Bizzare Pokemon Legends Arceus bug turns normal 'mons into Nobles

While Noble Pokemon aren’t typically available in Legends Arceus, one player discovered a bug that turned their Lilligant into the Lady of the Ridge.

Pokemon Legends Arceus was a welcome change from the traditional Pokemon format. Instead of eight Gyms and one Elite Four, players were tasked with quelling Rage in five noble Pokemon.

Each noble was put into a frenzied state, causing their bodies to glow yellow and create a yellow aura that no other Pokémon could match. It would be the player’s job to soothe the nobles with specially crafted balms in boss battles like Pokemon had never seen before.

Unfortunately, while players can catch any type of noble, they cannot actually acquire noble Pokémon. That was until one player spotted a bug that earned him a Noble Lilligant.

noble Liligan Pokémon legends
StarLucario (Reddit)

StarLucario’s Noble Lilligant in Jubilife Village

Pokemon Legends Arceus player will receive Noble Lilligant

Reddit user StarLucario posted a bug he discovered on the PokemonLegendsArceus subreddit. Captioned “My Lilligant Thinks It’s A Noble Pokemon,” the post was accompanied by a photo of a normal-sized Lilligant with the yellow aura typically seen around nobles.

“I have no idea how that happened, she just happened to get the noble Pokémon glow,” StarLucario captioned one of the photos. They later released an update saying, “I turned the game off and on again to see if that would fix the problem and she went straight into a noble. I honestly don’t know what to say.”

They claimed their Lilligant got the Noble Aura after a boss fight rematch, and the Pokemon’s synopsis even changed to say it was caught in the Brava Arena. StarLucario theorized that the game may have mixed the nobles’ data with that of their own Lilligant.

My Liligan thinks she’s a noble Pokémon from PokemonLegendsArceus

Star also stated that they couldn’t reproduce the bug with any other noble Pokemon (Kleavor, Arcanine, Avalug, etc.).

Regardless, users who commented on the post seemed intrigued by the discovery. Some developed their own theories as to why this bug might occur, while others claimed they were trying to recreate it themselves. Bizzare Pokemon Legends Arceus bug turns normal 'mons into Nobles

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