Cowherd on claiming Browns QB Baker Mayfield rejection to compete for starting role

According to Fox Sports 1’s Colin Cowherd, Baker Mayfield refuses to compete for a job. In his show of the same name The Herd with Colin CowherdCowherd said the Cleveland Browns reportedly offered to absorb a large chunk of the quarterback’s salary to complete a trade, but the quarterback won’t compete for an entry-level job because he’s not what he is:

“So, according to Monday morning quarterback Albert Breer, Cleveland offered to eat a good chunk of Mayfield’s salary to facilitate a trade. The question for me is Baker Mayfield, over the shoulders. Does he see himself as a franchise guy or a bridge guy? He sees himself as a franchise guy. So you can’t get him to compete for the job. He’s not going to do it with Deshaun Watson. He won’t. He’s not.”

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Cowherd concluded his point by saying the Cleveland signal caller sees himself as a former number one pick overall, not a bridge quarterback:

“He sees himself as a former number one pick, a guy who went to Cleveland. He has a chip on his shoulder. It’s good. Everything is good. But he doesn’t see himself as a bridge guy. That’s why the Pittsburgh Steelers talked about Baker, but in the end Trubisky got and a rookie Trubisky will play the game. You’re watching. Drew Lock and Geno Smith: You could do it, but Drew Lock and Baker Mayfield, those two together and Seattle would be a tire burn.”

The former 2018 NFL draft pick requested a trade in March of this offseason, and there seemed to be a viable trade market with teams like the Carolina Panthers and Seattle Seahawks interested. Nothing came of it after this year’s NFL Draft.

The Browns traded Deshaun Watson as his replacement at center for the franchise this offseason.

What are the Browns doing with Baker Mayfield this season?

Houston Texans vs. Cleveland Browns
Houston Texans vs. Cleveland Browns

The quarterback is owed nearly $19 million in the 2022 season and the Browns have shown no signs of cutting it.

There could be an outside chance that the 27-year-old could start some games for the team this season if the NFL decides to suspend Watson for violating the league’s personal conduct guidelines.

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A trade shouldn’t be ruled out, especially if Cleveland is genuinely willing to take some of Mayfield’s salary. We’ll see what happens to the Browns and the Pro Football Writers of America’s 2018 Rookie of the Year.

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