Donald Trump Looks Really Old In Golfing Video

While golfing yesterday at Trump National Golf Club in Sterling, Virginia, former President Donald Trump hit Governor Ron DeSantis.

During a press conference at the White House, White House correspondent Mike Memoli of NBC News asked White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre about a phone call between House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and former President Donald Trump, which took place in the White House. as debt limit negotiations are underway. Memoli asked if this call showed a lack of goodwill in the negotiations.

Trump mentioned the call during a conversation with a reporter at a golf course, saying debt negotiations will be tougher than anticipated due to what he sees as wasteful spending over the past three years. Memoli brought up this interaction and asked about the White House’s response to McCarthy talking to the former President while negotiations were underway with the current President.

Jean-Pierre replied cautiously, acknowledging McCarthy’s right to speak with anyone he chose. She avoided going into the specifics of the conversation, instead emphasizing that McCarthy had stated publicly that default was undisputed. She emphasized that productive conversations and negotiations were ongoing, with the two groups having met almost earlier in the day.

The press secretary reiterated the administration’s belief in finding a reasonable and bipartisan budget deal, acknowledging that compromises would be necessary for both sides. She emphasized that the focus should be on meeting the needs of the American people and families. When Memoli probed further, asking whether McCarthy’s conversation with the former President was bad behavior, Jean-Pierre ignored the question, saying she could not elaborate on the conversation and just can deal directly with the statements of the Speaker and his team. .

MIKE MEMOLI: The former President is in the area. He was spotted on –

MULTIPLE Sclerosis. JEAN-PIERRE: Which one?

MIKE MEMOLI: Former President Trump.

MULTIPLE Sclerosis. JEAN-PIERRE: Okay. There are a few creators out there –

MIKE MEMOLI: Yes, there is.

MULTIPLE Sclerosis. JEAN-PIERRE: — so you know.

MIKE MEMOLI: He was spotted across the river at the upcoming LIV Golf Tournament this weekend in the area. And a New York Times reporter covering the tournament spoke to him, and the former President showed that, in fact, he spoke to Speaker McCarthy recently, saying they had a “short, quick talk,” and he predicts that debt negotiations will take place — reaching an agreement will be harder than people expect.

I wonder if the White House would react to the fact that the current President was speaking to the former President at the time his team was speaking to the current President.

MULTIPLE Sclerosis. JEAN-PIERRE: So look, the Speaker is allowed to talk to whoever he chooses and wants to talk to. So I certainly won’t go into that or step in – step into it.

What I can say is what Speaker has said very publicly just this week: that default is undisputed.

We are continuing to have helpful conversations. Negotiations continue.

Again, I just mentioned that — the two teams met at 11:30 this morning. That is a good sign. It’s a good sign that those talks are definitely continuing.

And, look, we said we think there’s a way forward. There is a path to a sound, bipartisan budget deal. And – and as long as both sides understand that no one will get everything they want, we can get there. We can go there.

This is about Americans. This is about American families, make sure we’re meeting their needs. And that – that should be the focus.

MIKE MEMOLI: So it’s not a sign of dishonesty if the Speaker is receiving —

MULTIPLE Sclerosis. JEAN-PIERRE: I mean, all that I—

MIKE MEMOLI: — or make a call —

MULTIPLE Sclerosis. JEAN-PIERRE: Listen, I mean –

MIKE MEMOLI: — with the former President?

MULTIPLE Sclerosis. JEAN-PIERRE: Look, I can’t — I don’t know what the President said to the former President. I cannot speak with that. You will have to speak — ask the Speaker directly.

What I can say is what we heard — directly from the Live Speaker and his team — what his team is up to. It’s copper — we’re continuing to have these goodwill conversations. That’s the important thing. Negotiations are still continuing. And so I think that’s what’s important here.

I – I can’t speak to a chat – an ongoing gossip conversation – happened. I just can’t speak to that.

Jean-Pierre insists that the negotiations are based on good faith and continues to stress the importance of ongoing discussions. She declined to comment on the alleged conversation between McCarthy and Trump, explaining that she could not talk about rumors or old information.

In this exchange, Jean-Pierre took a delicate line, attempting to convey the urgency of the negotiations while maintaining a neutral stance on McCarthy’s communications with Trump. The focus remains on the need for bipartisan cooperation and reaching an agreement that serves the interests of the American people.

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