‘Darcey and Stacey’ Silva’ House of 11 Sells Merkin Wigs For Women’s “Nether Regions”

There are those moments on the internet when you don’t look for things, you find them, and when they find you, you’re a combination of confused, shocked, and sometimes even horrified by your discovery.

In the case of Darcey and Stacey Silva’s line of merch, the latest offering from House of 11, we weren’t exactly sure what to make of it, but we realized there’s ultimately a market for such merchandise, even if we do would never understand exactly why, but…we’ll draw your own conclusions from there. Apparently the House of 11 has started selling Merkin wigs. Those of you who are frequent users of TikTok will have heard the term and probably burst out laughing by now.

‘Darcey and Stacey’: House of 11 is selling what now?!

However, for those of you unfamiliar with the term, a Merkin wig is a wig for a woman’s lower regions. Now, given the sheer amount most women spend on hair removal each year, the fact that there’s even a market for it is pretty confusing, but we have to remember that not all ladyscapes are created equal or aimed at the same thing To be groomed wisely and who knows, maybe there’s a woman out there who just wants to kick up her hippie vibes and live as nature intended for a while.

Or maybe a normally groomed girl wants to kick up her heels and ‘mix in’, so to speak, at the local crispy and funky nudist colony. There are several different shades, including a salt and pepper one for the ladies who just want that extra shade of authenticity.

In addition to private use, there are also stage and film applications for this type of product. Usually, actresses are asked to shave naked, but some roles may actually require an actress to go au naturale. Instead of forgoing the Brazilian, an intimacy coordinator may (possibly) request that the actress simply wear a merkin.

After all, we ladies all know how uncomfortable regrowth can be! And simply gluing a wig to a specific part of your body isn’t like skipping your grooming routine. Although God help those who are allergic to Spirit Gum. We really don’t know why Darcey and Stacey entered the Merkin market, but we have to say that the sheer audacity makes perfect sense to them. Stay tuned!!!

https://dailysoapdish.com/2022/07/darcey-and-stacey-silva-house-of-11-sells-merkin-wigs-for-womens-nether-regions/ ‘Darcey and Stacey’ Silva’ House of 11 Sells Merkin Wigs For Women’s “Nether Regions”

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