Biden and Trump Are Both Bums

I watched more than 16 hours of the January 6 committee hearings and plan to watch the rest. I learned a few things, although not many. And I concede that the hearings would have been more effective if some aggressive Republicans—one might scowl at Rep. Jim Jordan in his shirtsleeves—were present to question the witnesses. But then I have my own motive to watch. I hope they sweep Donald Trump out of public life and return American politics to its old, quiet, even boring days.

The hearings have revealed that Mr Trump clearly enjoyed – and inspired – the violence that took place on the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021. He has yet to renounce this violence or denounce the groups involved. A bully, narcissist and sociopath, Mr. Trump has been called names by many, but above all he is shameless, which is not the first quality one looks for in a president.

Granted, he stabilized the economy, lowered regulations, and boosted black and Hispanic employment. He forced various members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization to do their bit, got us out of the failed treaty with Iran, and moved the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. One could even argue that Vladimir Putin might not have gone to Ukraine if Mr Trump had still been President.

But, discredit where discredit is due, Mr. Trump is also responsible for Joe Biden, who could be considered one of the most ineffective presidents in American history. Mr. Biden won 81 million votes in 2020. Yet who can doubt that some 50 million votes were fewer for him than against Mr Trump, whose relentlessly obnoxious style eclipsed his achievements? Mr. Biden, meanwhile, backtracked on his promise to unite the country and instead implemented a progressive program of big spending that, along with inducing inflation, further divided the country.

The Jan. 6 committee investigation could end with calls for criminal charges against Mr. Trump. My hope is that it will at least quash the former president’s idea of ​​running again in 2024. The prospect of a second Trump-Biden election inspires an overwhelming sadness about the fate of our country. How did America come to such an unfortunate decision that it could face again in 2024?

In my opinion, liberal culture used to give us Mr. Trump, just as Mr. Trump gave us Joe Biden. It’s easy to imagine all these Americans struggling to make ends meet, worried about the fate of their families amid rising crime and falling educational standards, watching their TVs for the 2014 and 2015 anti-police riots in Baltimore and Ferguson, Mo , Set Channel, they heard college students say disagreements made them feel insecure. On another channel, they were told that not celebrating transgender people turns them into fanatics. Bring on the Donald!

Various polls show that up to 85% of Americans feel the country is moving in the wrong direction. Certainly one of the main reasons is that it has been run by men of dubious character for the past six years. I didn’t vote in the last two presidential elections — both times I wasn’t able to make out the smaller candidate — but I can think of several today’s politicians I could vote for in 2024, including Sens. Tim Scott, Joe Manchin and Chris Coons, Gov. Ron DeSantis, former Gov. Nikki Haley and former Assemblyman Tulsi Gabbard. None is corrupt; none, unlike Messrs. Trump and Biden, cracked up.

For that reason, I wish the January 6 committee well in disqualifying Mr. Trump from high office. Doing so would likely eliminate Mr. Biden’s candidacy as well, as it has been said with some persuasion that the only hope he has of re-election is if Mr. Trump rejects him.

In Chicago, where all politicians are found guilty until proven innocent, and where that presumption is usually correct, we yell, “Throw out the bums!” In their different ways, both Donald Trump and Joe Biden have identified themselves as bums proven first class. The sooner both are out, the better for the country.

Mr. Epstein is the author of Gallimaufry: A Collection of Essays, Reviews, Bits.

Wonderland: While 17 House Democrats, including Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib, staged an arrest for Instagram over abortion rights, President Biden says he will use his executive powers to “fight the US climate crisis”. Lack of action by Congress.’ Images: Bloomberg News/Zuma Press Composite: Mark Kelly

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