Can you drink your own urine? Your questions answered after Kerry Katona dubs pee ‘spicy’ on the Big Celebrity Detox

Viewers were horrified as they watched their favorite celebrities down half a liter of urine in chilling scenes from The Big Celebrity Detox.

Kerry Katona called the drink “spicy”, while Homes Under The Hammer host Martin Roberts declared: “This is absolutely disgusting”.

Kerry Katona drank her own urine - she said it was'spicy'


Kerry Katona drank her own urine – she said it was ‘spicy’Photo credit: E4’s Big Celebrity Detox
Michael Jerome Reece-Page is a British kickboxer, boxer and mixed martial artist - and drank the whole bottle


Michael Jerome Reece-Page is a British kickboxer, boxer and mixed martial artist – and drank the whole bottlePhoto credit: E4’s Big Celebrity Detox

The star later told The Sun it was “kind of weird” when he joined forces with stars who ditched their lavish lifestyles and embarked on a grueling detox adventure on E4’s Big Celebrity Detox.

And during the challenge, some celebs even refused to drink the urine, while Megan Barton-Hanson asked, “Can you promise this won’t make me sick?”

So are you allowed to drink your own urine? And SHOULD you?

The Sun’s nutritionist Amanda Ursell said there was no nutritional value in drinking your own pee.

“You excrete the excess stuff that your body doesn’t need after all the good has been absorbed,” she said.

“And your kidneys filtered it out very carefully. Then why would you go drink it?”

Amanda said that surviving on little more than urine would put people at risk of serious nutrient deficiencies.

She added, “Every nutrient, vitamin and mineral has a corresponding deficiency if you don’t get enough of it.”

So if you’re using urine as a nutritional substitute, chances are you’re suffering from a whole host of health problems rather than curing any ailments.

The segment on the E4 show was part of a urine therapy treatment introduced to the celebs, in which they slurp their own pee to boost “focus and energy.”

Michael Jerome Reece-Page – a British kickboxer, boxer and mixed martial artist – impressed the other celebs by emptying the entire bottle.

An expert, Harry, was called to the scene of the crime who revealed he had been drinking his own urine – after it had been fermenting for six months.

He told the stars: “You feel like throwing up? Remember, it is a fear of social conditioning and it is your job to undo that social conditioning.”

As he drank the urine, a medical warning flashed on screen, urging viewers not to try the practice.

As Princess Olga drank her own pee, she said: “It wasn’t as bad as I thought it was. I drink a lot of water, so it was very pale and had no smell or taste.”

The color and smell of your urine can actually tell you a lot about your health.

As in Princess Olga’s case, the optimal color for your urine is a pale straw – it means you’re drinking enough water and your kidneys are working properly.

However, if it’s a darker yellow, you’re probably dehydrated.

Your body needs water to maintain the healthy functioning of your organs. Therefore, be sure to drink six to eight glasses a day.

If your urine smells, it’s another indication that you’re not drinking enough water. If that’s the case, you’ll also experience thirst and dry mouth.

Stronger smelling urine could mean you have a urinary tract infection (UTI), a yeast infection, or a sexually transmitted infection (STI).

All three of these conditions also come with accompanying symptoms: a UTI causes a burning sensation when peeing and fever, while a yeast infection can cause a cottage cheese-like discharge and itching.

Meanwhile, STDs like chlamydia or trichomoniasis can cause unusual discharge from your vagina, penis, or anus, as well as itching and rashes, blisters, sores or warts, and pain when peeing.

If your urine smells bad and you have other accompanying symptoms, it’s a good idea to see a GP or sex clinic.

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Although it could be a sign of a urinary tract infection, the NHS says it’s also important that you speak to a doctor about blood in your urine, as it could be a sign of cancer.

While we encourage you to pay attention to how your pee looks, please don’t drink it.

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