Domina is looking for new clients when she brings the Sex Job Show to Edinburgh

Real-life dominatrix Lane Kewderis admits she’ll be on the lookout for new clients when she debuts her show Sex Job to the Fringe.

Lane, based in New York, has worked in financial domination – known as findom – where men grant her access to their bank accounts as part of her submissive fetish.

Dominatrix Lane Kewderis is bringing her show Sex Job to Edinburgh for the first time from next month.


Dominatrix Lane Kewderis is bringing her show Sex Job to Edinburgh for the first time from next month.
Lane is sure to win more customers in Scotland with these classy outfits.


Lane is sure to win more customers in Scotland with these classy outfits.
Lane had studied improvisational comedy for years while doing sex work to pay the bills.


Lane had studied improvisational comedy for years while doing sex work to pay the bills.

And after years of keeping it a secret, Lane has now turned her job into a stand-up routine that will make her debut at the Underbelly venue in Edinburgh.

Lane says: “The show is all about my journey through Findom with real, wild and interesting stories.

“I also teach viewers how to do Findom and let’s just say that there might be real money at stake – so some people might go home a little richer than they came in.”

She adds, “I also play a game show called ‘Did I do this for money?’

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“An example? Well, I ask the audience something like, ‘Did I get someone to wedgie them with a phone cord?'”

“The correct answer is yes, I did that a lot over Skype where they wanted to do all these different tasks. So I ask them what props they have and they get very creative.

“I don’t even have to keep a straight face because they really enjoy it when I laugh at them because that’s all part of the humiliation.

“I’m much more of a playful dom though – like a naughty princess – and make it more sensual by teasing and denying a lot more. Basically, I can just be myself.

“If people like that, I might be able to win new customers.”

Florida-born Lane moved to New York to pursue a career in acting and to train in improvisation before doing “sex work” to fund her college education.

The 38-year-old recalls: “I started throwing foot parties where people would kiss and massage my feet – it made me feel a lot less objectified than when I was serving tables.


“Then I started doing in-person sessions and I realized that it’s like doing improv but with horny men, which is basically what improv is too. There are so many similarities since you guys are just roleplaying.”

Lane then discovered the world of Findom, which she has specialized in ever since.

She explains, “One night a customer took me to the ATM for the first time and he said he’d put in my card and PIN and you’ll take over.”

“So here I am, his bank balance open in front of me, and you could see how exciting, exciting and sexy that was – for both of us.


“I went with $480 because I thought his limit might be $500. Then I discovered the Findom hashtag on Twitter, with a whole community exploding.

“A lot more people are going into that because being a dominatrix is ​​all about giving away power — and money is power, so it works great for everyone involved.”

The most Lane has earned for a day’s work is $7,500 – that’s almost £6,000.

She says: “Now I’m meeting customers at an ATM in a Burberry trench coat with nothing underneath but underwear.


“When the bank account is open for me, I open the trench coat, reveal the underwear, and then withdraw $1,000 at a time. But that’s all taxed – everyone has to pay their taxes.”

Even with so much money changing hands, Lane never has sex with her clients.

She says, “There are a lot of other sex workers who have sex with their clients, but that’s not my deal.” That’s the beauty of sex work: you can find the niche that you’re comfortable in.


“It’s all part of the dynamic, they want me to say no to them. They want me to make fun of them and tell them that I’m completely out of their league and that they will be humiliated. That’s what gives them pleasure in a really funny, perverted way.”

Most of Lane’s work takes place online, but isn’t it risky meeting clients at ATMs?

She admits: “There have been a few incidents. Once a customer tried to get me to stay in his hotel room, drank heavily and started violently.


“I was like, ‘Okay, I’m out of here.’ But just as I was leaving, he let out a throaty scream and said, “I don’t want you to go,” it was out of sheer loneliness.

“He was really just looking for company, and he ended up doing just fine. But I am very good at reaching out to people before meeting them for a session.”

Lane kept her job a secret for ten years before finally telling her family.


She says, “Her response was ‘Whatever makes you happy’ and also ‘Let’s stop talking about it now’.”

“They haven’t been to my show because it’s pretty graphic stuff and they would be awkward to watch if they knew it was their daughter.

“But they’ve been incredibly supportive and it was a huge relief when I finally told them about it.”

Her boyfriend also supports her Findom work.


She says: “He’s doing wonderfully. I’m also open with my clients about him and they know I’m in a relationship, which they like as it reinforces the thought that I’m unavailable.

“I didn’t meet my boyfriend through the day job though – he’s definitely not submissive.”

Anyone who attends Lane’s show in Edinburgh next month will see a range of her racy outfits.


She says: “Normally as a naughty dominatrix I would wear a cute dress or lingerie, but then I started wearing latex for the stage show because that’s what people expect from a dom.

“But did you know that you have to smear latex to even put it on? It’s a big production. In the meantime, I have a fairly large latex collection and have definitely used it in everyday life. It is fun.

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“People are going to experience what I hope is an entertaining show and if they like what they see I’m always happy to bring in new customers.”

*Lane Kwederis – Sex Job takes place August 2-28 at 2:25pm at the Underbelly in the Clover Room in Bristo Square.

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