Democrats’ 2022 Midterm Playbook: Lies, Fear and Chaos

They’ll do it again, won’t they? It worked great for them in 2020 and can hardly be blamed for thinking they can repeat it in 2022.

Modern leftist rules for progressives are followed in the letter following the murder of George Floyd two years ago: Capturing an Event That Gained National Attention to Advance Private Equity their radical ideas; intentionally misrepresenting the meaning of the event with the enthusiastic help of friendly media in order to maximize public fear; mobilize a mob to intimidate those who might stand in their way; forced to submit to the submission of an ardent mob of corporate executives, technology leaders, and other influential figures; and are all endorsed and promoted by the staff and candidates of the Democratic Party.

In 2020, the campaign created an atmosphere of uncertainty so fragile that many voters were persuaded to endorse it to avoid further turmoil.

We don’t know if it’ll be as successful this time around, but we shouldn’t be under any illusions about what they’re up to. Last week, a draft Supreme Court opinion leaked in Dobbs sues Jackson Women’s Health Foundation, and leftist reaction to it, represent another attempt to circumvent the constitutional process in order to achieve the goal of moving the country more quickly to their favored ideological destination.

The Black Lives Matter campaign two years ago ranked as one of the most effective demonstrations of constitutional activism in at least half a century. The far left, which represents only a small minority of opinion in the US, has succeeded in orchestrating a campaign of disinformation, intimidation, moral blackmail, and outright violence to create a political climate favorable to their interests. Capturing the murder of a black man by a police officer to create a narrative that the United States is institutionally corrupt, it has managed to place the blame on the incumbent president of the Republican Party. and his party, and helped elect a president and Congress enjoyed ardent supporters. their broader cause.

In many ways, Operation Save Roe is even more serious. The summer of rage was at least initially sparked by an ugly and murderous incident. This latest chapter in the history of revolutionary activism has been sparked by an act of conspiracy to subvert the judiciary.

We don’t know who leaked to Justice Politico the closely contested opinion of Samuel Alito in hiding Roe v. Wade along with the news that five judges were ready to overturn the 1973 ruling. But we can make an educated inference just by observing its immediate consequences.

The disclosure damaged the court’s standing and its jurisdiction, risking being seen as another Washington institution with a crumbling reputation. It’s hard to see that in favor of anyone other than those against its majority.

More importantly, the disclosure of the outcome of an interim deliberation has, according to a majority of years of justice, led to unprecedented pressure on judges to change their minds.

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We know the type of person who posts maps on social media with the home addresses of people they don’t like. We know the kinds of people that show up outside those houses to make threats. But what are we to do with a White House that refuses to condemn any of this?

“Silent consent” is an old legal maxim, but in this case, the Biden administration didn’t even stay silent. Jen Psaki, President Biden’s press secretary, last week defended the right to “peaceful protest.” Asked specifically if the White House thought the location of the protests planned for the weekend was inappropriate, she replied: “I don’t take the official position of the US government. about where people protested.” She finally stepped back on Monday morning, tweet that Mr. Biden “believes very strongly in the Constitution’s right to protest. But that must never include violence, threats or vandalism. Judges perform an extremely important function in our society, and they must be able to do their job without regard for their personal safety.”

The leak itself, and especially the protests outside the judges’ homes, could be a federal crime. Both certainly interfered improperly with the due process.

All of this, by the way, is because the Democrats are set to begin their big show of the Capitol riots on January 6, 2021. Their consent in an attempt to undermine the protests. The Supreme Court’s discussion created a mockery of their own condemnation of the embarrassing episode.

Attempts to intimidate judges into changing their minds are likely to fail. But when the final verdict on the case is made, the broader campaign to stoke fear into the public will be more likely to pay the price.

Democrats have propagated much fiction about the presumptive ruling: that it would herald the return of other rights such as interracial marriageand above all, the idea that it would mark some sort of judicial legislation restricting or even banning abortion.

The flip side is the truth. Justice Alito’s comments make it clear that the aim is to remove the courts from decisions on the appropriateness of abortion and instead hand them over to the people and their elected representatives.

Radicals hope their misrepresentation will save their skin in the midterm elections this fall. Given their current woes, that seems pretty stressful. But their campaign will no doubt be supported, as it was two years ago, by an eager chorus of media, corporate and other voices raising false alarms with sad stories. laughs designed to frighten voters and promise new remedies—court encapsulation, defraud removal—designed to facilitate their radical ambitions .

The deposit was much higher.

Review & Outlook: After leaking a draft majority opinion from the Supreme Court that would overturn Roe and Wade, Democrats see an opportunity to divert public attention away from the cost of living. increased activity. Photo: Bloomberg Summary: Mark Kelly

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