Chris Jericho Got So Shredded People Accused Him of Getting Ab Implants

Another thing is to drink at least 100 ounces of water a day. I’ve never been one to drink a lot of water, but now I throb country. Alike, boomI will drink 34 ounces—glug, glug, glug. You just have to retrain your body, and once you can do that, it’s not too bad. I can still have a drink. I have a small wine glass to drink some vodka, and it’s fine.

So it’s just a lifestyle change, and when you hit that first weight, you’re like, “Come on, I can’t believe it.” When you see results, that’s all you need. That’s what really attracted me. To this day, I am someone who carries a scale with me everywhere. If I’m over 210, I quit. If it’s under 210, then I’ll have a burger. If it’s 205, I’ll have a burger and a pizza. If it’s 215, then I’ll be on a strict diet for a few days. Once you get there and maintain it, that’s okay. You just need to know where you are.

That’s right, it looks like you’re not nearly as constrained as you might be at first.

The first few months, I really enjoyed it. But we’re human, you know what I mean? You can’t live like this forever. The start was almost like cold turkey, no pun intended — because I was in love with some cold turkey at the time. But you really have to focus, and I’m still very motivated. Once I got into it, you couldn’t understand me outside its. I still keep a scale with me to measure ounces of meat, because if it says eight, I’m doing eight. I didn’t do 8.5 or 7 points-nothing. That’s it.

And once you lose weight, you’ve got a big comeback moment Dynamite.

Well, I haven’t been able to struggle for several months [after the blood clots]. I was still on the show commenting and doing things backstage, but no one saw me taking off my shirt. So once I was able to struggle again, that’s when people saw the big change. And all tied to the launch of [new wrestling faction] Jericho Appreciation Society, so it’s really a reinvention.

And I’m smart about that, because I don’t go online and post things like, “I’m working on my diet!” with a mirror. I said, “I’m just going to do all these things, and then when the time is right, people will notice.” And when the time to be yeah, it’s like, “Damn, what did you do?” I thought to myself, “I’ve been doing that the whole time. I just don’t post pictures of thirst traps to be comforted.” I just went, boom—However, it was a completely new guy.

How does that giant reaction feel?

It felt great, man, it really did. You know, my matches are never affected, but I can feel the difference. Imagine you’re in a wrestling, boxing, or cycling match with a 30-pound belt wrapped around your body. Then you take it off, and it’s like, damned. That’s a whole new thing. And listen, I have pretty thick skin, but it pulls when you read, “Oh, fat Jericho” and all this. Humans are quite cruel. But here’s the best part: When I lost all the weight, there was nothing like “Oh, Jericho isn’t fat”. It’s like, “Oh, he went and got ab implant! That is what did he do!” Chris Jericho Got So Shredded People Accused Him of Getting Ab Implants

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