Brendan Fraser is Open to Returning to The Mummy

The world in the midst of a “Brenaissance” and Brendan Fraser will be welcomed back with open arms. The actor’s latest project, The whale, has seen him earn praise and accolades for his performance, which is being hailed as his comeback despite generally mixed reviews. Despite this, fans and audiences have never lost their love and enthusiasm for Fraser, particularly for his role in Universal’s action-adventure franchise The Mummy. Could Fraser take on a new role in this beloved role? According to Variety comments, the actor is quite open about it.

Fraser played the soldier turned adventurer (and heartthrob) Rick O’Connell The Mummy (1999), The mummy returns (2001) and The Mummy: The Tomb of the Dragon Emperor (2008). While the first two films proved successful and saw a resurgence of fan love as they recently celebrated their respective 20th anniversary, the third film was far less well received and ended up being the highest-grossing of the three. Though he admits he doesn’t know how a fourth film would be made, Fraser said, “But I’d be open to it if someone came up with the right idea.”


A hypothetical fourth film wouldn’t be the first time the franchise has seen a reboot since its 1999 release — soft or not. Before the release of Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, Fraser’s co-star Rachel Weiss, who played adventurous librarian Evelyn Carnahan-O’Connell in two films, left the franchise for both family reasons and script issues. Issues that obviously weren’t unfounded given how the film was received overall. Her role was taken over by instead Maria Bellowhich gave the character a very different twist, making her much more of a conventional strong female lead, as opposed to Weisz’s well-meaning, awkward but tough role.

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The second, more significant, time the franchise was rebooted was in 2017 with a brand new movie also bearing the title The Mummy and main role Tom cruise and Russell Crowe. The film would launch the Dark Universe franchise, a series of films each centered around Universal’s legendary roster of monsters. However, the reboot did so poorly at the box office that all plans for the MCU-style connected storytelling world were scrapped.

That the 2017 film took a more horror approach, as opposed to the pulpy adventure style that Fraser’s films used so well, may have something to do with the film’s reception. Said Fraser in his comments to Variety:

“It’s hard to make this film. The ingredient we had for ours mummy, which I didn’t see in this movie, was fun. That’s what this incarnation lacked. It was too much of a straight forward horror film. ‘The Mummy’ was meant to be thrilling, but not terrifying and frightening.”

And they were a thrilling ride, mixing horror and just the right touch of gore with action, comedy, lush landscapes, enough ancient history to excite enthusiasts and the newly curious, and of course the rousing, biting romance between Rick and Evelyn. Should the series return for a fourth film, it would be these elements, not to mention the original cast, including Fraser, Weisz, John Hannaand Oded Fehr. Although it’s hard to imagine what Arnold Voslo‘s Imotep could possibly be upset about this time, it’s also hard to imagine the franchise returning without his special brand of heartfelt love and emotion mixed with a determination to do whatever he damn thinks necessary the consequences.

A return to a series and role that made him more popular than he already was could also be a fitting Hollywood reunion for the actor, who spent many years away from the spotlight after being sexually assaulted by then-President of the Hollywood Foreign Press had been bandage Philip Berke. Although Fraser said in an interview he wasn’t sure if viewing his attack led to him being blacklisted, unfortunately many of us have witnessed exactly what happens to performers who try to impersonate the powerful in accountable for cases like this.

Fraser added: “I know how difficult it is to pull it off. I tried three times.” It could be argued that he wasn’t trying as hard as he was able to, since even people who don’t like horror movies like me have come to love these movies very much.

Fraser is three mummy Movies can be streamed on Netflix. Watch our interview with Fraser below: Brendan Fraser is Open to Returning to The Mummy

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