Deadpool 3 Needs to Include Wolverine’s Comics Suit

Fans are understandably divided Ryan Reynolds‘ recent announcement about a promo teaser that Hugh Jackman will reprise his role as Wolverine in the future dead pool 3. Even after Reynolds and Jackman released a follow-up video stating that they would respect Jackman’s return X-Men Cannon and not undoing the dignified death that Wolverine suffered in 2017 logan, Many still see Jackman’s return to the character as a low form of fan service, given his emotional departure just five years ago. In short, some fans feel that after seventeen years of Jackman playing Wolverine, the role has served its purpose satisfactorily and leaves little to be desired about the character.


That being said, however, there’s still one crucial Wolverine element, and that’s that X-Men Franchise has yet to be implemented in its long list of films. There were 13 in all X-Men Movies in the current franchise, including the original trilogy, the four prequels, and the various spin-offs. Almost all of them have featured Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine to some degree, either as a central character or in a brief cameo appearance. However, in all of these appearances, none of them have dared to portray Jackman in Wolverine’s signature super suit from the comics. This is one of the last unused parts of Wolverine that fans are dying to see bring to life on screen, and given how easy and fitting it would be, dead pool 3 would be very remiss not to deliver it.

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Wolverine’s comic suit is iconic

While young fans who grew up with 20th Century Fox X-Men Movies may associate Wolverine with the tough aesthetic of jeans and a white tank top (or no shirt at all) complementing an exposed, side-burned face; those who grew up watching the comics know him best in his distinctive yellow suit. Sometimes the suit is accented with blue, sometimes with black, and often a wide-winged hood encloses the hero’s head to complete the look. Whatever the variation, it’s the character’s most recognizable look in the comics. Like Superman’s red cape or Spider-Man’s mask, Wolverine’s suit feels inseparable from the character on the side, having worn it since his debut in 1974 Incredible Hulk #180– at that time the hood also contained some whiskers to emphasize the hero’s face. This iconic image lingered into the 1990s, when the character wore a modern incarnation of the yellow suit throughout Fox Kids’ X-Men: The Animated Series.

The X-Men movies left the camp for cool

However, for those who grew up in the 21st century, this adapted version of Wolverine might not be the first thing that comes to mind. As the first X-Men Film debuted in 2000, superhero movies weren’t nearly as mainstream or accepted as they are today. Starting with the live-action superhero outings of the ’90s like Joel Schumacher’s teenage Batman movies and some really embarrassing Marvel adaptations (except Wesley Snipesblade), X-Men had to be careful not to buy too heavily into the comic book style camp. In order to appear more serious, none of the heroes wore comic-accurate suits in the first part X-Men, unless you count Magneto’s Helm. Instead, all of the X-Men, including Wolverine, wore tight black leather suits when preparing for battle. The harbinger in superhero cinema for the new millennium on the heels The Matrix‘s cyberpunk aesthetic, X-Men made comic characters elegant, sinister, ultramodern and cool.

This aesthetic caught on and persisted as the superhero genre evolved. Even in The Avengers, Marvel eschewed Hulk’s signature purple shorts or Hawkeye’s colorful suit in favor of more subtle fashions. But now that it’s been over two decades X-Men First debut and superhero films are a dominant force in popular culture, the genre needn’t be so wary of its comic book imitation. Many successful superhero films have actually found success by leaning towards their campy origins, such as Guardians of the Galaxy, Shazam!, Thor: Ragnorokand perhaps most notably, Dead Pool.

Deadpool 3 is the perfect film to debut Wolverine’s suit

2016 Dead Pool was in many ways a turning point for superhero films, as the hilarious, fourth-wall-breaking, irreverent film became an unexpected hit. Not only did he secure a comedy trend for the superhero genre, but with his confident humor that poked fun at other superhero blockbusters, he showed that the genre and its tropes had become so familiar that they could be openly mocked without the losing audience. Although they exist in the same universe, Dead Pool is far from the 2000s X-Men and it showed that superhero movies didn’t have to part ways with superhero comics.

So it would be incredibly appropriate for Hugh Jackman to finally don the Wolverine costume dead pool 3. On the one hand it would be a satisfying image for longtime fans of the character, on the other hand it would feel like a self-referential commentary X-Menthe cinematic development of ; and if there’s one thing Deadpool excels at, it’s a self-referential comment. One can already imagine Wade Wilson both laughing and celebrating alongside the fans when Hugh Jackman appears in the tragically never-before-worn iconic look. It might be nice for some. For others, it might be hilarious. But for everyone it would be unforgettable and fun.

Despite the superhero genre’s newfound comfort when it comes to comic camp and humor, Wolverine’s suit doesn’t need to be introduced as a hoax. That X-Men Franchise even considered introducing the suit back in 2013 as it was hinted at and even glimpsed in an alternate ending The Wolverine. Unfortunately, that scene ended up on the cutting room floor, much to the chagrin of many fans. Wolverine fans have been wanting to see Jackman in the character’s suit for a while. dead pool 3 Viewers may have divided opinions about the choice to bring back Wolverine, but they have an easy opportunity to please on that front. For your sake and for the sake of all the skeptical but loyal moviegoers who are curious to see how this works X-Men Universe inserts into the MCU, they should break out the yellow and blue. Deadpool 3 Needs to Include Wolverine’s Comics Suit

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