Cassian and Maarva’s Last Conversation Explained

Editor’s Note: The following contains spoilers for Episodes 1-7 of Andor.With the mixed results of the raid behind us, we join Andor, Episode 7 titled “Announcement” as the aftermath of the rebel incursion is everywhere now. Cassian (Diego Luna), after summarily killing Skeen (Ebon Moss Bachrach)has taken his cut and secretly returned to Ferrix to meet up with his adoptive mother Maarva (Fiona Shaw). And though she’s relieved to see him, having previously met Luthen (Stellan Skarsgard), she quickly makes him realize that being there is far too dangerous for him. Cassian is also surprised after telling her that he has hit a bonanza and plans to take her off the world and start over somewhere else, and she is reluctant to go with him and leave Ferrix.


Their last conversation reveals a lot about the nature of the relationship and how that day eventually had to come. After rescuing Cassian from Kenari as a boy, he was always considered an outsider on Ferrix. And she knew that his need to seek greener pastures and seek answers about his lost sister would eventually separate the two. Always searching for answers to questions he would never find there, Maarva prepared for the time when he would be gone forever. She has reservations about starting over at an advanced age and doesn’t want to be a burden. So she finally decides to stay on Ferrix and do whatever it takes to fight the growing Imperial occupation.

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Cassian shouldn’t be surprised by Maarva’s decision to stay

This is a conversation Cassian should have seen coming. His quick and easy approach as a thief would eventually lead his friends and family to target Ferrix and one day he would have to go. After taking part in the rebel raid on the Eye of Aldhani, this truth should have only become clearer. When Maarva decides not to elope with him, his surprise is genuine, but also a little naïve. Their place is in the rebellion, and their actions have finally caught on. Not one to run away when things get tough, she tells Cassian, “Ferrix has been in hiding long enough.” While she is unaware of Cassian’s involvement in the Aldhani garrison raid, it has inspired her to attack her Imperial enemies at home , as best she can.

“You can’t stay and I can’t go.” Maarva explains it to Cassian as the two come to terms with the fact that their relationship is over. And while he refuses to admit he won’t see her again, she knows better. As he leaves, she expresses nothing but her greatest love for the Kenari boy she found orphaned so many years ago. It’s important to her that he know that what he is and what he’s become is something she’s proud of, given the difficulties he’s faced since birth and throughout his tough life . As Cassian leaves with a bitter taste of disillusionment in his mouth, the final conversation is now how he imagined he would say goodbye to Ferrix. Cassian’s reticence towards Maarva has always put them both in danger. Further proof that this split, while difficult, was probably for the best. Cassian and Maarva’s Last Conversation Explained

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