‘Breaking Bad’ vs ‘Better Call Saul’: Which Series Is Better?

This week Better to call Saul ended, and with the end of the series, closed the door on Break universe after two series and a Netflix indie that spanned 15 years of television. (Until Vince Gilligan comes up with another, that is.) Walter White’s crooked lawyer spinoff seems completely unnecessary at first: No one has ever taken the clown character immoral seriously. even though he is capable of facilitating Team Heisenberg’s most dangerous crimes. But BCS haphazardly evolved into a rich, layered, visually brilliant and engaging drama that deserves the same spot in the TV Hall of Fame as its predecessor.

But like Saul found its place, especially as it found a way to seamlessly integrate the Greek tragedy of Jimmy McGill’s eroding soul with the cartel subplots co-led by Mike Ehrmantraut story from the beginning, providing a crime element that will keep the donkey in the chair) and Gus Fring, the conversation becomes one of comparison and contrast. Better to call Saul not only is it amazing — it can be even greater Break?

Now that both shows are over, we can finally have a serious debate. In the end, which do you prefer: a scammer’s journey of love, greed, and redemption, or a science teacher’s deadly passion for greed, narcissism, and the cake hat sausage? GQ polled some of our well-versed Albuquerque writers for consideration.

Bob Odenkirk in Better to call Saul.Courtesy of Greg Lewis for AMC via Everett Collection

Frazier Tharpe: To me, it’s a myth that this debate has begun in earnest before Saul even ended; I think I started seeing the question as early as season five or even season four, which is ridiculous. Really, is the season that Slippin’ Jimmy spent selling Razr phones better than the series that gave us “One Minute,” “Crawl Space” or “Dead Freight???”

I understand where it comes from: Saul represents one of those rare instances in pop culture history where the prequel is truly worthy of our times. The side story is always shaky, but what about the prequel? They’re inherently goofy, full of callbacks and contrived origin stories to things that don’t need context and explanation, and are often inherently stress-free, because we know the plot has to play out. how. And yet, Peter Gould, Vince Gilligan and their crew ingeniously turn that knowledge into a brutal game of underwater torture. Jimmy aims for good, defeats his brother’s prophecy, and becomes a man worthy of Kim and her powerful ponytail is just as adorable instead as we’ve all rooted for events of BB just a bad dream. (Interestingly, the Gus-and-Mike gang plot — ostensibly a side plot meant to give the show some real action while Jimmy sells cell phones and gets used to old ladies — ends up getting used to the end. ended up falling victim to the prequel trap, before Lalo. published for the first time.)

Look, Break admittedly a bit overrated. (They compare this program with Wire in its heyday, for Chrissakes.) It made the wrong moves: spending a lot of time with Marie the Klepto; that time the screenwriters blatantly tried to recreate their “Door Knocker” magic with “Say my name”; It’s the last part of a series of memorization. But its peak performance still goes up to more than Sauland not just because there are more gunfights. (However BBemotional climax of a machine gun in a tree trunk, while Saul ends with finger gun, the latter being the better end). To put it in display terms: Better to call Sauland the touching love story it develops into, is pure Gale Boetticher — but Heisenberg is Heisenberg, stronger by a small but remarkable margin. Saul is one of the best prequel has been done, let’s leave it at that.

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