Doctor Who 60th Anniversary–Beep the Meep, Monsters Explained

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When the BBC dropped ours first big look In the Doctor Who 60th Anniversary Specials Over Christmas There Were Plenty Of Surprises – More Looks At David Tennant’s new old doctorShe teases, like Donna Noble reenters the Time Lord’s orbit, Neil Patrick Harris‘ mysterious showman. But perhaps the greatest of all? How deep down the rabbit hole Russell T. Davies goes.

That’s because the trailer gives us two glimpses of strange extraterrestrial forces at play in the upcoming celebrations. At first sight the two groups of beings – a furry, mouse-like creature with huge eyes and Insectoid aliens shown Fighting soldiers in the streets – looks like they might be new among them Doctor Who‘s cavalcade of creatures and monsters. And to most Doctor Who Fans, they could be too. But as befits a celebration of 60 years of adventures in time and space, they’re actually not new at all: and they have a very strange, very specific nature Doctor Who Story.

Who is Beep the Meep?

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Let’s deal with that furry little guy first: this cute animal isn’t actually very cute at all if you know who it is. And who the is is Beep the meepthe hilariously named antagonist of a comic book story in Doctor Who weekly which ran in 1980, Doctor Who and the Star Beast. It’s a story famous for reasons other than Beep, as it also introduced a new companion for Tom Baker’s fourth Doctor, Sharon Davies – the Doctor’s first comic book original companion and the first person of color to become a long-term companion was every medium inside Doctor Who Story.

The criminal mastermind and leader of the Meeps – small, furry creatures with big eyes and mouse-like ears – hails from the Wrarth galaxy, where his people were once a peaceful civilization. After their planet intersected orbits with a Black Sun emitting dangerous, noxious radiation, the Meeps suddenly transformed into an angry, hate-filled race and began an intergalactic spree of conquest. World after world fell to the Meeps, who collected the Black Sun’s radiation for use in their warships – and as a tool that could mentally incite their enemies into violent rages as they had before them. Eventually, the Star Council of other races in the Wrarth galaxy came together to raise a new police force to stand up to the Meeps and defeat them in a grand battle.

But Beep himself fled the war and escaped to 1980s Earth. Beep used his cute looks to ingratiate himself with Sharon and her best friend, and also managed to trick the Doctor into thinking he was innocent be hunted for no reason. When the Doctor discovered the Meeps Story, However, he helped save Sharon and her hometown from Beep’s servitude by brainwashing her with the Black Sun’s radiation to fix his ship and helped capture Beep. Beep would evade custody several times over the years in the future Doctor Who Comics trying to get revenge on Earth and the Doctor for his imprisonment – a regular inside joke for the Doctor’s comic book adventures.

Who are the Wrarth Warriors?

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The insectoid Wrarth Warriors are so named because you are the police forces created by the Star Council to fight the Meeps. Created as an amalgam of the five most powerful species in the Wrarth Galaxy, the warriors pushed the Meeps back until then the Battle of Yarras where the Wrarth finally wiped out the Meep armada save for Beep’s personal starship. Two Wrarth agents, Zogroth and Zreeg, tracked Beep to Earth, and although the Doctor initially resisted, believing Beep to be as innocent as he looked, the duo eventually worked with the Time Lord to apprehend Beep. However, the Wrarths never had the comic staying power of Beep himself, and although they were occasionally mentioned in others Doctor Who Stories languished the Wrarth in an even more relative obscurity.

What do Beep and the Wrarth mean? Doctor Who60th anniversary?

Aside from the fact that it’s clear the BBC is ready to let Russell T. Davies do literally anything with his return Doctor WhoWhether anything will happen to “live-action-beep-the-meep” is hard to say at the moment. The little we’ve seen of the 60th Anniversary specials doesn’t really tell us much about what to expect. Are Beep and the Wrarth connected to the mysterious villain played by Neil Patrick Harris? will Doctor Who Giving these two obscure comics a place on the small screen is a chance to reinterpret them for a large audience, or will the story of a 1980s comic strip be crucial Doctor Whobig anniversary party? What is Rose, the similarly mysterious character played by her heart stopperis Yasmin Finneywill this have anything to do with it considering she’s the one Beep first meets?

We have almost a whole year to speculate –Doctor Who will return in November 2023 for a trio of specials celebrating its 60th anniversary.

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