However, Kim seems to be really delusional. And in BBCU, being delusional is dangerous. When everyone is trying to think five moves ahead of everyone else, you have to maintain a clear picture of where the pieces really are on the board.

At the end of the episode, Jimmy jokes about how “the bad guys run away when there’s no one to chase”, and Kim immediately helps her back. “You think we’re cruel?” Kim’s idea that she and Jimmy are the good guys for ruining Howard’s life and career has clearly been knocked down, and it’s hard to get rid of the feeling that the show is setting her up for some kind of Retribution.

But I digress!

The best part of this whole escape is the return — or debut, in fictitious chronology — of Break fan favorite and fan of the famous Wendy’s original beer. Wendy’s best friends with Hank Schrader and Jesse Pinkman are still in the fictional future, so it’s nice to see her close with Jimmy and Kim.

The Monday the coolest thing is obviously Jimmy Howard’s disguise, and I love his annoyed reaction when Wendy compliments his hair. Wish she mentioned tan too. Howard doesn’t actually wear headbands these days, but headbands are part of his personality. The warm-up certainly seemed to mislead poor Cliff, who now had three reasons to think that his seemingly passing golf friend was really deep in the devil’s bucket.

After all the business with cones and signs (“Who moves the cones?!!”), Jimmy is once again out of time. Kim then drops Wendy off at the illustrious Crossroads Motel, where she watches what she thinks is an undercover cop parked across the street. Are Hank and Steve Gomez lurking there? Not necessarily! When Kim backed away, the car followed she. She shares this with Jimmy, who thinks it’s all in her head, some kind of guilty reaction, but now he’s the one who misunderstands the situation.

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